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Windows 8

This presentation gives you insight into world of Windows 8. It primarily focused on internals of Windows Runtime and how it all works together.

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Windows 8

  1. 1. iTechArt Group, 2012ALEXEI SKACHYKHIN
  2. 2. WHAT ISWINDOWS 8Next version of Microsoft WindowsNext-generation development platformNew way of thinking about UI and UXThe most revolutionary software Microsoft ever shipped
  3. 3. ROADMAP OFWINDOWS 8 2011 2012 2013 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows Phone 8, Developer Preview Consumer Preview Release Preview RTM Release Xbox 720 September 13 February 29 May 31 August 1 October 26
  5. 5. Hardware & Devices
  6. 6. TARGETEDPLATFORMS Windows 8 is effective combination of mobile and desktop OS All of the versions of Windows 8 have shared core
  10. 10. TARGETEDPLATFORMS Gaming Consoles
  12. 12. SONY VAIOTAP 20
  13. 13. DELL XPS DUO 12
  14. 14. Versioning
  15. 15. VERSIONSWindows 8 Windows RTBaseline version of Windows 8 for consumers Special version of Windows 8 for ARMRuns on PC and x86-based tablets Runs only on ARM-based tablets and PCs Supports only METRO part of the OSWindows 8 Pro Cannot be purchased, preinstalled on deviceAdvanced version of Windows 8 for businessRuns on PC and x86-based tablets Windows Phone 8Enhanced virtualization, file system encryption Special version of Windows 8 for mobile phones Supports only METRO part of the OS Still has a lot of differences despite shared OS coreWindows 8 Enterprise Cannot be purchased, preinstalled on deviceAdvanced version of Windows 8 for enterpriseRuns on PCEnhanced virtualization, advanced securityPC management and deploymentWindows To Go
  16. 16. Hardware Features
  17. 17. HARDWAREFEATURESSupport for System-on-ChipWindows 8 support SoC architectures, including ARMSupport for low-power SoC
  18. 18. HARDWAREFEATURES UEFI Windows 8 support UEFI and UEFI Secure Boot feature Sufficient hardware foundation for next-gen devices Reduces risk of boot loader attacks
  19. 19. HARDWAREFEATURES Virtualization Hyper-V virtualization build into baseline Windows 8 Dynamic, reliable, scalable virtualization platform
  20. 20. HARDWAREFEATURESKernel HibernationWindows 8 saves kernel memory on hard disk on shutdownDramatically reduced boot timeWorks in conjunction with multi-core boot
  21. 21. Architectural Idioms
  22. 22. ARCHITECTURALIDIOMS Cloud-connected Operating System Windows 8 uses cloud as file storage Windows 8 uses cloud as synchronization hub Windows 8 uses cloud as authentication service Windows 8 uses cloud as computing platform
  23. 23. ARCHITECTURALIDIOMS Everything is hardware accelerated Hardware accelerated UI by Direct2D and Direct3D Hardware accelerated computations by DirectCompute Hardware accelerated kernel routines by DirectCompute
  24. 24. ARCHITECTURALIDIOMS Asynchrony on the Operating System level Everything that may take longer then 50msec made asynchronous Concept of “futures” on the Operating System level Fast and fluid UI is primary objective
  25. 25. Metro style Apps Desktop Apps XAML HTML / CSS View JavaScriptController Model C/C++ C#, VB HTML C C# (Chakra) JS C++ VB Windows Runtime APIs System Services Communication Graphics & Devices & & Data Media Printing .NE Application Model Internet Win32 T Explorer SL Windows Kernel Services Kernel
  26. 26. User Interface
  27. 27. WHAT ISMETROTypography based design language by MicrosoftFirst appearance on Windows Phone 7
  28. 28. METRODESIGNContent-centric UIFocus on what`s really mattersNo useless graphicsFeels light and responsive
  29. 29. METRODESIGN Touch-based Touch-based design language Everything should be easily reachable Almost everything is clickable
  30. 30. METRODESIGN Elements of METRO style UI are aligned to 20px grid
  31. 31. METRO Make your application feels like canvas with lots ofDESIGN things to explore
  32. 32. METRODESIGNDesign made easy with clear guidelinesMicrosoft has clear guidelines on everythingFonts, colors and positioning are driven by guidelinesGuideline not a rule Visit next resources Font guidelines Color guidelines Layout guidelines
  34. 34. Applications
  35. 35. WINDOWS STOREAPPLICATIONSKey characteristicsImmersiveFull screenTouch-optimizedGood for both mobile and desktop
  36. 36. WINDOWS STOREAPPLICATIONS How they got distributed? Windows Store
  38. 38. WINDOWS STORE APPLICATIONS Application Lifetime App gets 5 seconds to work Apps are not notified after suspend message before they are terminated User suspending Running Suspended TerminatedLaunches Low Memory App App App App resuming Apps are notified when they have been resumed
  39. 39. WINDOWSINTEGRATIONContractsApplications play together via ContractsApplication and OS play together via ExtensionsContract is a well-defined interface that app can implementContracts are managed by WinRT through system registry
  40. 40. WINDOWSINTEGRATION How user interacts with contracts? Charms Bar
  41. 41. WINDOWSINTEGRATION Extensions Agreement between app and Windows Allows to customize standard features Usually require no user interaction
  42. 42. WINDOWS STOREAPPLICATIONSProgramming Alternatives C++/CX
  43. 43. Development
  44. 44. WINDOWS 8METRO How it all works? Windows Runtime
  45. 45. WINDOWSRUNTIMEThe Windows Runtime is the solid, efficient foundation for building great Metro style apps
  46. 46. WINDOWSRUNTIMEFrom regular developers standpointWindows Runtime is set of API for writing Metro style appsFrom OS architects standpointWindows Runtime is a platform that handles low level andhigh level details of Metro style apps
  47. 47. WINDOWS RUNTIMEDESIGN PRINCIPLESMajor improvement to developer experienceGreat Intellisense and toolingResponsive and FluidAsync API where they are neededApp-centric PlatformWell managed app-to-app contract
  48. 48. WINRTINTERNALSCommunication Technology WrapperInternally WinRT use COM for class instantiation Windows Runtime works on top of kernel services and effectively wraps part of WindowsNative Bits API for ease of use in modern languagesWindows Runtime is written in C++ and completelyunmanaged Security Relies only on secure part of Windows API and disallows access to unsecure API
  49. 49. Language Metro style app Support (CLR, WinJS, CRT Language Projection ) UI Pickers Controls Media Web Host (HTML, CSS, JavaWindows Metadata XAML Storage Network … Script)) & Namespace Windows Runtime Core Runtime Broker Windows Core
  50. 50. WINDOWSMETADATAConcise, complete description of the Windows RuntimeGenerated natively from C++ or C#/VB CompilerEfficient binary format derived CLI MetadataMilti-language projection generationFull intellisense on statically known information
  51. 51. WINDOWSNAMESPACEWindows.* Runtime objects are in simple unified, hierarchicalnamespaceGreat Intellisense and browsing in Visual StudioOne Clear type for each functionYour apps can add objects that can be seen from any WinRTlanguage
  52. 52. WINRT TYPESYSTEMStrings HSTRING Avoids copying in multiple languagesBasic INT32, Pointers allowed in limited casesTypes UINT64 *Enumerati enum Flag or non-flag stylesons AsyncStatusStructures struct Rect; Can contain strings, but not interfacesSimple INT32 [] For very basic collectionsArraysInterfaces IInspectable Methods are defined in interfacesGeneric IVector<T> Type-generic interfaceInterfacesRuntime Windows.Sto Binds interfaces to make a classClass rage.StorageF ile
  53. 53. Language Metro style app Support (CLR, WinJS, CRT Language Projection ) UI Pickers Controls Media Web Host (HTML, CSS,Windows Metadata XAML Storage Network … JavaScript)) & Namespace Windows Runtime Core Runtime Broker Windows Core
  54. 54. WINRT OBJECT Shell32.dll ObjectActivation Store (Registry) Windows Metadata (Disk)
  55. 55. PROJECTIONS C++ App Projection C#/VB App Projection CLR Object HTML App Chakra Projection Windows Metadata
  56. 56. PROJECTIONS EXAMPLE C++ App STL-style Projection Array C#/VB App IEnumerable CLR (T) style Projection HTML App Chakra JavaScript ProjectionAssociativeCollection
  57. 57. OBJECT CREATION Projection creates IInspectable Start wrapper (using returned metadata) App Object created by ProjectionApp asks to create Object bound to implementation object wrapper code WinRT Object Manager Pass Name to Call DllGet- Wrapper returnedRoActivateInstance ActivationFactory to App Find DLL using Load DLL End WinRT Object Catalog
  58. 58. VERSIONING Object Object Windows App Windows App Projection Projection Metadata Metadata v8 v9
  59. 59. WINDOWS RUNTIMEASYNCHRONYBasic requirements for appsAlways responsive, readyLong running API must be delivered as asyncAsynchrony on WinRT levelEverything that takes more than 50msec made asyncIAsyncOperation, IAsyncOperation<T> as “futures”Programming LanguagesDeep support of “futures” through language projectionsAsync/await keyword in C# 5.0 / VB 11Promises in C#
  60. 60. WINRT APIs User Interface HTML5/CSS XAML DirectX Controls Data Binding SVG Tiles Input Accessibility Printing Devices Communications & Data Portabl SensorGeolocation NFC Contracts Local & Cloud Storage Web e s Notifications Streams Media Playbac Visual Background Capture PlayTo XML Networking SMS k Effects Transfer Fundamentals Application Services Threading/Timers Memory Management Authentication Cryptography Globalization
  61. 61. THANK YOUFeedback & questions on WIKI

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This presentation gives you insight into world of Windows 8. It primarily focused on internals of Windows Runtime and how it all works together.


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