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ATAP Registry

  1. 1. ATAP InnovationsWith our “ATAP Registry” websiteand app, we seek to revolutionizethe gift registry market withinnovative solutions to address theregistry problems
  2. 2. The ProblemThe frustration involved whenregistering for your baby orwedding
  3. 3. Frustrations include, but are notlimited to:• Waiting in line at the registry desk• All the bar code scanners being checked out• Bar code scanners out of order• Keeping up with multiple registries at differentretailers• Having to print out a registry for checkout• Not knowing which stores people are registered at• Trying to remember who bought what• Locating everyone’s addresses for “Thank You”cards• There not being an adequate ONE-STOP-SHOP forregistries
  4. 4. Market• Over 2,000,000 US weddings per year.• Over 4,000,000 babies born in the US peryear.• $19,000,000,000 per year is spent onwedding gift registries.• An estimated $2,000,000,000 is spent onbaby registry gifts per year in the USalone.
  5. 5. The Solution• Create a website and mobile app that interactswith the major retailers websites to provide a one-stop shop for registering• Have a barcode scanner that can be used at themultiple retailers to provide a consolidatedregistry.• Be able to purchase the registry items from thewebsite or app by interacting with the retailerswebsites.• Store the purchases and contact information for"Thank you" cards.• Be able to print address labels from the contactinformation so hours dont have to be spentlooking up addresses.
  6. 6. The Product
  7. 7. The welcome screenallows for the user toregister with ATAPRegistry or sign in toan existing account.
  8. 8. RegisterUsernamePasswordVerify PasswordFirst NameLast NameMailing AddressCityStateZip CodeEmailSign InUsernamePassword
  9. 9. Once signed in, youhave the option toeither create a newwedding/babyregistry, sign into anexisting registry, orfind someone’sregistry.
  10. 10. Create New RegistryCreate New Wedding RegistryWedding DateBride First NameBride Last NameBride AddressBride CityBride StateBride Zip CodeGroom First NameGroom Last NameGroom AddressGroom CityGroom StateGroom Zip CodeCreate New Baby RegistryBaby Due DateMom First NameMom Last NameDad First NameDad Last NameAddressCityStateZip CodeBoy, Girl, or Surprise?Baby’s Name (optional)
  11. 11. View/Edit RegistryOnline• Choose Store• Walmart• Target• Bed Bath & Beyond• Babies R Us• Dillards• Macys• etc.• Mirror the stores’websites and as itemsareselected, consolidatetotal items in the ATAPRegistry.• Create and update eachindividual stores’registries with theinformation stored in theATAP Registry system.In Store• Choose Store• Walmart• Target• Bed Bath & Beyond• Babies R Us• Dillards• Macys• etc.• Click on the Bar CodeScanner to select items.• Consolidate total itemsin the ATAP Registry.• Create and update eachindividual stores’registries with theinformation stored in theATAP Registry system.
  12. 12. Find RegistryFind Wedding Registry• Wedding Date• Bride First Name• Bride Last Name• Bride City• Bride State• Groom First Name• Groom Last Name• Groom City• Groom StateFind Baby Registry• Baby Due Date• Mom First Name• Mom Last Name• Dad First Name• Dad Last Name• City• State• Boy, Girl, or Surprise?• Baby’s Name(optional)
  13. 13. Bar Code ScannerScan in items at the participatingretailers to update registry.
  14. 14. Purchasing Items Off of RegistryOnlineClick on theitem(s) to bepurchased.Click “Check Out”.Click “Agree” tomark the items aspurchased in theATAP Registry.Redirect to storecheckout for finalpurchase.In StoreClick on the BarCode Scanner.Scan items to bepurchased.Click “Agree” tomark the items aspurchased in theATAP Registry.Purchase Item.
  15. 15. Thank You CardsWho Bought What?Lists all the itemspurchased andlinks them to ATAPRegistryinformation(Name, Address, Email, etc.)Address LabelsClick on the“Address Label”button and emailaddresses in astandard MicrosoftWord® labelformat.Click to verifyemail.
  16. 16. Competitors•• They allow for you to add items from any online store to theirregistry list. No app.•• Register for any gift. People can purchase the gifts on your registryand Simple Registry sends you cash. Not good for shower gifts.They do have an app.•• Cash registry•• Find gifts from online retailers. Add to wish list. Share with friends.No app.
  17. 17. What the Competitors are is the closest togetting it right, however they are missingsome key features to making their sitegreat: a mobile app with scanner, an easyway to make address labels, and brandrecognition. Before researchingspecifically for companies that offerregistries, I had no idea who they were.
  18. 18. How We Will Crush theCompetition• With proper funding we will develop a websiteand mobile app that far exceeds thecompetition in delivering the key essentials tomaking registering easy and convenient.• We must also make good use of advertising toput us at the top of the list. I never knewabout these types of websites until I sought tocreate one, so there’s a big window of gettingATAP Registry to the forefront of people’sminds.
  19. 19. How We Will Make MoneyJust like any other web-based only business,the primary money will be made throughadvertising. With enough hits and the line ofbusiness, our site and app will provide agreat platform for companies to advertisetheir products.Data collection will provide another avenuefor revenue. We can provide data such as“what items are registered for the most”,“which items are purchased the most”, etc.
  20. 20. Next StepsObtain Funding to provide:• A team for the start-up of the company• Founder/President - myself• Marketing Director• IT Director• Additional staff as needed• Website and mobile app development(develop in house with additional staff orcontract out at the start)• Data storage• Marketing/advertising