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Adaptation ESG deck


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There are thousands of companies in ESG investment portfolios, but only a few dozen in TCFD, the world-leading standard of best-practice corporate climate resilience. Adaptation ESG is a novel movement that seeks to close that gap and usher in a new era of sustainable finance.

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Adaptation ESG deck

  1. 1. So it is to you we turn, and to the investment firms that select you, nurture you and are asking you to adapt, mainly by having you join TCFD. The $35 trillion ESG market includes thousands of visionary companies, sustainability leaders all. But only a few dozen are in TCFD. Because urbanized, product-dependent societies can only adapt if companies adapt. And the companies best positioned to accelerate and scale adaptation are in ESG portfolios.
  2. 2. Adaptation ESG The mission: to close that gap and usher in a new era in sustainable finance. Welcome to A novel movement A collaborative project by
  3. 3. So why aren’t they? Behavior scientists call it the Information Deficit, when mere facts prove insufficient to persuade and mobilize, when human biases get in the way of logic. That’s when a different kind of communication and messaging is needed, using more creative strategies, art, narratives, storytelling, imagery, across traditional and digital, mobile and web. That’s what Adaptation ESG will do, breaking through human biases on two fronts. Breaking through the Information Deficit It’s certainly not for lack of trying. Not a week goes by without ESG companies coming across a torrent of climate stories, studies, panels, keynotes, videos, events and more. The information pointing to the imperative and urgency of adaptation is abundant. They should be lining up, tripping over each other, to join TCFD.
  4. 4. First in line is overcoming the Ambiguity Effect, Optimism Bias and Neglect of Probability. For most corporate managers, it remains puzzling how a climate-impacted future will actually play out (ambiguity). So they (and most people, actually!) hold to their more optimistic expectations of what is possible, which typically means not-so-bad climate change, as opposed to what will really happen. Our first task, therefore, is pure messaging creativity: turn to such things as virtual reality, film, storytelling, music and art to show, literally show, what the future will look like, particularly if they adapt. 1. Paint a new Future Picture
  5. 5. News reports and our own direct inquiries (research we conducted in early-to-mid 2019) reveal that ESG companies are understandably hesitant to be first in disclosing their serious climate risks through TCFD, lest their competitors gain a brand advantage. So our second task is to turn that perception around. For starters, the disclosure need not be customer facing. It can be limited to the markets and to internal audiences. And later, when the company is ready, being a first mover will be amazing for the brand. “We’re preparing for YOU!” should be the messaging. “To make sure we’re ready for whatever the climate brings.” The shame will be on others if they’re not! 2. Reframe reputation risk
  6. 6. Adaptation ESG a novel movement The Agencies of COMMON We’re a global network of social enterprises, including a top-tier pool of creative agencies and professionals who use their incomparable talent to make the world better. Adaptation ESG is novel because it begins here, driven by the art that breaks through. Viral & Inbound Communications As the media co’s produce and post content, their virality is amplified through emails and social networks of investment firms, NGOs and influencers. Inbound systems then channel the interested ESGs. Media Companies In addition to publishing tradi- tional news, they are prolific at webinars, events, films, special sections, YouTube shows and other content, precisely the vehicles that will carry the ESG art and message. 03 01 02 Not the typical popular ways conjured by the word movement. Rather, one that deploys novel communications to reach one particular audience.
  7. 7. Adaptation at the Leading Edge COMMON Future, an affiliate of COMMON and creator/coordinator of Adaptation ESG, is an independent studio and consultancy dedicated to scaling corporate climate adaptation around the world. We bridge member firms of COMMON with those of other collaborative organizations to bring you solutions and teams unmatched anywhere on the planet. Alex Díaz is creating new pathways for corporate climate adaptation as a thought leader and as Lead Strategist of COMMON Future. His career spans 34 years in journalism, speaking, consulting, communications and sustainability management. Find his unique insights in The Adaptive Company column in Medium and full career details in LinkedIn.
  8. 8. You already have a team in place to manage the crisis. Look at it, now, as a golden opportunity to build adaptability into your corporate DNA, to embed a whole-of-enterprise mindset and system that protects your continuity and brand/social relevance against whatever comes next, wherever the climate hits you. Because you know it will: future pandemics, epic floods, monster storms, long droughts and fires, heat waves, and more. COVID-19 is global, health-focused, and comes with vast socioeconomic risks, giving you a unique chance to build deeper resilience for other major events. Seize it! The moment is now. Adaptation ESG offers you a pathway to get it done. It begins as your TCFD journey begins. Adaptation ESG and COVID-19: A unique opportunity for ESG companies.
  9. 9. CO-CREATING HOPE FOR THE POST 1.5°C FUTURE WORLD WE HAVE IN COMMON Contact: Alex Díaz 787-923-0743 COMMON Future is HQd in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we know a thing or two about extreme climate. COMMON is HQd in Boulder CO, a city taking the lead. By phone or video call, we’re right there where you are.