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Deliver every two days


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This talk is about an agile/lean method that allows deploying every 2-3 days a new version, completely functional, of a software application to a group of early adopters.

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Deliver every two days

  1. 1. YES,You can deploy every two days! Maria Diaconu & Alexandru Bolboaca
  2. 2. Can You Believe It?Source:
  3. 3. The Team The TeamProduct Dude Community of Users The Product Startup
  4. 4. Process Community of Users Feedback Release Bucket 1­3 stories Develop Deploy RetrospectivePlanning Planning Every Week 2­3 Days AND When needed Every 1­2 months
  5. 5. Bucket Planning Pick the top story Send list ofquestions to NO Do we know enough?product dude YES Slice it NO Can we do it in 2-3 days? YES GO!!!!
  6. 6. Develop & Deploy WHENEVER NEEDED MockupReview with ReviewsProduct Dude Discussions Develop: Integrate Feedback TDD Retrospective Top/Down Pair Programming MORE PRACTICES Smoke Test Database under source control Final Fixes Chose technology that  fits the practices Deploy Continuous Refactoring Automated Deployment
  7. 7. Results● First commercial version deployed successfully● Team very motivated● Sustainable learning & deployment pace
  8. 8. How We Did It● Use Dudes Law (Eliminate Waste & use Added-Value Practices)● Best Organizational Practices + Software Craftsmanship● Think outside the box; use the right tools
  9. 9. Think About It!● Can you do it? Why not?● How should we name it?
  10. 10. Maria Diaconu @fireladyM Alexandru Bolboaca @alexboly The company: Mosaic Works Http://www.mozaicworks.comThe community: Http://agileworks.roThe conference: Http://