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  2. 2. 360 DEGREE EXPERIENCE Fireworks International and Electric Farm Entertainment’s (EFE) latest format, VALEMONT, is an unprecedented 360° series. Comprised of content that can play out on linear TV, online, VOD and mobile, we provide an unparalleled opportunity to deliver ENGAGING and truly cross-platform entertainment. By integrating every platform and screen as central components of the VALEMONT world, the show will deliver the kind of storytelling and engagement that audiences crave and expect. VALEMONT is entertainment at its most INNOVATIVE and can roll out in long form as traditional ‘TV’ content or across multiple platforms as a short form series.
  3. 3. THE VALEMONT STORY Imagine being young, beautiful and the future of the world, these are the kids who go to VALEMONT University, an exclusive, historic and secretive college in rural Massachusetts from where some of the world’s greatest leaders have graduated. On the surface VALEMONT is like any other University but something is different, something is strange...especially with the students. Some students are smart, some are athletic, some are strong….and some are VAMPIRES. VALEMONT is a school within a school, a co-educational (human and vampire) SOCIAL LABORATORY for vampires to learn of their inheritance and understand how their uniqueness must be integrated and balanced with the world outside. Some humans leave VALEMONT never knowing the truth and others who show certain characteristics are "recruited" to become vampires. VALEMONT is not only a university, it is the ROYAL COURT of the Vampires. Where the professors are the ELDERS and the students are the NEXT GENERATION. And soon there will be an UPRISING…
  4. 4. THE VALEMONT STORY The UPRISING has begun and just like in any royal court, at VALEMONT the alliances and rivalries that are made between the five houses and its king can cause GLOBAL consequences. The “old ways” of the vampires of HUNTING and PREYING on humans versus the “new way” of assimilation and social harmony. After the revolution, who will reign? The VAMPIRES have hidden in the shadows too long and now the only person to stand in the way of these emissaries of chaos may be one girl…SOPHIE FIELDS.
  5. 5. KEY CHARACTERS SOPHIE FIELDS - She is a new student at Valemont and appears to be just another pupil of privilege, wealth and attitude but Sophie isn’t one of them. In fact, she is at the college under a false identity hoping to find clues about her brother’s murder. ERIC FIELDS – Brother of Sophie, murdered while attending Valemont GABRIEL – Sophie’s brother’s best friend and school “Outcast.” Gabriel was expelled from Valemont and is secretly living in town. The last person to see her brother alive, Sophie is drawn to him as she seeks the truth. SEBASTIAN AND BEATRICE - The college’s “It” couple. Sophie believes these two are involved in her brother’s murder and if they don’t know what happened, they definitely know people who do. NICHOLAS BLAUT - Sophie’s professor and guidance counselor. He will help guide her through Valemont. Nicholas is in his 30’s but obviously much older in Vampire years, he is wise, athletic and attractive. We may not be able to know which side he is aligned with as he sets Sophie’s tests and moral choices. POPPY - Sophie’s warm, bubbly and loyal human roommate who is unaware that Valemont is a school for Vampires. She serves as comic relief.
  6. 6. CAST Sophie – Kristen Hager (Wanted, Wild Roses) Eric – Eric Balfour (The OC, The Spirit, 24) Poppi – Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) Sebastian – Dillon Casey (The Best Years, Being Erica) Gabriel – Tyler Hynes (Are You Afraid Of The Dark?) Beatrice – Jessica Parker Kennedy (Smallville)
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITIES Core Programming 35 x 2½ - 4 ½ minute short form episodes for TV, online and mobile (Main Programming) 5 x Half Hour ‘TV’ Episodes TV Movie – 100 mins Extras available for packaging into Feature DVD All content available in HD The VALEMONT series content can be packaged in a number of ways to deliver valuable distribution opportunities for broadcasters, online portals, video networks, VOD, wireless, DVD, in- flight, etc. Additional Digital Content for online/ mobile distribution to support show 6 Ancillary Episodes (PREQUELS) These six (6) character back-story pieces will go back in time and offer fan “prequel” perspective on the lives of some of Valemont’s main characters and background to Eric’s disappearance Alternate Endings Two (2) alternate finale segments. Each segment will suggest two varying directions that the story of Valemont will continue down. 1 min and Extended 2 min Trailers Character Profile Trailers, 4 x 30 second, introducing some of the show’s key characters through stills and v/o- Sophie, Poppy, Sebastian & Gabriel “Sales Video” inviting the viewer to join Valemont University “About Video” welcoming the viewer to Valemont University
  8. 8. DIGITAL CONTENT The VALEMONT online and mobile world will serve as an important asset in telling the story. Fans will be able to use the digital platform as a way to INTERACT and INFLUENCE the program. INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING: Fans will have the option to participate in an immersive story world and “decide” which side they belong to and involvement will deliver one of two endings. SOCIAL NETWORKS: Creating a digital community that comments on happenings, stunts and content, providing entertaining social networking tools to engage the users to spread the word. ARG (Alternate Reality Game): Fans will experience the thrill of VALEMONT through an ARG built around the show, taking part in events which mirror the University An example of how licensees, working with Electric Farm and Fireworks International, can implement this interactive experience to support the series can be seen at
  9. 9. PRODUCTION Writer - Christian Taylor (LOST, NEW AMSTERDAM, SIX FEET UNDER) Director - Stefan Scaini (DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION) Shot in Toronto August/ September 2009
  10. 10. PRODUCTION
  11. 11. EXAMPLE PROGRAM TIMELINE - MTV in the US Key Linear Digital On-Air Promos (4-5 Wks) Promos TV Movie airs Finale 12 On Air Episodes Air / Throw to Digital (6 wks) Throw to Digital as complete (4-6 Wks) recap Online / Mobile Episodes Air and Online Only Prequels, Community Launch Digital Programs User Generated Content and Eps (3-6 wks) and Early Digital Mktg (4-6 wks) Continue ARG Components Launch (6 wks) ARG continues PRE-STORY MAIN STORY CONCLUSION
  12. 12. US Partner - MTV IN THE US MTV PARTNERSHIP in the US MTV PARTNERSHIP IN THE US MTV Partnership VALEMONT will launch with MTV in the US, delivered to the viewer in a ground breaking style that will use multiple screens to tell the story. VALEMONT will be told in short form and accompanied by a robust digital world. MTV plans to heavily promote VALEMONT in a variety of ways across MTV’s cable channels, online landscape and on mobile devices leading up to the US premiere with digital programs starting 4 weeks before the TV premiere. First 12 episodes will be broadcast on air at a scheduled time The high profile evening spots will establish a destination time slot for the series The short form TV episodes will drive viewers to the online world at This will compel viewers/users to travel seamlessly from TV to online to mobile The rest of the series, together with the first 12 episodes repeated, will play out online with the finale also run as an on-air special, delivering the conclusion of VALEMONT to a wider audience MTV have rights for domestic distribution in the US only
  13. 13. Example Programming Options for MTV PARTNERSHIP IN THE US MTV Partnership in the US MTV PARTNERSHIP IN THE US International Licensees Replicate MTV US model Run short form episodes online/ on mobile and then air TV Movie at the end on TV to show the complete story Run short form episodes online/ on mobile, with half hour TV episodes airing at intervals on TV to recap the story so far Run TV Movie or half hour TV Episodes first on TV, and then break the story down for online and mobile viewing via short form episodes
  14. 14. ELECTRIC FARM ENTERTAINMENT EFE is a leading digital studio that develops intellectual properties across multiple platforms. Past projects include the acclaimed Afterworld and award winning Gemini Division starring Rosario Dawson. They are currently in production on Woke Up Dead, a zombie comedy starring Jon Heder. Founders Jeff Sagansky - Former President and CEO Paxson Communications and Former Co-President, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Former President, TriStar Pictures and CBS Entertainment Stan Rogow - Three-time Emmy nominated Producer with credits including Lizzie McGuire, State of Grace and Darcy’s Wild Life Brent Friedman - Executive Producer/Screenwriter with credits including Tomb Raider, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek Enterprise, Afterworld, Foodfight!
  15. 15. FIREWORKS INTERNATIONAL Fireworks International combines established experience within international television with its ground breaking experience in digital programming distribution through its dedicated Digital Division headed by Jonathan Ford. This division has worked on the distribution of well known properties such as Cell and Signs of Life by Endemol UK, The Dark Path Chronicles by Elizabeth Stanley Pictures and Vertical Films Production, and When Evil Calls by Pure Grass Films and Chello Media, together with established online properties such as Happy Tree Friends, the Mondo Mini Shows, Ripe Digital and the Dilbert and New Yorker animations by Ringtales.
  16. 16. CONTACT Jonathan Ford Executive Vice President Digital Distribution & Acquisitions Fireworks International 19 Heddon Street London W1B 4BG UK T: +44 (0) 20 7851 6500 F: +44 (0) 20 7851 6504 W: