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Scorpion king


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Scorpion king

  1. 1. Fast food restaurant chain for China
  2. 2. Eadible Scorpions? Why not?In many countries around theworld, insects are a regularpart of a well-balanced diet.Scorpions are known as adelicious dish in differentcountries, China one of themWith the global livestocksector responsible for 18% ofthe worlds greenhouse gasemissions, insects offer aneasily sustainable option forfood. They require little roomand few resources to grow
  3. 3. Why DurangoScorpions? Scorpions as a food not so popular in Mexico and product source would be cheaper than Chinese – higher profits Durango scorpions are known for their wonderful taste Supplied for restaurants both canned and dried
  4. 4. Scorpion King is the worlds firstrestaurant company today there are nodirect alternatives to. The restaurantschain offers different styles of dishesfrom insects (mainly from scorpions)along with side dishes. The companyand restaurants are located in China.
  5. 5. Scorpion King ™ Offers different types of food - from appetizers to desserts
  6. 6. The Scorpion King’s Philosophy:1. High Product Quality and Service2. Environmentally friendly enterprise3. Easy Product availability
  7. 7. The Company Strategy: 1. Creation a recognizable brand 2. Advertising 3. Franchise possibility 4. Product affordability
  8. 8. Healthy and sustainablefoodAll insects are relatively high inprotein. You will often be surprised atthe high levels of nutritive content.You could eat them on the go: crispyscorpions on the stickMan’s food – scorpions are known asan aphrodisiac
  9. 9. Eat at Scorpion King ™– save your health and our planet!