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An introduction to how SpaceGAMBIT helps hackerspaces around the world build technologies to further mankind's future as a spacefaring civilization. Includes
* What is a hackerspace
* Cool hackerspace projects
* How to find a hackerspace near you
* Projects we're looking to fund
* How to get involved

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  • Now, with the name hackerspace, most people will think of the word hacker. We’re not the kind of hacker that breaks into your computer, steals your password and leaves embarassing Facebook messages
  • Collaborative SpacesPlaces where groups of passionate people can meet to make stuff and learnOften a focus on open source and wide range of technologies (3D printing, hydroponics, robots)Stockholm MakerspaceOpen source = free to share, reuse, modify and potentially commercialise.0:30
  • For me, hackerspaces are whereThe virtual meets the physicalArt meets technologyCool people meet other cool people
  • Collaborative spacesWork with maker community and citizen scientists
  • Singing plant – works like theremin
  • At the last hackerspace I was a member of, some typical activities included3D printingBuilding robotsSustainable crop and fish productionMost hackerspaces have a big focus on open source and open hardware, meaning anyone is freely allowed to share, copy, remix and build upon everyone else’s work
  • Now, it’s the mission of SpaceGAMBIT to take these hackerspaces and people and get them building a space program.
  • Are we crazy?Yes. Crazy like *** who kickstarted the PC revolution by building computers in their garagesAnd it’s not so crazy that open source can work either. Internet built on open source software and standardsAlready changed the world. Now look beyond the world0:20+0:15
  • 0:22
  • A few months agoISS – major problem with life support systemsConventional tools no goodAstronauts are makersHacked together custom tool out of toothbrush, alum bolt and can of nitrogenSaved the day
  • 0:05
  • Being open source means anyone can see the nuts and bolts and is free to get involved, even kids. And a hackerspace is just the kind of environment that nurtures that hands-on spirit.Kids get experience with new tech and processesEngineersget experience getting their hands dirty and making something instead of sitting in front of a CAD programEveryone else gets the sheer joy of building something cool.Education needs to evolve to move with the times.Open source space program = EVERYONE involved, inc kids.Kids get experience with new tech and processesBUILD projects and hands on = build better world for tomorrow.The MENTOR program in the US0:26
  • 0:23This boring looking board is called an Arduino. It’s a very simple open-source circuit board, with about as much computing power as a top of the range computer. A computer from 20 years ago.Despite that it’s been used to create all sorts of cool projects, includingGloves that translate sign language to textOpen source satellitesLaser harpsRobot helciopter dronesAnd lots moreBecause it’s open, anyone is allowed to play with it, rip it apart and remix it as they see fit. And that is a major boon for innovationOpen source means free to reuse, remix and repurpose. Open projects like Arduino, simple circuit board, allow innovations like mini satellites, laser harps, sign language recognition gloves and lots lots more
  • More innovation means more cool stuff in the world. Which means more money, more jobs and a better economy. For example, the Ardusat raised XXXXXX on Kickstarter and the company now employs XX people.
  • In 1997 the Cassini probe was launched to take pictures of Saturn and its moons. On board was a custom made, first generation digital camera with a proprietary format. Some great shots were taken, but then the document explaining how to decrypt the photos was lost.NASA could’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to recover those images. Instead they hosted a hack day and a student recovered the images for free in under 15 minutes. He’d had no formal experience in the field but was just a passionate amateur, like those of us at hackerspaces.
  • And just to wrap up, here’s how you can contact me and find out a little more about SpaceGAMBIT. Thank you!
  • SpaceGAMBIT Presentation to UKSEDS

    1. 1. The Hackerspace Space Program
    2. 2. WTF is a Hackerspace?
    3. 3. Oh my God – you’re helping evilhackers?
    4. 4. ≈ hackerspace
    5. 5. • Physical space and community• Professionals, amateurs, geeks, artists…• Get hands-on and make cool stuff• Share ideas, know-how• 3D printers, laser cutters, CNCs, tools, electronics, DNA centrifuges…• Motors, computer hardware, sensors, metal, wood, toys…• Anyone can become a member
    6. 6. Xinchejian (Shanghai, China)
    7. 7. London (Music) Hackspace
    8. 8. Low-resource food production
    9. 9. Radiation Detection
    10. 10. 3D Printed Art
    11. 11. Biohacking
    12. 12. Singing Plant
    13. 13. Useless Machine
    14. 14. We fund hackerspace projects that help build humanity into a spacefaring civilization
    15. 15. Are you !#$*ing crazy?
    16. 16. Apache
    17. 17. Towards a Space Faring Civilization1 2 3 4 5 6Probably Eh…not any time soon
    18. 18. Why open?Why hackerspaces?
    19. 19. Education
    20. 20. Innovation Arduino 16 Mhz! 32K memory!
    21. 21. Economy & Jobs
    22. 22. Cost Saving
    23. 23. Funding Projects (Shut up and take our money!)
    24. 24. Funding = Up to ~£12,000 (20k USD) 3-6 monthsHackerspace (or similar) No rockets :(
    25. 25. Education• All-ages education• Public support for space• Hacker education• Public workshops
    26. 26. Near-Earth Economy• Nanosatellite testing/training/support• Suborbital• Low-orbit• In-situ resource experiments
    27. 27. Habitats• Earth/space• Low-cost• Reliable• Eco-friendly• Growing food• Generating energy• Shelters• Closed loop systems
    28. 28. Get Involved!1. Join a Send me a (brief)project idea!alexcg@spacegambit.org3. Submit a projectproposal
    29. 29. Alex