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Double Success for Email Opt-Ins & Leads


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Double Success of Your Email Opt-In List with these tips from Alex Harris of

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Double Success for Email Opt-Ins & Leads

  1. 1. @alexdesigns Ready to Double The Frequency of
 Your Email List
  2. 2. @alexdesigns
  3. 3. @alexdesigns
  4. 4. @alexdesigns Testimonials Bryan Eisenberg, Marketing Optimization Expert Keynote Speaker & New York Times Best Selling Author. Alex has been one of our secret weapons for many years. Many of the great conversion results we got with clients was Alex executing on our advice. Of course clients loved him and you will too if you need better results from your design.”
  5. 5. @alexdesigns Testimonials Sandy Donovan, Ecommerce Website Owner My conversion rate increased almost immediately after implementing initial recommendations and continued to climb as the rest of the changes were implemented to a 5x increase in conversion. Alex went above and beyond and did a great job with my Shopify store.
  6. 6. @alexdesigns Testimonials Jared Martin, CEO Small Business Alex thoroughly evaluated the affect of various landing page designs on visitor behavior. He benchmarked with other similar sites and best practices. The results were outstanding. After 3 months the conversion rate on my landing page increased by 5x!! The resulting revenue more than offset the cost for hiring Alex.
  7. 7. @alexdesigns Problem? Solution? People Visitors Customers Browsers
  8. 8. @alexdesigns Goals? Visit Opt-In Lead Prospect Sale
  9. 9. @alexdesigns Examples
  10. 10. @alexdesigns Before After Increase Opt-ins 35% CASE STUDY
  11. 11. @alexdesigns Increase Opt-ins 25% Before After CASE STUDY
  12. 12. @alexdesigns Increase Opt-ins 20% Pop Over
  13. 13. @alexdesigns 2 Step Opt-In - End of Post
  14. 14. @alexdesigns 2 Step Opt-In - End of Post
  15. 15. @alexdesigns Form - End of Post
  16. 16. @alexdesigns More Examples Social Proof
  17. 17. @alexdesigns More Examples People work with People
  18. 18. @alexdesigns Ready to Double The Frequency of
 Your Email List
  19. 19. @alexdesigns Get Your Conversion Plan 
 Increase Revenue & Leads
  20. 20. @alexdesigns • 18 HTML Responsive Landing Pages
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