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Ideas for documentaries


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Ideas for documentaries

  1. 1. - Changing Personality• Teenage relationships - - Early pregnancy• Love or Illusion Ideas - Going against religion• Does Age matter ? Will it last forever?How does relationships interfere in teenagers life…Good:- You get more mature- You gain experienceBad:- You isolate your self because of jealousy.-
  2. 2. Rights Responsibilities •Have your opinions, needs, values, • Respect the opinions, needs, values, emotions, etc. respected by your partner. emotions, etc. of your partner. •Not be pressured into sexual activity you • Not pressure your partner into sexual do not want. activities he or she does not want. •Be told the truth. • Communicate openly with your partner, •Other including telling the truth even if its difficult. Each year approximately one in four adolescents reportsverbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse from obsessive relationships. One in three teens report knowing a friend or peer who has been physically Dating violence among their peers is reported by 54% of high school students. Nearly 80% of girls who have been victims of physical abuse, continue to date the abuser.
  3. 3. How sex is portrayed in teenage relationships ??? - In the past sex was only• How our society have change throughout accepted after marriage. the years (modern teenagers) - In todays society we can find information anywhere: Online, magazine,How long do teenage relationships last???From 14-16 it last max 5 After 17 relationships last 1-2 months yearsResponsibilities
  4. 4. How does psychology explain homosexuality? Why do people become homosexual? How is homosexuality represented in the media?• Is it an option or genetic??? - Involves: Psychology• Religion - Nature vs Nurture - Does it depends on people• Legal or illegal marriage around you… Genes? Hormones? Or a choice?
  5. 5. The current debate is whether or not homosexuality is a result of nature: a personsAmerican Psychological Association environment and surroundings, or of his mental disorder biology and genetics. The debate endures because both Many different theories can be found sides have the ability to create regarding the root of homosexuality, a scientific environment to support their cause. For example, biological theoristsCharles Darwin may argue that a monkey and human child, reared in the "...we do not even in the least know the final same setting, will developcause of sexuality. The whole subject is hidden with vastly different in darkness." outcomes, while social theorists may argue that monozygotic twins, one reared normally and the other raised in seclusion for 18APA years, will also develop with" emerges from most people in early vastly different results, butadolescence with no prior sexual experience" different even more from the first scenario
  6. 6. How does psychology explain homosexuality?Does it depends on Genes? Nature vs Nurture people around Hormones? you… Or a choice?How is homosexuality represented in the Homophobic bullying media? Homophobic bullyingHomosexual families Elton JohnHaving kids Getting married
  7. 7. • How have drugs changed throughout the years?? - Drugs became a joke among the new generation • When I was researching I realise that there is not to much information about drugs… maybe young people are not informed of the serious risks.
  8. 8. Why do people take drugs? A substances to have fun In the past : Because they are bored Caffeine Pain or Stress Legal Drugs: National laws prohibit : Alcohol TobaccoDrugs and medicines Many other recreationalthat have a strong effect drugs are legal, widely betel nut culturally accepted, and at the most have an age caffeine restriction on using and/or purchasing them products in the west
  9. 9. • How does drugs have changed throughout the years??? Types of drugs Classification of drugs • Drugs that are band/forbidden and drugs that are not… Drug user can have a certain amount with them, for their own use.• How does a drug addict behave They steal from Aggressive their own homes.
  10. 10. • Pressure The same environment The same people/ teachers• Should we go college or More support sixth form? Staying with your friends Meet new people• Some people have to pay to go college… • Should we go college or Should people from other A-level pressure sixth form? Why? countries go college for free?
  11. 11. After researching i realised that the themes becamemore clearer to you… and you start to have more things to say… I choose this particular themes because they interests me and some of them I study so will be a lot easier for me to talk about it.