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  1. 1. Decrease your carbonfootprint by not buyingplastic bottles.
  2. 2. When recycling options are readilyavailable, students take advantage ofthe opportunities.
  3. 3. This freshman dormitoryhome to DU’s sustainabilitycouncil!
  4. 4. Dining hallsaround theUniversity ofDenver campusmake compostingsimple.
  5. 5. The biking program,started by DUstudents, has similarstations to rentbicycles all overDenver.
  6. 6. Students take advantage of the warm winter temperatures by riding to class.
  7. 7. New technologies are often difficult torecycle correctly, DU does the work foryou with this station at the student centerin Driscoll.
  8. 8. Mark Hart, ajunior, collectsaluminum torecycle from amessy cabin.
  9. 9. Fresh wintersnow blankets acommunitygarden operatedby universitystudents.
  10. 10. The communitygarden is gearingup for anotherbusy summer!
  11. 11. Recycling binoutside of DUjunior, HopeSecor’s, home.