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Some great examples of the brand and content partnerships we\'ve created with global clients. We\'re now producing far more integrated campaigns across print, digital, mobile and tv. Please drop me a line if you\'d like to see some examples of our recent work.

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Partnership Portfolio

  1. 1. > CLIENT SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIO Partnerships Preview Lonely Planet Client Solutions
  2. 2.       URBAN A high-quality, top-end specially produced guidebook to nine of the world’s most captivating cities following the themes of ExPLORER Romance, Indulgence, Quirky and Adventure. Books were mailed out to AmEx’s most loyal cardmembers in the US as a special thank you for their patronage. CLIENT AMERICAN ExPRESS Format 105 x 155mm Print run 170,000 units < >
  3. 3. EUROPE To retain its foreign exchange customers, American Express PHRASEBOOK offered its customers a re-jacketed Lonely Planet Europe phrasebook. CLIENT AMERICAN ExPRESS The desired effect was achieved: ‘We even had phone calls into the Format A6 call centre thanking us for it, which Print run 10,000 units is unheard of! Figures indicate we are 6% up on February 2002 and 5% up on March 2002’. < >
  4. 4. YOUR GUIDE TO THE WORLD’S COOLEST CITIES CLIENT JAMESON IRISH WHISKEY Format DL Print run 18,000 units Clad in Jameson’s trademark dark green, Lonely Planet specially designed a full-colour pocket guide to six of the world’s coolest cities for Jameson to use as a gift with purchase. The guide formed the centrepiece of a zip-up gift pack with a bottle of Jamesons and two cans of mixers. < >
  5. 5. PLANET Ben&Jerry’s and REI wanted to raise awareness around their social mission to combat the causes of global warming. Both B&Js and REI are among the most progressive CHILL organisations in the US, in the areas of ecology and sustainable business practices, while Lonely Planet is embracing ‘sustainable travel’ messaging as part of its belief in responsible travel. The guide drove consumers to the Sweepstakes page (provided by REI) on the CLIENT BEN & JERRYS AND REI B&J’s website, where they could also offset their carbon on past or future travel. The guide Format A6 was distributed by B&Js in some 306 of their scoop shops in North America; by REI in 20 Print run 100,000 units of their stores as a gift with purchase; Lonely Planet distributed via its shop and via public facing events. < >
  6. 6. POST OFFICE GUIDE This fun advertising feature on promotes the various financial services available at the Post Office, utilising campaign branding currently seen TO TRAVEL MONEY across various media. Targetting the travelling community made perfect sense for the message, and the competition element was used as part of the display campaign to both drive traffic to the site, and to encourage users to think about CLIENT POST OFFICE their travels in relation to the ‘strangest thing they’d ever purchased’. Format Advertising Feature on URL Duration 2008 < >
  7. 7. SONY ERICSSON MOBILE GUIDES CLIENT SONY ERICSSON Format Java applications Lonely Planet teamed up with Sony Ericsson to produce twenty mobile city guides and ten audio phrasebooks for Sony Ericsson handsets in 14 countries throughout Europe and Australia. The audio phrasebooks divide up into key sections, and use a range of phrases allowing the user to simply practice or improve their own language skills, or to even take the easy option, and let the phone do the talking for them with the audio ‘read-outs’! The city guides contain Lonely Planet’s top recommendations for each city, divided into places to eat, shop and go out, as well as the best hotels and the must-see sights. < >
  8. 8. MY SOUTH AFRICAN FEAST South Africa Tourism wanted travellers to think twice about their preconceptions of South Africa, all wrapped within the concept of the country being a feast for all the senses. Our microsite utilised pieces commissioned with our Lonely Planet CLIENT SOUTH AFRICA TOURISM experts to talk about the gastronomy, wildlife, urban centres and adventure travel Format Microsite on unique to this inspiring destination. We created fully interactive mapped itineraries, URL short form video and a popular competition asking travellers to add their ‘dream Duration 2008 trip’ to the microsite. < >
  9. 9. hiGhliGhts UniVersitY & GlasGow HistorY The 6th-century Christian ascetic St Mungo founded and christened 1: Get ready for a gig in one Glasgow, which means ‘dear green place’ in old Gaelic. It turned out to be of Europe’s top music and an appropriate name for a city that now has more than 75 public parks – party hotspots (p6) more parkland per person than any other European city. 2: Learn the local football The University of Glasgow’s story began in 1451, when it was lingo at a clash between established near the site of St Mungo’s church in today’s East End. In Glasgow’s Celtic and 1870, the University moved to its current site – literally, in the case of Rangers (p7) Pearce Lodge, which was shifted brick by brick. 3: See why shopping albert & Kurt experts rate the city’s stash While the UK’s fourth-oldest University has consistently innovated, of stores and malls (p7) hosting Albert Einstein in 1933 and Nirvana in 1991, the city around it 4: Tour Charles Rennie has experienced changing fortunes. Mackintosh’s pad at the In the 18th century, much of the tobacco trade between Europe and the USA was routed through Glasgow, producing rich ‘tobacco lords’. The Hunterian Art Gallery & merchants were so powerful that, when King George III scuppered them Museum (p8) by losing the American Revolutionary War, they decreed the main statue in : Sample Europe’s George Square would be of Sir Walter Scott instead of the disgraced monarch. adventure capital – from mountain biking to Victorian success mountaineering (p10) Even after the tobacco trade declined in the late 19th century, the city continued to prosper as a centre of textile manufacturing, ship building, and the coal and steel industries. It was regarded as the second city in the British Empire by the end of the Victorian era. For the University, it was a time of intellectual ferment. In 1881, the campus saw the first house in the world to be fully lit by electricity – one of Lord Kelvin’s pioneering experiments (see p8). Clydebuilt became a mark of quality, but the river’s shipyards were bombed by the Luftwaffe and the industry declined after WWII. 4 44 Study Glasgow Study Glasgow 45 STUDY GLASGOW CLIENT UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW Format A6 and Online Magazine Print Run 120,000 URL The University of Glasgow asked us to look at how we could help them market their city to prospective students around the world. Our response was to design and produce a Lonely Planet guide to Glasgow, specifically built for a student population - we explore the city resulting from a wealth of investment and redevelopment, and look in detail at the neighbourhoods that make up the city. As well as publishing the guide for the university to send out with prospectuses, we also set up an online version replicating the experience of a printed product which was linked to from the university’s website. Both formats have been a hit with students and were also picked up in the national press.
  10. 10. SONY PLANETPSP: PASSPORT TO CLIENT SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE Format UMD FOR PLAYSTATION® PORTABLE (PSP™) Passport to… is a set of six interactive and vibrant City Guides available in five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and German), which Lonely Planet developed for Sony’s Playstation Portable. Lonely Planet provided Sony with over 1500 recommendations on the best cafés, bars, clubs, hotels, shops and sights to visit, plus audio walking tours, over 100 tailor-made itineraries and a series of navigable maps for the following cities: London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Prague and Amsterdam.
  11. 11. QUICKCHAT CLIENT NINE MSN LANGUAGE PDFS Format PDF FOR ONLINE DOWNLOAD Languages Languages: Cantonese, Czech, Egyption, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Nine MSN Travel asked Lonely Planet to produce 20 language PDFs with key phrases and pronunciation guides in order to build out their travel section and reward their users. The result is a set of vibrant back-pocket guides – ready to take on the road as a print product or downloaded to a mobile device.
  12. 12. WORLD World Wise, produced for the Foreign Commonwealth Office, is an adaptation of the successful Travel Safe guide, specifically aimed at the over WISE CLIENT FOREIGN COMMONWEALTH OFFICE (UK) 50’s market. It’s objective was to provide over 50’s with useful travel advice and safety information, as well as inspiring travel content, in the hope that this will reduce the number of consular cases for this audience. Format A6 Print run 500,000 units
  13. 13. TRAVEL SMART: HINTS FOR DFAT’s research showed that travellers paid little attention to the Hints booklet – it needed an overhaul to get its message across. AUSTRALIAN TRAVELLERS Partnering with Lonely Planet – the largest and most authoritative travel publisher in Australia – meant that not only would interest be sparked but travellers would listen. Lonely Planet implemented a total redesign CLIENT DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS TRADE and repackaging of the information, adding destination-specific Format A5 content to make travellers stand up and take notice. The booklet will be Print run 1.5 million units distributed in embassies, online and in airports all over Australia, as well as being packaged with passports.
  14. 14. JOHNNIE WALKER ® Highlighting Johnnie Walkers ® Black Label’s™ signature colours and therefore its brand, the Grand Prix Cities Guide features 10 of the BLACK LABEL ™ cities that hold the Grand Prix. Specially produced entirely in Greek, the guide has top sights, restaurants and bar picks to appeal to Johnnie Walker® Black Label’s™ core market. CLIENT 4Cx FOR DIAGEO HELLAS SA Format A6 Print run 70,000 units
  15. 15. GO DISCOVER CLIENT InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) Format 195mm x 125mm Print run 350,000 copies for each of the three editions: Autumn/Winter, Summer Spring With the success of the Spring edition – a guide to key European cities in core IHG market, with itineraries, highlights and maps – IHG commissioned Lonely Planet to do two further Go Discover brochures.
  16. 16. JAPAN: Many people think that Japan is a difficult place to travel around. JAL wanted to confront this perception and showcase another side AN INSIDER’S GUIDE of the country so they turned to Lonely Planet for expert advice and authority. This custom-made mini guidebook was specially written by an on-the-ground author and addresses the misconceptions – Japan CLIENT JAPAN AIRLINES is not expensive, the food is fabulous, the people are warm and the Format A6 cities are easy to get around. Print run 10,000 units
  17. 17. FREEDOM The FreedomFromWork campaign reached the heart of the demographic that Mercedes most wanted to target for the launch of the FROM WORK new B-Class sporty vehicle. The freedomfromwork website, and the booklet produced by Lonely Planet, gave this audience of busy people CLIENT MERCEDES-BENZ something of genuine value – up-to-date tips on places to ride, swim, hike, dive and dream their lives away on the weekends. All content was Format A6 devised, written and designed by Lonely Planet, which the audience Print run 40,000 units values. Subtly placed in the middle of the book is an image of the new B-Class itself – the ideal vehicle for the time-poor but sporty-minded.
  18. 18. THE How to make Ireland jump out of the pack of European travel choices? This was the task of The Craic Pack! Succinct, stylish and fun, CRAIC PACK CLIENT TOURISM IRELAND The Craic Pack shows a modern Ireland awaiting the adventure-seeker. Aimed at a younger audience, the booklet was distributed via a retail promotion and served to trigger enquiries about Irish holidays. Rather than take the place of Lonely Planet’s larger Ireland guidebooks, Format A6 the booklet worked served to spark further interest in these. Print run 50,000 units
  19. 19. AQIS (AUSTRALIAN QUARANTINE AND INSPECTION SERVICE) CLIENT AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Format A6 custom guide, web content and PDF Print run 14 booklets with various print runs totally 240,000 units One of the biggest issues AQIS faces is the lack of knowledge For AQIS, a partnership with Lonely Planet ensures that their message among Australian travellers of Australia’s Quarantine Laws. Along with will be heard, as the Lonely Planet content is more appealing to readers communicating the importance of registering with than the essentially dry information about Quarantine rules. The designs before you go, the Lonely Planet specially produced ‘and back’ guides are quirky and easily recognizable in Australian airports among other cover 14 prominent destinations, featuring advice on what you can and Government-supplied information. Recent research indicates that there can’t bring back into Australia, ‘Best Buys’, ‘Worst Buys’ and Lonely has actually been a reduction in confiscated goods from travellers upon Planet’s hand-picked ‘Top Shops’. re-entry into Australia. Additionally, the guides are reproduced as an online PDF for pre-planning on
  20. 20. BEST OF Covering all 12 host cities of the 2006 World Cup, the LG Best of Germany guide was distributed in all top and mid-range hotels in those GERMANY cities. This put the LG brand in the hands of people from all over the world, in the most useful way possible – showing them how to get CLIENT LG around the city with the experts from Lonely Planet. All content was recommended by Lonely Planet and agreed to by LG; only LG ads were Format DL included. The guide was also used as a marketing tool by LG’s global Print run 100,000 units offices for the duration of the event.
  21. 21. WEEKEND EUROPE Research suggested that most consumers with the propensity to purchase a digital camera, or video camera were holiday makers. ITINERARY PLANNER CLIENT SONY Sony wanted to offer such consumers a value add-on and approached Lonely Planet to devise and develop a compelling offering. The Weekend Europe Itinerary Planner was handed out with the purchase of every digicam; covering 10 European Cities, the CD-Rom application gave Format CD-ROM travellers the chance to plan and build an itinerary for use ‘on the ground’. Print run 100,000 units The interactive application covers numerous points of interest (POIs), including restaurants, bars, attractions and things to do with the kids.
  22. 22. CLIENT SOLUTIONS CONTACTS United Kingdom Europe Alex Cheeseman Business Development Manager 2nd Floor, 186 City Rd London EC1V 2NT, UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 (0) 207-106-2117 Fax: +44 (0) 207-106-2101