SQX Solution Day 2013 Q2 - Milestone Update


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Milestone Update presentation from SQX Solution Day on 26-04-2013.

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SQX Solution Day 2013 Q2 - Milestone Update

  1. 1. Milestone XProtect®What‟s new presentationSQX Solution Day Q226nd April 2013
  2. 2. Milestone Systems Confidential• Milestone Company Introduction• Milestone XProtect Expert launch• Milestone XProtect Corporate update• Interconnect• Hot Standby• Milestone other updates• License Plate Recognition• Ecosystem Selection• Prism Skylabs• AgentViAgenda
  3. 3. Milestone Systems ConfidentialMilestone – World Number One
  4. 4. Milestone Systems ConfidentialThe Open Platform Company• Widest choice in cameras, giving usersthe freedom to choose equipmentaccording to their needs and budget• Integrate applications and systems,such as video analytics and businessapplications, with the MilestoneIntegration Platform SoftwareDevelopment Kit (MIP SDK)
  5. 5. Milestone Systems ConfidentialThe Open Platform Company
  6. 6. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect® familyMilestone Systems Confidential
  7. 7. Milestone XProtect Expert
  8. 8. Milestone Systems ConfidentialPositioning of XProtect ExpertAdvanced features in XProtect Expert compared with XProtect Enterprise• Centralized management• Multicast• Versatile rule engine• High-performance Recording Server• Edge Storage• BookmarkingFeatures exclusive to XProtect Corporate• Distributed surveillance• High system availability• Multi-stage encrypted video storage• Supports XProtect® Smart WallMilestone Systems Confidential
  9. 9. Milestone Systems ConfidentialPrinciple system architectureAnalog camerasIP camerasRecording ServersManagementServer(incl. SQL DB)Network storageOperatorsPan-tilt-zoomcamerasInput/outputdevices360° camerasDetectorsIP cameras withEdge StorageAudio devicesVideoencodersCameranetworksServernetworkEventServerSystem admin.Business systems:Microsoft® ActiveDirectory, etc.IP camerasRemote locationsRecordingServerMilestone Mobile ServerWeb usersMobile usersMilestone Solution Partner Applications,such as video analytics
  10. 10. Milestone Systems Confidential• Manage all system componentsthrough a central user interface• Device group management• User rights management• Microsoft Windows ActiveDirectory integration• Central management ofXProtect® Smart Client profile• System monitor andconfiguration reportsPowerful central management
  11. 11. Milestone Systems Confidential• Retrieval of video and audio recordedin the camera controlled by• Recovery from network failures• Time schedule• Events, including manual initiation• Benefits:• Video recording redundancy• Enables controlled retrieval of video acrosslow-bandwidth connections (remotelyconnected cameras, retail shops, etc.)• Only retrieve video when and if neededEdge Storage supportOperatorIP cameraswith Edge StorageEdge Storage1243XProtect video databaseLost frame3
  12. 12. Milestone Systems Confidential• Maps:• Overview of cameras and security devices• Instant access to cameras• Control gates, light and other securitydevices• Alarm Manager:• Consolidated alarm list for all security andsystem alarms• Direct access to live and playback• Easy to validate and clear false alarms• Fast and accurate handling of incidents• Forwarding and escalationSituational awareness
  13. 13. Milestone Systems Confidential• Mark specific sections of video ofparticular interest• Efficient handling of incidents• Share incidents with other users• Faster investigations• Keep track of bookmarks withthe Sequence ExplorerBookmarking
  14. 14. Milestone XProtect Corporate Update
  15. 15. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect Corporate 2013 – main benefitsImproved total cost ofownership (TCO) -reduced capitalexpenditure (CAPEX)Enabling newbusiness opportunitiesExtended systemreliability for high securityinstallationsNative systemenhancementsHighavailabilityXProtectCorporate2013Native systemenhancements• Hot standby RecordingServer failover solution• Simplified user administrationfor small installations• Extending Microsoft® Windowsoperating system (OS) support• Latest suite of XProtect®clients• Ability to interconnect mostMilestone VMS products• Several vertical-specificapplications• Substitution of XProtect® CentralMilestoneInterconnect™
  16. 16. Milestone Systems Confidential• Complement to existing RecordingServer failover support• Significantly faster failover time• Minimizes interruption in the event ofsystem problems• Enables failover of only importantdevices• Failover mode per devices• Full failover• Live onlyHigh availability
  17. 17. Milestone Systems Confidential• Failover transparant foroperators• Recordings automaticallysynchronizedCold standby• Optimized for cost efficient failover• Operates with failover groups• Failover policy per deviceHot standby• Optimized for high availability• One-to-one pair configuration• Failover policy per deviceCold vs. hot standby failover handlingRecordingServersFailoverRecordingServersManagement ServerRecordingServersHot standbyFailoverRecordingServersManagement ServerConfigurationConfigurationOperator Operator
  18. 18. Milestone Systems ConfidentialA system concept forcost-efficient centralsurveillance acrossgeographicallydispersed sitesMilestone Interconnect™
  19. 19. Milestone Systems ConfidentialMilestone InterconnectCentral surveillance siteXProtect® CorporateAny sizeAny numberRemote management Remote surveillanceXProtect® NVRXProtect® EssentialXProtect® ExpressXProtect® ProfessionalXProtect® EnterprisePlease refer to Milestone‟s website for the latest list of products compatible withMilestone Interconnect: www.milestonesys.com/milestoneinterconnect_compatibilityRemote backupRemote backup
  20. 20. Milestone Systems ConfidentialManagement ClientSite informationSystem informationAccess credentialsInterconnectedsystems
  21. 21. Milestone Systems ConfidentialIntelligent use of storage and networkChoice between three video storage principles:1. Storage only in remote system• No need to shift video across the network• Playback made directly from the remotesystem2. Storage only in central system• Optimize the cost and maintenance of theremote system3. Hybrid remote and central storage• Initial storage in local system• Only retrieve relevant recordings from remote site• Time-scheduled or request-based retrievalwith bandwidth cap
  22. 22. Milestone Systems ConfidentialFederated Architecture vs. InterconnectUser Management/IT dependenciesDirect authentication using Basic orAD users – Domain trust not neededDistributed autentication using ADusers - Domain Trust neededVideo storageChoice between localand central storage or a combinationOnly local storageMilestone InterconnectMilestone FederatedArchitecture™ManagementRemote Management via integratedRemote DesktopCentral ManagementConnected systems Milestone VMS products*XProtect Corporate andXProtect® Expert (as sub-sites)Loosely coupled Tightly coupledPrimary applicationOptimized for many small sitesvia limited or intermittent connectionsOptimized for few larger sites viapermanent broadband connections„) Please refer to Milestone‟s website for the latest list of products compatible with Milestone Interconnect:www.milestonesys.com/milestoneinterconnect_compatibility
  23. 23. Milestone Systems ConfidentialMilestone Interconnect - vertical applicationsPassenger/staff safetyLoiteringOptimize evidencehandlingLoss preventionLonely worker safetyLower CAPEX and OPEXOperational efficiencyAlarm verificationFast incident responseWide market reachPublictransportRetailAlarmcenters• Advanced alarm and map functions• Compatible with most XProtect VMS• Flexible licensing model• Alarm handling and live video• Automatic video off-load• Seamless combination of onboard andstationary surveillance• Easy and cost-efficient branch rollout• Scheduled upload of video• Reduced need for on-site visitsCentralsystemmonitoringandadministration
  24. 24. Milestone‟s Other Updates
  25. 25. Milestone Systems ConfidentialThe powerful suite of clientsMilestone Mobile2013XProtect® Smart Client2013XProtect® Web Client2013
  26. 26. Milestone Systems ConfidentialMilestone Mobile is a free applicationfor smartphones and tablets speciallydesigned for the Milestone‟s VMSsolutions, enabling users toeffectively monitor their video fromanywhere at any time, and use“Video Push” to stream video back tothe VMS.Available for download on Google Play™ and the App StoreSMMilestone MobileGoogle Play is a trademark of Google Inc.iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under licenseApp Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  27. 27. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect LPR is license platerecognition (LPR) software thatdetects license plate informationfrom vehicles around theworld and links the license platenumber with video.It is a simple way to control vehicleaccess, for example, forentrance/exit barriers, parkingspaces and toll gatesXProtect License Plate Recognition
  28. 28. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect LPR – Suit your need
  29. 29. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect LPR – Suit your need
  30. 30. Milestone Systems ConfidentialXProtect LPR – Stable and flexible
  31. 31. Ecosystem Selection
  32. 32. Milestone Systems Confidential• Cloud based videocontent analyticsfocused on retailbusiness.• Minimal investment onsystem, pure monthlyfee model.• Actionable data.Continuousimprovement.Prism Skylabs
  33. 33. Milestone Systems ConfidentialPrism Skylabs• Understand trends.• Big data informs, betterdecisions.• Real-time access fromany device. Everyproduct and display atyour fingertips. Fromdwell time to productlifting.
  34. 34. Milestone Systems ConfidentialPrism Skylabs• Enable on anyMilestone system withinminutes.• Share insights with anyone via email or web-link.• Bridge e-Commerce,online marketing toReal-world shops.
  35. 35. Milestone Systems Confidential• Expert in both :• Real-time Video Analysis & Alerts• Forensic Search & Post-Event Analysis• Why AgentVi :• Pro Business• Field proven probability of detection (POD)and low false alarm rate (FAR)• Around-the-clock support services• Reseller training and ongoing serviceAgentVi
  36. 36. Milestone Systems ConfidentialAgentVi – Real-time AnalysisPERSON STATIC OBJECTPerson moving in an area Suspicious objectPerson crossing a line Asset protectionCrowding Traffic obstaclePerson tailgatingLoitering COUNTING RULESGrouping Count peopleCount vehiclesVEHICLEVehicle moving in an area PTZ CAMERASVehicle crossing a line VMD on camera presetsStopped vehicle Auto-trackingTailgating vehicle Hand-off from fixed to PTZ camera
  37. 37. Milestone Systems ConfidentialAgentVi – Real-time AnalysisOn Camera Feature ExtractionOptimized Offering Flexible Offering
  38. 38. Milestone Systems ConfidentialApplications Forensic Analysis Time-Critical Security & LawEnforcement Operations Offline Analysis is up to x30 Offline search capability Simultaneous Search Target Path AnalysisAgentVi – Post-Event Analysis
  39. 39. Milestone Systems ConfidentialAgentVi – Post-Event Analysis
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