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Exploring ideas 3

  1. 1. This presentation will help us to understandabout meaning for words such as Ignorance,tolerance and acceptance
  2. 2. - Religion- Media- Class - Celebrities - Media - Ethnicity - Mainstream - Age - Culture - Class - Gender - Communities - Charities
  3. 3. •How did homophobia changed throughout theIgnorance years? • How is religion ignorant towards LGBT? •Do people think differently regards area, location, culture and age group? • Are there laws and regulation that shows toleranceTolerance towards LGBT? •How does media promotes tolerance towards LGBT? •How does school and institutions protects/ promote tolerance for students? •How does charities and celebrities support LGBTAcceptance community? •Are LGBT people accepted to have legal relationships ? •Does the different media platforms promotes and help our society to accept LGBT?
  4. 4. Introduce the Title How is society ignorant How did homophobia changed Break: towards LGBT people? through years? Voice over:This series is about And why? after theHow is LGBT History of Homophobia break wecommunity In this episode we will talk - Were LGBT accepted in the past? will beperceived by about: - When did people started to talkingpeople? consider that being against about how • Homophobia in the homosexually was wrong? religionWhether they are past - And when did people started to perceivesbeing • Religion support them? (homophobia) LGBT, and- Ignorant • Different perspectives how they- Tolerant towards Ignorance - Interview elderly people: support this- Accepting (to show the difference between community age groups towards LGBT.)In this episode wewill focus on How Psychologist/Psychology teacher:people can be Did the mentality of people fromIgnorant toward today have changed because of theLGBT people in their environment? If not why dodifferent platforms. they accept better today than in the past?
  5. 5. Religion – How is religion ignorant towards LGBT? Break: Voice over showing someAre religious people doing wrong by not accepting LGBT? scenes of the nextIs religion too ignorant/strict to accept LGBT? episodes: Don’t miss after the break, on our last partInterview a catholic church priest: Do you think that religion is we will be talking aboutexcluding LGBT from the rest of community? how people from differentDoes GOD really judges LGBT? (Evidence from bible?) locations think about LGBTShouldn’t religion support everyone regards choice of gender? people.Public Interview: Do you believe that being part of LGBTcommunity is a sin?End part 2 by showing the results and statistics of public interview.
  6. 6. Do people think differently regards area location, culture, age End of the first episode:group? Voice over:What do people think about LGBT in different locations? Don’t miss, in our next- example comparing Harlesden and Central London. episode we will be talkingBy interviewing the public we will see what are their opinions about who people are Tolerant towards LGBTStatistics of public opinions people.Experts (Sociology teacher): Are people homophobic because ofthe environment they were grown up in?Do people from different ages perceives LGBT in different ways?- Young people- Adults- Elderly peopleInterview different age group people towards their opinionabout LGBT, to show support to our questionEnd the first part of the episode by concluding the point andanswering the question.
  7. 7. Introduce the Title Recap How is society Laws and Regulations – Are there laws and Break scenes of tolerant towards regulations that shows tolerance towards LGBT?This series is about last LGBT people? And Example – In some countries such as (Africa) LGBT VoiceHow is LGBT episode why? is still not accepted and not recognized. How has it overcommunity changed? Why? alongperceived by Religion’s In this episode we Example – How has same sex marriage been withpeople? response will talk about: accepted? some Different - Are there laws Elton John had a same sex union clipsWhether they are perspectiv and regulations Statistics – How are people tolerating by giving a of thebeing es. to tolerate LGBT equal level of life for everyone? next- Ignorant community? Public Interview – Do you believe that LGBT part:- Tolerant - How does media people have the right to be married? What is the- Accepting promote difference between heterosexual relationship and Don’t tolerance LGBT relationship? missIn this episode we through different out onwill be focusing on media platforms How are LGBT being protected and not rejected? howhow people can be - How schools and Example – United Nations protect people against thetolerant towards education prejudice and racism through the act of human mediaLGBT community promote rights portra tolerance to LGBT How are human rights helping to promote ys- Is it fair that community tolerance towards LGBT community? tolera people are only Expert – Do you believe that such laws can prevent nce tolerant? homophobia and help people understand that it is towar- Can people not wrong to be LGBT? ds accept but not LGBT. feel comfortable?
  8. 8. Media – How does media promote tolerance towards LGBT? Break:Example – Eastenders/Hollyoaks – do people feel comfortable watching agay/lesbian scene? Why are people still thinking that being LGBT is not right? Voiceover along withStatistics – How are people tolerating it? clips of the next partPublic Interview – Are you in favour or against LGBT? Do you feel comfortablewatching a scene with LGBT people? Next part we’ll beExpert – How can people say that they are not against LGBT but they don’t want focusing on howto see it as well? schools tolerates LGBTWhat is the image portrayed by media?Example – Simpsons. How are media stereotyping LGBT community? How doesSimpsons promote tolerance to LGBT?Public Interview – What is a gay stereotype for you?Statistics – How do people perceive LGBT community? What is the mainstereotype?Expert – Why do people build a stereotype towards gay/lesbian/transgender?
  9. 9. Schools and Institutions End of secondHow does school and institutions protect/promote tolerance for episode:students? Voiceover – On theQuestionnaire – Are students aware of homophobia in their schools? next episode we will(Results) be focusing on acceptance of societyInterview – Expert (school counsellor) Does your school support LGBTcommunity? - The voiceover syncsAre teachers trained to help and promote LGBT community? with images from the next episode such asStatistics – Is homophobia considered as bullying in schools? shots of different campaigns (StonewallPromoting the positive side – Research: and LGBT community)Teachers association to prevent homophobia in schoolsConclude question: How tolerant schools are towards homophobia?Show statistics of the whole research/interviews
  10. 10. Introduce the Title Recap How is the LGBT How does charities and celebrities Break – scenes of Community support LGBT community? Voice over –This series is about last accepted by society? After theHow is LGBT episodes And why? Examples: Stonewall’s campaign – break we willcommunity SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY, GET OVER IT. be talkingperceived by In this episode we (Past footage) – about legalpeople? Religion’s will talk about the Interview a member from Stonewall - relationship response acceptance towards What is the purpose of the campaigns? such as civilWhether they are to LGBT people: Public Interview – Do you think that relationshipbeing ignorance these campaigns helps you to accept- Ignorant and - How does LGBT?- Tolerant different charities and- Accepting perspectiv celebrities Does celebrities also influences us in es support LGBT order to accept LGBT?In this episode we community? Example: Lady Gaga (past footage ofwill be focusing on Tolerance - Are LGBT her speech)how is LGBT through accepted to have Public Interview – Do you accept thesecommunity accepted media legal campaigns and how effective they are?in society? relationships? Statistics to conclude question – - Does the Different ways to promote and support different media LGBT community in today’s society. platforms promotes and help our society to accept LGBT?
  11. 11. Are LGBT accepted to have legal relationships? Break - After the break we will be seeing how different mediaPublic Interview: How is gay marriage accepted? platforms promote acceptanceStatistics of gay couples getting married in UK. such as Stonewall research.Research – Online dating: Is LGBT accepted in “normal” social networkingwebsites?Does LGBT people has access to ONLY LGBT dating websites?Example: Explore the different websites that accepts only LGBT peopleIs this accepting or excluding LGBT from the rest of society?Public Interview: Do you agree that LGBT relationships are getting moreaccepted in today’s society?Statistics to support question – Are LGBT accepted to have legalrelationships?
  12. 12. Does the different media platforms promotes and help our society to accept End of SeriesLGBT? Voice over – In the whole series we have tried to understandExample of advertisements about different stages towards- Internet videos that promotes LGBT the LGBT community. We have- Leaflets of LGBT Unions understood how people can be- TV Commercials ignorant towards LGBT and how they can tolerate. We tried toPublic Interview – Is it acceptable that media promotes LGBT? promote acceptance for LGBTDo you find these advertisements effective? communityExpert Interview – Sociology Teacher: Does the media platforms influencessociety towards their opinion about LGBT?Statistics – Results of public interviewLGBT people are getting more accepted by society today, conclude with apositive opinion, saying that LGBT is accepted and positively representedthrough different platforms.