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Becky response


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Becky response

  1. 1. Heya thanks for being in the film, could you please answer a few questions for our coursework. THANKS  You’re welcome, and of course I will. How did you hear about the film? I was asked by the directors (Molly and Alex) to be in it. What did you think about the organisation of Molly and Alex? Excellent, they scheduled the filming well and everyone knew what they were doing and when. Did you or do you know about the background of the characters that you portrayed? I knew the rough details about her and the rest I developed myself. I was given the freedom to portray her my own way. What do you think about short films? I don’t know much about them, but I think they’re clever and often tell a good story. What do you think about the narrative of the film? It’s very good. It makes you think, both as an actor and viewer. Do you have any comments about how the planning, organisation of characters props e.c.t were carried out? It was all very organised. Any other comments?