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How to play Prelude


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Are you thinking about how to grow trust in your virtual team? Just play the game :)

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How to play Prelude

  1. 1. HOW TO PLAY PRELUDE “Our staff found Prelude fun, engaging and stimulating. Prelude is a trust accelerator. It revealed assets in some of our team previously hidden.” PRELUDE is an interactive online game for virtual teams that accelerates trust: • Teams are guided step by step by a trained facilitator. • Any number of individuals and teams can play. • Four sequential activity modules, synchronous and asynchronous. • Combines psychometrics and creative process. • Scheduled to suit team’s calendar. Each activity is 30 – 60 minutes dependent on team size. Total time 3-6 hours. May be played on any platform i.e. Lync, Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, etc. BENEFITS • Strengthened Emotional Intelligence • Improved Communication • Better Appreciation of Diverse Assets • More Effective Collaboration • Positive Team Mental Model • Increased Well Being FEATURES • 5 development tools in one game • 20 virtual team best practices Module 1 iStar: This is an online self-assessment. Players generate a profile of strengths, capacities, and communication style in the form of an iStar Badge. The elements – air, fire, water, & earth – are used as metaphors. Module 2 iTag: Players use their iStar profile to create a powerful symbol of self, called an iTag. These are shared in the team’s gallery. Uses PowerPoint. Module 3 weTag: Players are grouped into four teams – air, fire, water, & earth – based on their iStar to co-create a new weTag. This involves negotiation, compromise, consensus, creative thinking. Uses PowerPoint Online. Module 4 allTag: The four teams face a final creative challenge. This requires intra- and inter-team discourse, critical thinking, strategy, communication, collaboration, and consensus. The allTag is a symbolic team portrait and visual marker of experience. Uses PowerPoint Online. STARSMART JOURNAL Reflective and practical exercises throughout game TEAM ALIGNMENT PLAN & ANALYTICS Team Alignment Plan correlates team soft skills to pending project goals, deliverables, tasks, and schedules. iStar Analytics identifies whether team has the optimal balance of personalities, skills & capacitites and how to bridge the gap. Alexey Pikulev CSM/CSPO/CSP IS A BUSINESS AGILITY COACH, A LICENSED MANAGEMENT 3.0 TRAINER, AND A CERTIFIED PRELUDE VIRTUAL GAME FACILITATOR/TRAINER. WWW.INTEAMWETRUST.COM