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Drafts of front covers of magazines and posters

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Drafts of front covers of magazines and posters

  1. 1. Drafts of Front Covers of Magazines and Posters.<br />
  2. 2. Articles and other features will be placed around the main image, in order for it to come across as a real life magazine, I chose this because often in magazines many articles and features are placed around the outside or the main image informing the audience of what the magazine contains, Like that of Empire magazine. Therefore I will be able make articles that link in with the film or that relate to the theme of the film and the rest of the magazine..<br />The Title of my magazine will be at the top of my page, as it will be clearly seen as well as following the codes and conventions of a magazine. This would be one of the main focuses of the page as it will spread the entire width of the page. This follows the conventions of other magazines such as Empire magazine, this is shown stretched across the centre of the page, I will then take this into consideration when making my magazine front cover and increase the length and size of my title.<br />1st Front cover idea.<br />The main image will be in the centre of the magazine; this will draw the audience and allow their attention to be on the main idea of the magazine. The image will be of the main character of the teaser trailer we are creating; this will make the magazine easily recognizable as well as relatingto the trailer. After Looking at the Empire magazine I will take into consideration about putting the film title central and across the main image alongside the tagline, this then creates more impact on the audience as it will be the first two things they will see as they are linked together, instead of having the tagline elsewhere .<br />I may also include a flash at the bottom of the page offering a chance to win a prize related to the film or a competition that is also related to the film. These will also further the link with the trailer. These are on popular magazine front covers as they are usually a different colour and font to the rest of the magazine making them stand out from the other articles and drawing the audience in, I will therefore need to make the colour of the background of the flash clash with the colour of the font on the magazine.<br />
  3. 3. 2nd Front Cover<br />I thought of placing the title of the magazine in the top right hand corner, After looking at other movie magazines they seem to place the title in the centre and behind the main image.<br />For example, This Film Magazine shows the title of the magazine to be behind the image of the main character.<br />Looking at this magazine poster has also made me rethink the main image of the magazine, instead of an image of the main characters face on in the centre I will consider doing a mid shot that will allow the audience to see the type of character they are and their appearance rather than just what their facial expressions show.<br />After looking at most magazines, articles are shown to be displayed down the sides therefore I will keep this the same as it will look professional and it will be clear to follow as well as resembling a real life magazine.<br />After looking at other magazines I think instead of the extra articles displayed around the side I will include a banner of information along the bottom which will include extras that the magazine includes and they will be related to the film idea that we have.<br />
  4. 4. 1st Poster<br />For the poster I was thinking of using a full frontal image of the main character, this would then allow the audience to have a clear idea of who they were and what they looked like, but after looking at the Jumper poster they use a silhouette of the character this also links with the results from the market research in that this is what the audience would prefer to see therefore I will take this into consideration when creating my poster.<br />Instead of dismissing institutional information I have decided to add it one of the bottom corners but in a very small font, this then wont disrupt the subtle idea of the poster but wont dismiss some of the vital information that is included on most film posters. For example the Jumper poster.<br />Market research also showed that people would rather the poster be simple and effective there fore very little writing. This then made me think about what is the most important information to have on a poster, this allowed me to think about where to include the title of the film and a tagline as shown in the Jumper poster. This will allow the tagline to link with the trailer in that as a group will be able to come up with a tagline together that will be able to be used in the film trailer as well as on the poster making it more effective. The title will be placed in the bottom corner making sure it is still clear for the audience to see.<br />
  5. 5. 2nd Poster<br />I think including the title in top right hand corner would be effective as it will be on its own therefore it will be easily noticeable and it would then make it recognisable and easily linked with the film. This will still take in =to consideration that an audience would prefer to see a subtle film poster.<br />After looking at another film poster – Inception I also thought that it would be a good idea to have the main character facing away from the camera, although this does not directly follow our market research of using a silhouette, it still takes it into consideration that you will not be able to tell clearly what the main character is like, creating mystery still for the audience.<br />Originally I though that putting the title of the film down the side would be effective but this does not follow the layout of most other posters. I would then change this to either be stretched from one side of the page to the other, either across the top of the page or at the bottom. If I was too put the title at the top it would make it more difficult to include institutional information as it may become cluttered and look messy.<br />