MEI Unlock - Use Any Network on your Smartphone without Restriction


Published on , The MEI Unlock application is build to easily unlock the MEI of mobile phone. Once the process is finished, your mobile phone is ready to be used with any world leading networks. MEI Unlock process is directly inrease the value of your mobile as if you want to sell it, you can get more money for the unlocked phone.

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MEI Unlock - Use Any Network on your Smartphone without Restriction

  1. 1. MEI Unlock
  2. 2. MEI UnlockTable of Contents Introduction Need of MEI Unlock About Software Software Features User Guide System Requirements
  3. 3. MEI UnlockIntroductionHaving a mobile phone which is locked to a network for usage is a big limitation of theusage of mobile phones. There is nothing wrong or illegal in it but people always desire touse affordable tariff plans and time over time different networks make less cost tariffs withlots of other features. It always happens that just after a while there comes a better tariffplan with other network but you cannot use it because you have a locked Mobile phone. Insuch situation, people always consider go for Unlock the mobile phone.Every mobile phone has a Mobile Equipment Identity (MEI) number. It is a a serial numberthat connects a phone to its service. The MEI also connects the phones owner to thephone. MEI is the string that connects the phone subscriber to the service.
  4. 4. MEI UnlockNeed of MEI UnlockSince till your mobile phone is locked with a certain network, you cannot accessor use any other network. The locking is actually made to stop users usinganother networks but for the user’s point of view they never want that andthus the requirement of MEI Unlock appears. Once the MEI Unlock process issuccessfully completed on your computer, your mobile phone is free to be usedwith any network by just changing the SIM card. The SIM is a card that alsoconnects the phone to the owner and simultaneously the phone to the service.Change it and use your likely network’s SIM card and enjoy with your very samemobile phone.
  5. 5. MEI UnlockAbout SoftwareThe MEI Unlock application is build toeasily unlock the MEI of mobile phone.Once the process is finished, yourmobile phone is ready to be used withany world leading network like T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Orange,CellOne, Swisscom and any other. Thisgives you the freedom to choose anynetwork and use it with your favoritephone.
  6. 6. MEI UnlockFeatures of MEI Unlock3.The software is easy to use, GUI based simple program4.Capable to work most popular smart phones, mobile phones including Nokia,Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson , HTC, iPhone and many more5.Capable to perform a fast and effective MEI unlock procedure6.Easy to install and run on computers and perform MEI unlock in few minutes onlywithout damaging any crucial data
  7. 7. MEI UnlockUser GuideTo use this application properly on your Mac, follow these steps:3.Download the MEI Unlock Software4.Install it properly on your PC5.Connect your Mobile Phone to your pc using USB Cable6.Run the program7.Wait while the phone is detected by the program8.Once done you select your phone and start the unlocking process by click on OK9.It will take few minutes and you get the message as it completes10.Remove your mobile phone and restart it. Now your mobile phone is ready to runwith any Network
  8. 8. MEI UnlockSystem RequirementsTo use this application on your Mac, the system requirements are:4.Processor : Intel or PowerPC5.Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000 / NT4(SP6) or Mac OSX 10.7 and previous models6.Memory :512 MB RAM (Recommended)7.Hard Disk : 50 MB of free space
  9. 9. MEI Unlock