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Fast and Flawless Setup Creation

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  1. 1. QPlan Fast and Flawless Setup
  2. 2. SAVINGS• Wasted time on NPI loop: – SMT Machine Time – SMT Programmer Time – First Article Inspection Time• SMT Programmer and SMT Inspector become stressed.
  3. 3. SMT Process Difficulties In Flow Customers NPI LoopSMT Programmer SMT Machine FAI Feedback Soldering
  4. 4. Solution• QPlan finds and helps to eliminate errors in SMT setup by quick tests.• QPlan generates chart, report and dynamic view of PCB with test result.• QPlan exports new SMT setup directly to SMT Server.
  5. 5. Focus on TestsQPlan helps to correct:• Angles – Detection and Correction by the difference “Zero” angles between machine settings and PCB editor settings• X,Y position of component zero point - Detection and Correction component center deflection problems included component center in the first pin
  6. 6. Focus on TestsQPlan examines:• Overlapping space between components - Component over Component, shared PAD position and etc.• Pin size vs. Pad size• Pin on Pad symmetric positions• Keep Out between Components• Components/Pads on PCB margins
  7. 7. Functionality• QPlan does footprint tests based on SMT machine component database as Database Part List and an extra information (like shape group, tolerance and etc.).• QPlan gives an easy way to create an examination profiles (per Customers and etc.).• QPlan operates as Wizard
  8. 8. Also includes …• CAD file import with preview• BOM file import with complete examination• Merging CAD and BOM with a discrepancy report.• Connection between CAD & BOM to component library and reports of missing components• Tools to fix missing components
  9. 9. Why QPlan? • Time• Quality – Wizard for importing Circuit – Accuracy Boards design file and BOM – Detailed validation rules – Component Datasheet – Defined user standards wizard – Online simulation – Creating Setup for SMT • Simple – Graphic display – Friendly interface – Based on component library