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HubRus DSP general presentation

  1. 1. Hubrus - technology tooptimize advertising budgets
  2. 2. www.hubrus.ruThe day of simple display advertising and PPC isgone. They yielded the palm to the newevolutionary model of targeted RTB-based displayadvertising.www.exchangewire.comTechnology to optimizeadvertising budgets
  3. 3. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetsThe evolution of ATL
  4. 4. sTechnology to optimizeadvertising budgetsRTBModel According to GoogleRTB — рекламный аукцион в реальном времени
  5. 5. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruBudgets and expenses are rising and at thesame time direct purchases by CPM fall in theworld
  6. 6. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruForecast cost of display advertising in the world
  7. 7. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgets2007 — appearance of the first
  8. 8. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruThe worlds major clients RTB
  9. 9. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruMost Russian experts agree that in 2013 RTBadvertising can take about 5% of display ad market.The sum of $100.000.000 was also mentionedduring the forecast discussion.IAB Russia
  10. 10. Technology to optimizeadvertising
  11. 11. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ru2012– RTB appears in Russia.The model is launched in commercial operation (SSP:Google, Facebook, Begun).Members of the local market develop their ownproducts and solutions (Yandex, AdFox, AdRiver).New companies with RTB-based central technologyappear (Hubrus, Between, DataMind). Foreigncompanies have also appeared on the Russian market(Crimtan, Criteo, myThings).
  12. 12. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruDevelopment preconditions:• Development of behavioral targeting systems and extensive use of BigData• Success of the search ad market with its auction price formation, which isone of the most appealing features for advertisers• Internet platforms’ demand for an effective unsold traffic monetizationmanagement• Advertisers’ desire to receive high-quality, highly targeted audience and tocarry out adaptive campaign management• Advertisers’ ambition to enter new markets and serve new audiences whilehaving instrument of control over price formation.
  13. 13. Technology to optimizeadvertising
  14. 14. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruWhere are we here?• DSP & bidder —• Self-Service UI —• DMP -• CPA -• Agency Trading Desks for• FULL-SSP&DMP integration with Between Digital.Powered by Iponweb
  15. 15. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruHubrus• 550MM+ daily impression bids served• More than 50 million russian unique users segmented.• Technical vendor - Iponweb.• Member of IAB Russia.• Integrated with Between Digital, Adfox, Google, Kavanga, Yandex,Begun. Coming next:, Facebook Exchange, Soloway+ independendpublishers.• The widest Runet coverage due to integration with Runet’s biggestadnetworks (Google, Yandex, Begun).
  16. 16. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruUI Hubrus
  17. 17. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruRetargeter
  18. 18. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruAuditorius
  19. 19. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruData ManagementPlatform1. Full control of first party data2. Mix and match first and third partydata3. Audience insight functionality4. Constant inflow of new data points5. Set pricing for each audience segment6. Daily segment re-generation7. Accurate audience estimation8. Segment overlap reporting;9. 100 % data ownership.Advanced Reportingand Insights1. Advanced RTB reporting;2. Detected domain reporting3. Customizable dashboards4. Overview of campaign landscape5. Daily scheduled reports6. Extended pixel reporting7. Budget overview reporting8. Report on additional metrics: discounts,gross, nets and frequency caps;9. Full API access for reportingHubRus Products
  20. 20. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruInventoryManagement1. Channel and segment creation2. Bulk upload RTB sets3. Domain management4. One-click tag generation for audience marking5. Bulk buys on different pricing models6. Full-script and separate click and view trackersAgency Trading Desk1. First party segment storage2. Single dashboard control over several exchanges3. Subdividing an agent’s account into subaccounts4. Deep audience insight through detailed data analysis5. Budget management and prediction6. Multichannel ad buying.Private Exchange1. Bidding history analysis,segmentation criteria2. Price level optimization forevery demonstration3. Strict pricing control4. Guaranteed ad space and timeselling5. Pre-deals.HubRus Products
  21. 21. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruMoreOptimization by CTR1. Each ad stats analysis2. Optimum CTR calculation for each ad campaign3. Ad demonstration algorithm optimization based on eachuser’s behavioral data.Dynamic creative1. Ad creative personalization2. Dynamic selection of best exchanges, formats and samples3. Real-time optimization of graphical and textual ad components4. Setting separate click cost for each product category5. Extended stats for each ad creative.Tag management1. Unified ‘easy’ code2. Code generation in only a few seconds3. Fragment tags allow code management withoutdeveloper’s help.HubRus Products
  22. 22. Technology to optimizeadvertising budgetswww.hubrus.ruhubrus.comContactRussia address109147, Russia, Moscow,Moxova, office 413Tel/fax: +7 (495) 785-37-53oleg.bruni@hubrus.comHubrus: social MissionWe are waiting for you onthe ATS 2013 in Moscow!
  23. 23. ЕTechnology to optimizeadvertising budgetsWelcome to world of technologyThank you for your attention!