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Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration and Social Media? Absolutely!


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Traditional Knowledge Management Software is great for organizing, preserving and distributing knowledge within the enterprise, but often lacks incentive for employees to contribute information and collaborate.
Wiki and social media tools foster collaboration, but lack framework and structure needed for the enterprise, incentive to collaborate on work-related issues.
Is there a middle ground? Absolutely!

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Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration and Social Media? Absolutely!

  1. 1. - Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration & Social Media? - Absolutely! ™
  2. 2. Everybody agrees:
  3. 3. We all know:
  4. 4. However, some experience negative correlation: As # of Twitter Friends , Productivity
  5. 5. There are plenty of new tools ...
  6. 6. How do you incorporate collaboration, wiki and social tools into your KMS to increase productivity and efficiency?
  7. 7. And when you do, can you ensure that employees collaborate on a work task, not socialize about vacation plans?
  8. 8. Absolutely! ™
  9. 9. Traditional knowledge management systems provide a good value,but lack incentive for employees to collaborate on a task, contribute their knowledge.
  10. 10. Can a new type of KMS provide such incentive? ?
  11. 11. Absolutely! ™
  12. 12. Absolutely! ™ People LOVE to teach others and share knowledge IF they see that their input is ► used ► recognized ► appreciated
  13. 13. Absolutely! ™ … is the first tool that provides instant feedback and peer recognition that can be supplemented by official recognition ...
  14. 14. ? Absolutely! ™ What IS
  15. 15. Absolutely! ™ Is a new type of ► enterprise ► wiki style ► knowledge management software
  16. 16. Absolutely! ™ Works on top of Google Apps
  17. 17. Absolutely! ™ You can add other apps
  18. 18. Absolutely! ™ creating structured knowledge base
  19. 19. Absolutely! ™ providing opportunity AND stimuli for workforce collaboration
  20. 20. Absolutely! ™ combines benefits of a traditional KMS with the collaboration and engagement features of wiki and social networks
  21. 21. Absolutely! ™ No need to re-enter data. Capture, organize and distribute organizational knowledge, re-use existing information directly from underlying documents.
  22. 22. Absolutely! ™ Employees access vital information on demand, on a computer, or a smart phone =
  23. 23. Absolutely! ™ Include best aspect of social media - ability to discuss and share ideas on work related topics.
  24. 24. Absolutely! ™ Use flash, video, audio, spreadsheets, flow charts and diagrams, immersive environments of virtual worlds.
  25. 25. Absolutely! ™ Include existing Google Docs or create new documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages, etc.)
  26. 26. Absolutely! ™ Use Google Apps' sophisticated collaboration and sharing options and Absolutely!'s structured organization and comprehensive search to easily find needed data.
  27. 27. Absolutely! ™ Include interactive flow charts. Work on them collaboratively on the web or in the virtual world of Second Life
  28. 28. Absolutely! ™ Use the power and benefits of cloud computing through Google Apps. Absolutely! can also be hosted on your (or our) network.
  29. 29. Absolutely! ™ More details, video tour & demo: