Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 in Patent Lawsuits


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Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 in Patent Lawsuits

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 in Patent LawsuitsFollowing is the summary of Samsung Galaxy S3’s & S4’s features that are accused for patent infringement.Apple v. Samsung Case5: 11-cv-01846-LHK*No Apple’s patents that are invalidated in USPTO (US7469381, US7844915, US7479949, RE41922) are included in the litigation.Apple’s Patents Samsung Galaxy S3’s features Samsung Galaxy S4’s featuresUS8086604 (US6847959) (Universalinterface for retrieval of information in acomputer system) Voice: Use S Voice to speak commandsto perform operations on the phone, and tospeak criteria for searches and otheroperations.S Voice: Use this application tocommand the device by voice to dial anumber, send a message, writea memo, open a music, launch acalculator, and check schedule etc.US8046721 (Unlocking a device byperforming gestures on an unlock image) the phone: Unlock the phoneusing one of the default unlock screens, oruse Screen lock options for increasedsecurity.US7761414 (Asynchronous datasynchronization amongst devices) Synchronization: You canchoose to have your phone automaticallysync with your accounts. Accounts: Yourphone provides the ability to synchronizeinformation, from a variety of accounts,including Email, Facebook, Google, andyour Samsung account.Syncing with the Samsung account bytapping Samsung account or Syncsettings to sync files. Auto sync data:Set the device to sync contact, calendar,email, bookmark, and socialnetwork image data automatically.US8074172 (Method, system, and graphicaluser interface for providing wordrecommendations) Predictive text: By using Predictivetext, you can have next-letter predictionand regional error correction, whichcompensates for pressing the wrong keyson the QWERTY keyboard.US5946647 (System and method forperforming an action on a structure incomputer-generated data) and Sending Messages: You canreturn a call or send a message by tappingthe screen for missed call.Messaging: Use this application to sendtext messages (SMS) or multimediamessages (MMS). Tap Messaging onthe Applications screen.
  2. 2. US5666502 (Graphical user interface usinghistorical lists with field classes) a call using Logs: Make a callfrom the history of incoming andoutgoing calls and messages.Viewing call logs: Tap Logs to view thehistory of incoming and outgoing calls.InterDigital v. Samsung ITC 337-TA-868Ericsson v. Samsung ITC 337-TA-862*For detail information about LTE standard essential patents: & Ericsson’s Patents Samsung Galaxy S3’s features Samsung Galaxy S4’s features* It is a LTE capable mobilecommunication deviceUS7941151 (Method and system for providingchannel assignment information used tosupport uplink and downlink channels) is a LTE capable mobile communicationdevice that performs a method for utilizingchannel assignment information for anuplink shared channel or a downlinkshared channel.US6445917 (Mobile station measurementswith event-based reporting) is a LTE capable mobile communicationdevice that performs handover amongplural mobile stations.US8169992 (Uplink scrambling duringrandom access) is a LTE capable mobile communicationdevice that performs a method for randomaccess procedure utilizing CRCscrambling for RNTI .For more information, please contact Alex Lee at .©2013 TechIPm, LLC All Rights Reserved