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Alex powerpoint for jill falk


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Alex powerpoint for jill falk

  1. 1. By: Alex Bazzell
  2. 2. What Is LinkedIn?  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 80 million users  LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals  YouTube Video: What is LinkedIn?
  3. 3. Details Are Key  Put as much detail on your profile as possible, including work experience, education, relevant associates, hobbies ect.  Location is key because recruiters look for candidates close to their site  Don’t forget to upload a classy photo, so they can put a face to your name (Don’t put up a picture of yourself bonging a beer in your halloween outfit)
  4. 4. Connect More  Constantly ask to connect with people you deal with on a daily basis  Try to connect with as many costumers as possible as well  Connect with customers so that you can sell yourself, because it’s easier to do that than a product
  5. 5. Get Involved In Groups and Discussions  This is key to gain a high profile and get noticed  Ask questions, answer questions, link up news articles and other relevant information  If you add value to others, you will be noticed by people in your industry  Don’t go overboard, you want to come across as helpful not annoying
  6. 6. Get Recommendations  Having professionals vouch for you goes a long way  People to ask would be colleagues, your manager, and even friends if relevant  Some employers will not accept applications from individuals with anything less than 10 recommendations
  7. 7. Check Out A Company’s Stats And Trends  You can figure out how many people a company employs  You can see if they have hired or fired recently as well as where these people came from/went to  If you see a large amount of people leaving, you might want to reconsider that offer
  8. 8. Personalize Your LinkedIn Page  There is an option of making your public profile have your name in the URL  Instead of having a bunch of random letters at the end of your URL, it can look something like  This is also open to google and other search engines, as it becomes your public profile
  9. 9. Visibility Settings  Everytime you look at a profile, this person can see that you paid a visit  It is recommended you change this setting to invisible  If it shows that you have been checking out a potential interviewer numerous times during a day, it may make you look a bit desperate/creepy
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