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Self-Marketing Do's and Don'ts


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Self-marketing is an important skill for professionals in any industry. Here’s our list we have compiled of Do’s and Don’ts.

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Self-Marketing Do's and Don'ts

  1. 1. Self-marketing is an important skill for professionals in any industry. Here’s our list we have compiled of Do’s and Don’ts.
  2. 2. // SET UP YOUR PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn and Twitter: share and discuss your professional interests, and your area of expertise. This gives you a great opportunity to share relevant content and interact with potential clients, colleagues and referrers, in a way that can only happen online.
  3. 3. // NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK Networking is essential for anyone seeking to self-promote, self-market or build a career. Networking also allows you to begin building professional relationships that can lead to countless opportunities, both now and into the future. Whether we like it or not, ‘sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’.
  4. 4. // PUBLISH AND / OR PRESENT! Publish material about your area of expertise, whether it is on your blog, as a linkedIn status, or presenting seminars internally or externally. Make yourself heard, and known for what you know and do!
  5. 5. // JOINING A COMMITEE Make yourself an active member in any form of a committee. Anything from professional and/ or industry bodies to community organisations and even local sporting and recreation groups. Lawyers often forget how simple it is to garner work from those around you.
  6. 6. // LEAVE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE OPEN Drunken photos from last Saturday night are the last thing prospective employers want to see. Your social media activity that is available for future employers can create a lasting first impression, and it may not be the best! It is okay to show your individuality, but remember to still remain integral.
  7. 7. When talking or writing about yourself, don’t forget to include the things that really make you stand out. It’s important not to forget that there can be a fine line between selling and bragging and it is my advice to always err on the side of caution. Nobody wants to listen to someone who only wants to talk about ‘me’. It’s about showing that you can truly add value. // DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT, BUT CAREFUL NOT TO BRAG
  8. 8. // DON’T GIVE UP! Literally, do not give up! Persistence definitely pays off. The opportunities will be offered up to those who are proactive and determined to develop their careers.
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