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My talk on GitHub open data at ITGM #10


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My talk on GitHub open data at ITGM #10

Published in: Technology
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My talk on GitHub open data at ITGM #10

  1. 1. Mining GitHub for the greater good Alex Chistyakov, ITMO University
  2. 2. Outline - The notion of nonsense - The formal definition of open data - A word on GitHub - (Not so) numerous rants - A bit of the greater good finally - Lame excuses
  3. 3. Meet the gopher
  4. 4. The gopher knows the drill - A Russian proverb says: - “Every gopher pretends to be an agriculture engineer” - And every taxi driver knows hot to run a state (at least in Russia)
  5. 5. What is open data? - “Explain me like I’m 5 yrs old” - Basically, any data available under an open license
  6. 6. The gopher steps in - The semantic web - RDF (something XML-based)
  7. 7. XML is the Vietnam of CS - A moment of silence for my lost friends - I can tell a SAX parser from a DOM parser - Clearly have a PTSD
  8. 8. GitHub - The home of Octocat - The largest social network of IT and CS professionals - Lots of open source codez (yum-yum)
  9. 9. GitHub (open?) data - - Is it even open? - Google BigQuery
  10. 10. On to the nonsense - TIOBE index - -
  11. 11. On to the nonsense
  12. 12. I want my data back!
  13. 13. Schrödinger’s Perl ‘S
  14. 14. Questions? - Please don’t beat me - Feel free to email me at - My Skype ID is demeliorator - I have a Telegram channel
  15. 15. Thank you! - A good book is your best friend: - “Java and XML” by Brett McLaughlin - “Practical RDF” by Shelley Powers - “Guerilla Warfare” by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna