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Samsung v. Apple ITC MARKMAN Disputation


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Samsung v. Apple ITC MARKMAN Disputation

  1. 1. Samsung v. Apple ITC MARKMAN Disputation Alex Lee, Principal, TechIPm LLCUS7706348 Disputed Claim Terms Samsung Apple ITCClaims 75 and 82- Should be Hardware encoding Plain and ordinary“controller for interpreted pursuant structure meaningoutputting” to 35 U.S.C. § 112, ¶ 6.Claims 75, 76, 82, and Final, fully-encoded Plain and ordinary coded information83-“codeword” string of bits meaning5. Claim 75-“fromamong From more than one Selecting one 30 bit From more thana plurality of 30 bit 30 bit codeword codeword from an one 30 bitcodewords”; and Claim (claim 75) encoding table of codeword” (claim82-“from among a From more than one multiple 30 bit 75)plurality of 32 bit 32 bit codeword codewords (claim 75) From more than onecodewords” (claim 82) Selecting one 32 bit 32 bit codeword codeword from an (claim 82) encoding table of multiple 32 bit codewords (claim 82)Claims 75 and 82- Plain and ordinary The result of Plain and ordinary“ equivalent” meaning puncturing meaning symbols #0 and #16Claim 76-“punctured 32 bit codeword that The result of 32 bit codeword thatequivalents” has been puncturing has been punctured punctured such that symbols #0 and #16 such that it it corresponds to TFCI corresponds to TFCI information in the information in the same way that a 30 same way bit codeword that a 30 bit corresponds to TFCI codeword information corresponds to TFCI informationClaim 82- Hardware and/or Hardware and/or Plain and ordinary“puncturer”/“puncturing” software for software for meaning (“hardware removing of bits deleting/removing of or software for bits puncturing)Claim 82- Plain and ordinary Bit positions #0 and Plain and ordinary“predetermined position” meaning #16 meaning 1
  2. 2. US7486644 Disputed Claim Terms Samsung Apple ITCClaims 9 and l3-“rate- A set of bits after A set of contiguous A block of channel-matched block” removing a bits Node B created coded bits that have portion of bits so through rate-matching been matched to that the set has transmittable bits on a an appropriate size physical channel by for transmission puncturing or repeating bits at predetermined positionsClaims 9 and 13- Decoding bits that Converting the 90 Decoding bits that“decoding the coded bits were encoded [coded] bits into 30 were encodedat a coding rate of 1/3” according to a bits according to a coding coding rate that rate that outputs one outputs three bits bit for every three for every one input input bits bit 2
  3. 3. US6771980 Disputed Claim Terms Samsung Apple ITCClaims 5, 10-“PDA A function A function performed A function performedfunction” performed by a by a personal digital by a personal digital personal digital assistant assistant assistant A PDA function does Rejected Apple’s not include proposed limitations a web page-based function or a mobile phone functionClaims 5, 10-“mobile A telephone A telephone function A telephone functionphone function” function of a of a mobile phone of a mobile phone mobile phone A mobile phone Rejected Apple’s function does proposed limitation not include a PDA functionClaim 5-“a phone Phone program: Plain and ordinary Plain and ordinaryprogram”; and Claim “program capable meaning (a program meaning10-“a dialing program” of placing phone that performs the calls” mobile phone Dialing program: “a functions of the smart program capable of phone) editing and dialing a phone number”Claims 5, 9, 10-“phone Plain meaning: A screen displayed by A user interface thateditor” graphical user the phone program allows the user to edit interface for a after the user selects a phone number prior program for the dialing icon, to dialing inputting and which allows editing phone the user to edit the numbers selected phone number prior to dialingClaim 5-“loading” Moving software Plain meaning: Copying or code to random copying into transferring into access memory or memory memory the equivalent for execution.Claims 5, 10- Any combination of Plain meaning: a A name associated“identifying name” letters or numbers name for the with the selected that can be used to person or entity number identify a phone associated with number the selected number 3
  4. 4. Claims 6, 10-“dialing A state from which A mode that occurs A mode in which thestate” the smart phone can after termination of smart phone can dial a dial a phone the PDA function, in phone number number which the smart phone attempts to dial the selected phone number 4
  5. 5. US7450114 Disputed Claim Terms Samsung Apple ITCClaim 1-“rate based on Rate calculated Speed of the last Rate calculated fromthe determined velocity from the measured velocity the determinedvector” determined velocity vector velocity vector vectorClaims 2 and 3-“rate Rate calculated Speed of the last Rate calculated frombased on the determined from the measured velocity the determinedvelocity vector and a determined velocity vector velocity vectorpage inertia” vector and a page reduced by a page and a page inertia inertia inertia, which is a simulated constant force that decreases velocityClaims 1, 3, and 5-“air A process that This term should be A process that handlesinterface process” handles a user construed a user interface interface pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 112, ¶ 6 Claims 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5- A process that This term should be A process that“a display monitor” monitors the construed monitors the display display pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 112, ¶ 6Claims 1, 3, and 5- Plain and ordinary Indefinite because Plain and ordinary“wherein” meaning includes meaning method-of-use steps in an apparatus claim 5
  6. 6. Final Score No. of Patents No. of disputed claim No. of claim No. of claim terms constructions in favor constructions in favor of Samsung of Apple 4 21 11 3 6