Character development and location recce


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Character development and location recce

  1. 1. Actor/ character Description location Description Name: Molly Turner Character played: establishing shot at the beginning where the character walks off into the sunlight… This character has been used to create a sense of mystery at the beginning of the film. As the character walks off into the sunlight, she drops the penny ready for the next person to collect their luck. Rotherfield campus- at the back of the science buildings. Here the location was very quiet and during filming we were not interrupted at all, the use of the open area and the sunlight provided quality natural light for the opening to the film. Name: Zoe Bull Character played: Rachel smith This character is used as the carrier of luck to the other characters, she finds the penny which acts as her small form of luck then passes the penny onto the next character Flora Rotherfield campus- at the back of the science buildings Here we used the same location again, as the character was available and thought that It would make an interesting shot combined with the autumnal lighting.
  2. 2. Name: Rebecca Shears Character played: Flora Lewis This character received the luck penny from the character Rachel smith, flora is a charitable character who was collecting money for cancer research. Flora becomes lucky after receiving a email confirming that she had received an audition. Outside Deanfield café, also in deanfield café. As the setting of the film was ment to be in a café, we had to use the college one as the local cafes would not give us permission to film in there due to health and safety and also for public identity as some may be captured in the film. Name: Lauren Whitfield Character played: Penny Short This is our main character who is also called penny as it is her who receives the largest amount of luck Deanfield campus- in the canteen As we also needed a café setting for the scene we decided to film in the canteen again, although it was busy, it emphasizes a real café setting
  3. 3. Name: Hollie Matthews Character played: Abbie Dixon This character receives the luck in winning money on a scratch card, she is the fourth link in the carriers of the penny. Deanfield campus- in the canteen Again we needed a café setting as the character was reading a magazine in the café. Name: Charlotte Allen Character played: gertrude This is the last of the characters to receive the lucky penny, it is thrown by Penny into her waiting clasp Deanfield campus- in the canteen As the character was sitting behind the characters of penny and james, we placed her so that she was able to catch the penny.
  4. 4. Name: Alexander Harris Character played: James Henry This character proposes to the character Penny after meeting her in the cafe Deanfield campus- the canteen This character proposes to penny in the same place that they met just two years later.