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Personal statement sample from essay writing services

  1. 1. Personal Statement “Good Food for Better Life”, were the words I used to hear frequently from my mother. I used to wonder, what really is a ‘good food’? How does a good food provide a better life? My interest and curiosity accrued day by day. As goes the maxim, “First say to yourself what be; and then do what you have to do”, by EPICTEUS, so did I. I took up Economics as a graduation subject at Brandeis University, Waltham MA; it is one of the best private research universities in America that focus on liberal arts. I took subjects related to economics and finance and gained the practical knowledge. But as my family business belong to the real estate so being involved in the real estate business, so my interest went in to the real estate business and I started to learn the basics of the real estate business. With constant encouragement and support from my parents I have been able to learn about the real estate business and also experienced in the different organizations about it which have given me a glimpse into the world of real estate and has strengthened my conviction that this is where I can find intellectual satisfaction. My mother owns a real estate organization where I learnt lots of things in real estate industry with help of my mother. So my plan is to do the full time job in a Beijing Real estate company, and want to do part time job with it. I will work at Wufeng Real Estate Development Ltd., Beijing, China. The Wufeng organization is very good and deals in international real estate business mainly in Residential and commercial real estate development company. I want to learn more about the international real estate business through the work in the Wufeng organization and also will learn as Graduate Certificate in Real estate online. This online course in the real estate include 18 credits fully online which provides a comprehensive exploration of the best practices in finance, economics, market and feasibility analysis, accounting, and legal principles in the context of today's real estate industry. This online program is designed such that bachelor's degree can be earned by me in wish to obtain a foundation for a career in real estate, as well as also for those who hold a graduate degree but seek education in a new career area or specialization within the industry. In this online course the content is delivered in the form of online blogs and forums, chats and e-mails, providing
  2. 2. the opportunity to network with real estate professionals from across the U.S. and around the globe. The course contains the courses such as principles of real estate accounting and taxation, real estate finance, real estate economics and market analysis, legal principles and practices, real estate valuation and feasibility analysis and the development process. Real estate is important from the point of view of building environment in eliminating undesirable characteristics which might include wrong strategies for the real estate business. For the manifestation of my inner desire into concrete realities, there is no better way than working with indefatigable spirit towards my goal. My purpose in pursuing a full time job in real estate with the online real estate course is to learn, gain expertise in the field, update my knowledge and hone my professional skills that may facilitate my future to overtake the real estate business activities in the pursuit of satisfying the real estate business requirements. In the current scenario, I have command over mandarin language that is spoken in more than 50 percent of the world so it is helpful for me. My future career is to handle the real estate business of my mother and will expand the business in United States of America and Canada. I also have PR card of Canada. I am very much interested in the real estate business. I have done some summer internships in the real estate organizations and learnt the experienced in the real estate business. My background in the economics and finance helped me to learn quickly about the real estate business. I am very eager to pursue my higher studies and also full time job in real estate business in the Beijing real estate organization, and also the online study has the right academic climate and research facilities for motivated students. I am sure that, under the expertise of your experienced faculty, I will fulfill my dream and can overtake the business of my mother.