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Food( sustainablity & vegetarianism)


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Published in: Spiritual
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Food( sustainablity & vegetarianism)

  1. 1.• 11/23/11
  2. 2. -
  3. 3. •Is the practice in plant based diets with orwithout dairy products but with out MEATS.• Exist for a handful of reasons.. For political,religious, and environmental reasons.•It helps because a lot of foods and productsincludes stuff like animal bones and left overanimals meat.•Ayuda,T Vegetarianism 11/24/11•
  4. 4. • explains that because of globalwarming we are going though some reallytough times. They also say that going vegan isthe best way to fight global warming. They saythat because when youre not eating meatand only eating plants, in order to have theseplants we have to plant them and as theplants grow they are releasing oxygen and itsactually possible that even though we haveall these factories and gas ran transportationsystems all these plants that we are plantingare helping our bodies and our environment.They also explain that when we kill animals toeat we are releasing a lot of carbon dioxide
  5. 5.  Wikipedia explains that vegetanism can be a big impact on theenvironment