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Deep Adaptability deck


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Robust, far-reaching, present- and future-ready adaptation against climate/natural disasters is not possible with the typical approach to the practice and its focus on physical events. You need a deeper, whole-of-enterprise cultural level that engages your people, as well as strategic engagement of external stakeholders. That's where COMMON Future's Deep Adaptability offering enters the picture, to help you leap from sustainability leadership to adaptability leadership.

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Deep Adaptability deck

  1. 1. You’re an ESG portfolio company and Sustainability leader. Next: leap to adaptability, the logical extension of that leadership, and a vital one, given COVID and the pace of other natural disasters. But don’t settle for just any adaptation. Go Deep. Cultural. Enterprise-wide. Economy-wide, fit for the COVID Restricted Economy with us through 2021 and every climate event from now on. To be one of the brands left standing — better, standing tall! — you must adapt fully starting now. We bring you a two-part solution: COVID Immediate and C-CAM — the first focused on aligning and engaging your employees and other stakeholders, the second a more holistic platform that doubles as your ideal pathway to TCFD. Welcome to the new wellspring of corporate value for the Age of COVID & Climate Disruption.
  2. 2. Adaptation at the Leading Edge COMMON Future, an affiliate of COMMON — the global network changing the world through social enterprise — is a studio and consultancy that helps companies leap from sustainability leadership into Deep Adaptability. We bridge member firms of COMMON with those of other collaborative organizations to bring you unmatched solutions and teams. Alex Díaz is creating new pathways as a Deep Adaptability thought leader and as Lead Strategist of COMMON Future. His career spans 34 years in journalism, speaking, consulting, communications and sustainability management. Find his unique insights in The Adaptive Company column in Medium and full career details in LinkedIn.
  3. 3. We deliver DEEP ADAPTABILITY Always Ready The indispensable new corporate value driver, a combination of attitude, skill and decision making as events unfold. Beyond Norm Today’s natural disasters require a new, deeper level. Real science. The human side with the latest behavior science. And more. The new agility With Deep Adaptability, the system and culture that protect you from disaster give you a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your people become more engaged and innovative, able to prepare and bounce back magnitudes better than any competitor. Your value grows. Your brand. Your reputation. Sales. Results.
  4. 4. We work with Continuity-vital ESG co’s to accelerate Societal Adaptability at scale Truly Essential Companies society cannot do without, and there are so many of you across industries, in every location. Way Ahead You already have high Environmental Social and Governance sustainability. Next: Deep Adaptability. Be ready for disasters. Bigger Mission Societies adapt only if companies adapt. Today’s urban, city-based populations are dependent on goods and services provided by companies, and ESG leaders are best suited to accelerate & scale. Adaptation ESG, a novel movement In addition to our work advising individual companies, we’re leading an educational drive to spread the Deep Adaptability imperative across the thriving $35 trillion ESG investment market. Join today!
  5. 5. The fundamentals of Deep Adaptability were developed by our team over 15 months of research looking into the best integrated practices to drive corporate adaptation into the 21st century. What a blessing that they are ready to go right on time for the COVID-19 outbreak. THE LATEST BEHAVIOR SCIENCE For the Human Side — org. culture, engagement, overcoming bias, more THE LATEST DISASTER SCIENCE Including tipping-point scenarios you simply can’t afford to get wrong THE NEW AGILITY Systems thinking, change management, probabilities WHOLE-of-ENTERPRISE Corporate adaptability is only complete when you go all in A NEW LANGUAGE Speaking of communications, we’ve decoded the messaging & creative that works Extend Sustainability into Adaptability We pursue Five Principles
  6. 6. Our starting point: basic disaster science EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS Storms, floods, fires, heat waves, droughts, sea-level rise and other disasters that lead to physical & asset damage and loss. 3 SOCIAL ECONOMIC & POLITICAL These are the consequences and transition risks of the prior two, and we’re seeing them with COVID: market collapse, social unrest, political instability, policy changes, more. 4 RISING TEMPERATURES It is now official: tipping points will overshoot warming past 1.5°C this decade and worsen three disaster scenarios you must already adapt to. 1 BIODIVERSITY EVENTS Including COVID and every virus, food scarcity and other event caused by land and ocean habitat loss and migrating species. 2
  7. 7. First, build Deep Adaptability during the COVID crisis with COVID Immediate and capitalize on what we consider a golden opportunity: embed a system that folds right into the second part of the process to secure longer-term adaptability. COVID Immediate C-CAM The two parts of DEEP ADAPTABILITY Part Two is the Corporate Climate Adaptation Model, or C-CAM, the only one of its kind in the world. It combines the market-leading TCFD platform with our very own FIVE TASKS and the Deep Adaptation Frame- work, to make our clients the most adaptable disaster-ready companies on the planet.
  8. 8. Part One COVID Immediate Context Operations Stakeholder Management The economy reopening will stretch deep into 2021 in a rolling, uneven, location-by-location process that will test every company, until a vaccine or cure is found. Your COVID team is rethinking, reinventing, redrawing, particularly safety protocols, production, distribution, service, all to win the reopening. We join your PR, HR and Corp Comm teams to embed Deep Adaptability in all your stakeholders, enterprise- wide, making you one of the most adaptive companies in the world.
  9. 9. THIS IS NOW INDISPENSABLE. And not just for COVID, but for every disaster from now on. As you plan and pivot your operation, bring your people along. Everyone everywhere. Let no unit or location fall to COVID and lose time or people. The one way to achieve this is by making everyone deeply adaptive. Include all of them, and reap big rewards Employees & Suppliers Everyone on payroll, the board, suppliers across all tiers. In all units. Align practices, fire up engagement, ignite innovation. Customers All brands, all locations, as reopening restrictions ebb and flow. Boost reputation and loyalty as an adaptability leader. Financial Investors, bankers, insurers, regulators, rating agencies. Disclosure of Deep Adaptability = access to capital. Others Trade associations, community leaders, NGOs. With COVID, your success is tied with theirs.
  10. 10. THE INTEGRATED COMM YOU KNOW but applied to this task. Why us? We’re pioneers in adaptability comm, the first agency group in the world that now features this capability. We mix disaster science with behavior science expertise to achieve adaptive behaviors, starting at home, with your internal and direct stakeholders. 1 FIVETASKS Foryour people:direct & internalstakeholders 2 BrandSCALE M arketing to go on off ense w ith your adaptation solutions 3 CSR Adapt Initiatives to prom ote D eep Adaptability broadly Communication solutions at the leading edge
  11. 11. THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS. AT HOME. We scoured the world looking for a people program that secures Deep Adaptability. With none found, we innovated FIVE TASKS. All five components respond to the latest behavior science that tells us what it takes to overcome human biases and achieve a behavior change. ENGAGEMENT HUB 2) Deepen your system of corporate and mutual support and action. CULTURE HUB 4) Go deeper: embed the change in your culture, systems, structures. FUTURE PICTURE 1) Paint a picture of the COVID reopening that brings clarity, direction. TRIGGER EVENTS HUB 5) Because key events spark bigger, faster action: a team to track and trigger. CREATIVE HUB 3) Create the content+art to communicate, inspire and mobilize everyone. Tasks 1 & 3 are done by our incomparable teammates across COMMON’s global agency group. Tasks 2 & 4 are directed by the deep bench of organizational culture designers, leadership coaches, psychologists and group facilitators in both COMMON and the Deep Adaptation Forum. Task 5 is a hybrid, pulling from the above. And all working seamlessly with your in-house and external teams. Manage your stakeholders with FIVE TASKS
  12. 12. Powered by the firms and agencies of A leading global network of 250 social enterprises, with offices in more than 20 countries, including a cluster of top-tier communication agencies and org-culture firms we team with to scale Deep Adaptability in leading ESG portfolio companies.
  13. 13. Full-Service Design and Experience Agency. Being human takes intentionality. It takes courage. Creating work that will leave a mark on the world requires a disciplined effort to pursue imagination and curiosity. It requires that we invest ourselves fully. It’s not easy, but the reward is great when each experience we create and each story we tell, is uniquely human. Featured Clients
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  15. 15. Org design. Change. Resilience. COVID-19 Playbook.
  16. 16. STRATEGY Consultancy, analysis & planning CONTENT Written & filmed thought leadership PR Amplify through earned media Ranked #6 for PR by Cannes Lions Report 2018 futurefactor is a leading communications company working globally with creative businesses, tech innovators and ambitious disruptors. From our offices in LA, Amsterdam and London, we help brands become the best version of themselves — by driving brand belief — through strategy, content & PR.
  17. 17. Top 20 Branding Agency 2017 (Agency Spotter) Business Strategy • Brand & Marketing • Digital Experience • Creative • Social Media Strategy • SEO & SEM Specialized teams Client Collaboration Iterative Process
  18. 18. The Determined We create fun, collaborative experiences that generate unique, bold solutions. We’ll push you to quickly find the strongest and most impactful ways to build a climate-resilient world. + Branding + Messaging + Marketing + Innovation Strategy No 1 IN ADVERTISING 130 CANNES LIONS, No 1 IN CRAFT 210+ FWA AWARDS 8 WEBBYS in 2017 #1 VR PRODUCTION SHOP WITH 4 WINS
  19. 19. COVID Immediate C-CAM Part Two: C-CAM The Corporate Climate Adaptation Model, C-CAM, the most innovative, holistic and robust disaster adaptability and management platform in the world. COVID Immediate creates resilience today. C-CAM builds on that for permanent Deep Adaptability no matter what the climate throws your way. It is the perfect pathway to TCFD, the world’s leading framework to manage climate and disaster risk. Because thousands of you are in ESG portfolios, but only a few have joined TCFD. We created C-CAM and launched the Adaptation ESG movement to close that gap.
  20. 20. C-CAM applies the Five Principles of Deep Adaptability to a pathway that gets the job done in the fastest time and with the best results. It begins with a 2-3 day workshop. Teams are then assigned to lead two tracks, which yield a single holistic Adaptability Plan for all to follow. WINNING ROADMAP FIVE TASKS for THE HUMAN SIDE RECONCILIATION UPFRONT RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES THE 4R BUCKETS of DEEP ADAPTATION A 2-3 day workshop where the leadership team aligns the co’s strategy and plan with climate scenarios and gets on the same page about how to move forward along the two parallel tracks. This track extends the COVID exercise to map all stakeholders and institutionalize the internal architecture to make sure your people are ready across the whole enterprise. This track follows the market-leading TCFD Framework to map your physical and transition risks, as well as every possible opportunity, plus every socioecono- mic risk you’re facing. The two tracks converge in a robust agenda of actions that must be taken across both the People and TCFD fronts. They are combined in one integral Plan and organized in these four action categories.
  21. 21. TCFD...PLUS The framework we all know and love, with one addition from the Jan 2020 McKinsey Climate Risk Report: a category for socio- economic risks, as we’re seeing with the coronavirus today: economic collapse, social disarray, mass migration, and more. Adapt, while acting on a net-zero economy. TCFD+ RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES Socioeconomic Risks TCFD is the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, a unit of the Financial Stability Board with more than 1,000 supporting organizations, among them COMMON Future and our collaborator, the American Society of Adaptation Professionals. ASAP’s talented service providers are on hand to help you direct this Track and design a Plan. FromtheTCFDRecommendationsReport
  22. 22. THE 4R BUCKETS The two tracks will yield lots of adaptation actions to implement. By placing (organizing) them in these four buckets (categories), you will make them easier for everyone in the organization to understand and follow, while ensuring you cover what you need for the deepest, most enduring adaptation. FINALLY: YOUR DEEP ADAPTATION PLAN The Deep Adaptation Framework is a 2018 brainchild of Prof. Jem Bendell of Cumbria University in the UK and has become a global network with thousands of participants. Its unique trait is the world’s most clear-headed interpretation of the latest climate science, and the 4R process to help people adapt deeply. The Framework is applied here to guide a corporate action agenda. RECONCILIATION RESILIENCE REINVENTION RELINQUISHMENT Where it all began. As the climate worsens, all stakeholders, not just your leaders, will need ongoing help. So here is that action agenda, where FIVE TASKS is embedded enterprise wide. Everything you need to fortify, protect, shift and relocate— facilities (using RELi), supply chains, data, capital & cash, pro- duction, distribution, logistics, insurance, you name it. The actions that capi- talize opportunities— innovate solutions for an adaptation-hungry planet, save money and resources with a restorative operation, rethink, renew and regenerate. Actions that make you the light, nimble company you must be to face the climate here and coming: sell, divest, streamline and otherwise let go of excess baggage not aligned with today.
  23. 23. THE SOURCES For a more complete view, visit these sites and writings. A model like this one is available nowhere else, and with climate change having already become such a game changer globally, it is a great idea to get the full explanation of why C-CAM is now the only game in town. FURTHER READING COLUMNS by ALEXWEBSITES COMMON Future COMMON American Society of Adaptation Professionals Deep Adaptation Forum USGBC RELi Standard TCFD McKinsey Climate Risk Report C-CAM Overview ESGs in the COVID Restricted Economy The launch of FIVE TASKS Adaptation ESG, a novel movement TCFD’s search for preparer companies Understanding the McKinsey Report The thunderous emergence of RELi
  24. 24. CO-CREATING HOPE FOR THE FUTURE WORLD WE HAVE IN COMMON Contact: Alex Díaz Founder & Lead Strategist 787-923-0743 COMMON Future is HQd in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we know a thing or two about extreme climate. COMMON is HQd in Boulder CO, a city taking the lead. By phone or video call, we’re right there where you are.