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Cqms project

  1. 1. HIGHLIGHTS '’ProjectTracker for MS Project 2003 The main function of Project Tracker & 2007' MS Project Professional and is to increase efficiency of project Full support of Applica- MS Project Server and ClearQuest managers, who can use the module tion Lifecycle Manage- integration module. This tool is regis- to easily manage project terms and ment (ALM) scheme. tered as the V.A.P-solution in IBM. receive up-to-date reports on the State-of-art MS Project (Project project progress. On the basis of Two-way synchroniza- Server 2003 & 2007) and Clear- MS Project, Project Tracker builds a tion. Quest integration module which al- center of gathering the project infor- Support of planning lows bidirectional collaboration mation and allows managers to use mode (MS Project plan keeping the full hierarchy, total re- only one system for overall estima- is exported to Clear- sources information and all depend- tion of the project progress. Quest), import (re- quests for changing are encies as well. During planning in imported from Clear- MS Project the module allows to im- Quest to MS Project) port all resources available from the and synchronization CQ base. It’s irreplaceable tool for (two-way synchroniza- excellent project management. tion of project data). Support of synchroniza- tion for any type of change requests (Task, Activity, Defect, Request and etc.). Support and synchro- nization of the single pool of recourses be- tween MS Project and ClearQuest. Easy to install. Easy to use.
  2. 2. Create Query From MS Desciption of Project Tracker: On the basis of MS Project the Proj- Project ect Tracker makes the center of gath- Project Tracker makes possible to ering the project information and integrate ClearQuest and MS Project allows manager to use only one sys- in a much more advanced way than tem for overall estimate of project standard integration mechanism pro- promotion. vided IBM Rational via ClearQuest The module implementation policy ProjectTracker. During integration shows its efficiency for any project. between ClearQuest database and Statistically it allows saving about 18- MS Project plan the module enables 30% of business hours due to simpli- flexible selection of fields and their fication of routine and repetitive correlations (synchronized data). operations. The module is more ef- The module supports hierarchical fective for organizations that have links between queries, permitting to limited number of managers for ad- ProjectTracker is perform simultaneously several ministration of large quantity of proj- added to the IBM tasks and subtasks included in the ects. Global Solutions plan, which the module would syn- Directory with the chronize between MS Project plan ID# 38167 and the records in ClearQuest. Project Tracker allows substantially simplify the project planning proce- dures of different complexity. The main destination of Project Tracker – is increasing of efficiency of the project managers, who can use this decision for quick and transparent management of project terms and for operationally receiving of reports about real progress of the project.
  3. 3. Call ClearQuest ALM Main capabilities Solution type: Activity from MS Proj- ect * Two-way synchronization of MS The module is implemented in MS Project plans and requests for Clear- Project upper menu similar to IBM Quest changing; Rational standard integration * Support of planning mode (MS Project plan is exported to Clear- Prerequisites: Quest), import (chahge requests are imported from ClearQuest to MS * IBM Rational ClearQuest. Project) and synchronization (two- * MS Project way synchronization of project data) * .Net Framework 2 * Support of synchronization for any type of change requests (Task, Ac- tivity, Defect, Request and etc.); Compatibility: * Synchronization of any MS Project and ClearQuest fields; * Compatible with ClearQuest 7.0 * Support and synchronization of the and upper. single pool of recourses between * Compatible with MS Project MS Project and ClearQuest; 2003/2007. * Support of requests with any nest- ing level (support of hierarchic re- Multilanguage support: Yes (MUI) quests for changing); *English, Russian * Support of dependencies between requests for changing; * Activation of any ClearQuest func- tions and forms from MS Project menu. * Requires no special packages on records in ClearQuest scheme * Supports hierarchal links both be- tween similar requests and different type requests