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Feedback - The Lost Art of Agile


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Feedback - The Lost Art of Agile

  1. 1. FeedbackThe Lost Art Of Agile A talk by for:
  2. 2. Software development has a history of loosing feedback A talk by for:
  3. 3. Why Lost? - Waterfall “The implementa tion described above is risky and invites failure.” Winston Royce, 1970 A talk by for:
  4. 4. Why Lost? - Unit Testing 1985: book on structured programming talks about unit testing 1989: “we sketched out a set of test cases before putting pencil to coding pad … These were punched into cards and put in the permanent test case library” Gerry Weinberg A talk by for:
  5. 5. Why Lost? - Agile “earl and continuous y delivery” “Deliver working software frequentl y” “Business people and developers must work together dail y” “face-to-face conversa tion” A talk by for:
  6. 6. Feedback! - Found? Validate any assumptio n in maximum two weeks A talk by for:
  7. 7. Why Art? Not Science.Some science might beinvolved: Statistics,Psychology, Systems Theory. A talk by for:
  8. 8. Why feedback? The Thesis.Software development is on a quest forhigh quality fast feedback , A talk by for:
  9. 9. Why feedback? A talk by for:
  10. 10. Why?● To validate decisions● To improve processes● To improve team work A talk by for:
  11. 11. Feedback is useful for...People Process A talk by for:
  12. 12. What?“A process in whichinformation aboutthe past or thepresent influencesthe samephenomenon in thepresent or future” Wikipedia A talk by for:
  13. 13. Feedback in Engineering“Information by itself is notfeedback unless translated into action” Wikipedia A talk by for:
  14. 14. Feedback in Scrum A talk by for:
  15. 15. Feedback on Code A talk by for:
  16. 16. Feedback Quiz! A talk by for:
  17. 17. A team mate introduces bugs inthe application every sprint. Quiz #1You:A)Dont careB)Tell him he should stopprogrammingC)Review his code and tell himthe problemsD)Ask him how you can help toavoid it A talk by for:E)Pair with him, identify why he
  18. 18. automated tests. Quiz #2A)You dont run them, itsintegration departmentsbusinessB)50 tests fail from time totimeC)When making a change, 20tests failD)At most two tests fail incase of a mistake A talk by for:E)All tests run nightly
  19. 19. daily Scrum for 10 and delays Quiz #3the meeting. You are the ScrumMaster. You:A)Think at something differentwhile he speaksB)Find ways to leave earlierC)Tell him to stop talkingbecause hes annoyingD)Talk to him in private and A talk by for:tell him he should stop
  20. 20. You find a piece of complicatedcode at the end of the sprint, Quiz #4while modifying in other partsof the application. You:A)Ignore it, maybe you wonthave to change itB)Write the issue down andforget about itC)Discuss it in the team and addit to the backlog A talk by for:D)Take 15 to refactor it and
  21. 21. team and have to evaluate thepeople. You: Quiz #5A)Dont evaluate them, whoeverasks for a raise might get itB)Do a yearly evaluationaccording to company policiesC)Go at the team meetings toevaluate the peopleD)Do a 360º evaluation every 2months A talk by for:E)Have weekly one-on-one
  22. 22. Feedback is HARD A talk by for:
  23. 23. ToolsIntroduce a feedback cycle More feedback Better quality feedback A talk by for:
  24. 24. Time to reflect... A talk by for:
  25. 25. Case Study: Startup● Deploy every 2-3 days● Feedback form built in A talk by for:
  26. 26. Case Study: My Unit Testing Class● Source: feedback form, conversations, clarification questions● Integrated in the course● Fewer clarification questions, higher feedback (>9.5 / 10) A talk by for:
  27. 27. Case Study: Mozaic Works● Distributed team, different roles and backgrounds, flat structure● 6 months team retreats● 2 weeks company sprints● Full visibility A talk by for:
  28. 28. Case Study: Presentation Creation● Slides, practice● Slides, record, listen● Brainstorm, structure, record, listen, slides● From 3 days to 4 hrs● Need more practice and feedback :) A talk by for:
  29. 29. Main Ideas● Software development is on a quest for more, higher quality feedback● It is feedback only if you do something about it● Tools: Introduce cycle, Get more, Get better● Feedback is hard A talk by for:
  30. 30. Conclusions We are rediscoveringthat feedback is at the core of software development. A talk by for:
  31. 31. Your turn to give feedback! A talk by for:
  32. 32. Questions?A talk by for: