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Laurens response


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Laurens response

  1. 1. Heya thanks for being in the film, could you please answer a few questions for our coursework. THANKS  How did you hear about the film? From a friend, I was asked if I wanted to audition for their coursework and I said yes  What did you think about the organisation of Molly and Alex? They organised us and themselves very well. I knew when and where I needed to be for auditions and rehearsals. Did you or do you know about the background of the characters that you portrayed? Yes. I was told who my character was and where she worked etc. What do you think about short films? I like them because they’re fun to create  What do you think about the narrative of the film? It’s very interesting. Do you have any comments about how the planning, organisation of characters props etc were carried out? It was very well organised and very professional  Any other comments?