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Being sociable on social media


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Using netnography, interview and social network analysis to analyse football communities and increase social media capital. Case study of Salford FC.

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Being sociable on social media

  1. 1. #passion4digital Being sociable on social media A case study of Salford FC Alex Fenton @alexfenton
  2. 2. #passion4digital 2 “Creating the world’s first digital, ‘always on’ football club, giving fans unrivalled access to behind-the-scenes activities and up-to-the- minute information about Salford City’s ongoing development.” (Mirror, 2014) Case study – Salford City FC
  3. 3. #passion4digital 3Salford FC have 102,000+ Twitter followers globally
  4. 4. #passion4digital 4Creating Digital Media, TV and Social Media
  5. 5. #passion4digital 5 “You can have as many followers as you like on social media, but if you are not talking to them or vice versa, then the value of these numbers can be questioned. We want to understand more about our audience, why are they following us, where do they live, what do they want to see from us on social media, how do we make sure that they keep following, keep coming back, keep communicating. Once we understand the people following us, that's where value can be realised for all.” Salford FC
  6. 6. #passion4digital 6 Anthropologist Sociologist Ethnography Netnographer
  7. 7. #passion4digital Ethnography / Netnography 7 Kozinets (2015), Atkinson (2015), Van Maanen (2011)
  8. 8. #passion4digital Data Analysis Tools 8 • Node XL – Social Network Analysis • Nvivo – Coding and organisation (Primary) • Mendeley – Literature review & analysis (Secondary data)
  9. 9. #passion4digital Blended Methods 9
  10. 10. #passion4digital Qualitative Data Collection 10 • Interviews with fans, people with a connection to Salford City FC, football & digital • Participant observation – Twitter, Facebook and other websites • Social Network Analysis - using social media data to identify key people,connections & boundary
  11. 11. #passion4digital Interviews 11 Participant ID Role P1 Football Social Media Officer, non league P2 Football Webmaster, non league P3 Football club Project Manager, non league P4 Director of Communication, Championship football club P5 FA communications official P6 Football fan P7 Football Fan & social media volunteer, non league P8 SCFC follower P9 SCFC Follower from India P10 Head of Communications football club, non league P11 Football journalist and academic P12 Football Fan / forum user P13 Football Fan and photographer P14 Football social media officer P15 Social Media expert and football fan P16 MD and Social Media expert P17 CEO of Digital Sports Communications company P18 Football social media officer P19 SCFC Fan from Venice, Italy P20 SCFC Follower from Florida, USA P21 SCFC Follower from Russia P22 SCFC Owner
  12. 12. #passion4digital Social Capital 12 “Despite a number of differing definitions, social capital is typically seen as a positive effect stemming from the interaction between individuals in a social network.” (Helliwell & Putnam, 2004).
  13. 13. #passion4digital Social Capital Types 13 • Bonding - “links among people who are similar in ethnicity, age, social class, etc.” (Helliwell and Putnam, 2004, p.1437) • Bridging - “links that cut across various lines of social cleavage” (Helliwell and Putnam, 2004, p.1437) distant ties such as loose friendships and workmates (Woolcock, 2001) • Linking - “Reaching out to unlike people in dissimilar situations” to “leverage a far wider range of resources than are available within the community” (Woolcock, 2001)
  14. 14. #passion4digital Social Network Analysis – Node XL 14
  15. 15. #passion4digital Social Network Analysis - Mentionmapp 15
  16. 16. #passion4digital Types of buyer persona 16 Core Current Followers
  17. 17. #passion4digital The 1% rule of Internet culture 17 Proportion of lurkers, contributors and creators under the 90–9–1 principle By Life of Riley [CC BY-SA 3.0 Creative Commons]
  18. 18. #passion4digital 18 Social capital type Internet user types Persona Type Bonding Creators Core Bridging Contributors Current Linking Lurkers Follower
  19. 19. #passion4digital 100,000 words to under 140 characters… 19
  20. 20. #passion4digital 20 Some other outcomes…
  21. 21. #passion4digital And much more