Alexandru Daniel Popa             Application for MCVP GCDPo in AIESEC Romania                                            ...
3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania? Based   on that, how can AIES...
become the unique voice transmitting the same message in the external environment; to cooperate with other  entities offer...
2011           During 2011, AIESEC Romania started to become a diverse youth voice by having growth   on TMP, TLP and GCDP...
5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for   2013-2014 term (have...
Key Milestones   February-March: Market segmentation and searching new markets;                  March-April: National nee...
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General questions


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General questions

  1. 1. Alexandru Daniel Popa Application for MCVP GCDPo in AIESEC Romania General Questions1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013-2014? I decided to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania for 2013-2014 because after I was elected as LCP, Idecided that my next step and also my next dream is to be involved in something great and something bigger formy country, to be responsible for the quality of the international internships and experiences for our Romanianstudents and AIESEC members and to change their life, like my exchange experience changed my life. I trulybelieve that AIESEC Romania can grow and become more relevant for our society. We have a lot of members withpotential and we are a strong country that can do more year by year. Is not the time to make a back step, we mustto be focused to do only front steps. After almost one year as President in AIESEC Galati and a member in the Leadership body of LCP team, Ifell that is worth more than 100% to focus all my attention to another year on AIESEC Romania. I know that it will be totally different than my previous experiences, because I learned from my pastmistakes and I know I’ll have to face different challenges in different circumstances and all this will contribute tomy personal and professional experience . I really have an attachment for AIESEC Romania, because like I said we can be better, faster, and strongeronly if we put passion in what we do. My passion for AIESEC and exchange is what drives me and I want to transmitit to all AIESEC Romania members by working closely with them as MC Member. 2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC? In my opinion the World & Romania need people who can do the things and make a positive change, notonly speaking about it. We need people with a positive attitude who are able to see beyond problems and aresolution oriented. I know that sound weird or like a cliché, but if the world will have this kind of people, peoplewho will not cry for themselves, who will not wait every time that someone else is doing instead of them and afterthat to say: “Look at them, they can do. Why I can’t do same thing? ”, the world where we live and would be muchbetter place. We need people who try and try even if they fail day by day. So the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from the people from AIESEC is one based onfacts and acts, people who lead by examples.“The best example of leadership is leadership by example.” - Jerry McClain of Seattle, WA.
  2. 2. 3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC Romania, what is the role of AIESEC in Romania? Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant?  Connected national LCP team  National realized internships  Oriented focus towards realizing  Lack of visibility as youth voice internships organization  Product oriented selling  Retention rate  Regional/GN conferences  Weak externally product delivery  GIP/GCDP Branding know-how  Qualitative national PBOX(GROW)  1 LC closed   Not enough members for LCs potential Weaknesses Alumni involvement and support for the Strengths MC  1 MC member for 2 position(Finance &  LEAD program OD)  EuroCo organized in Romania  Japanese problem  High delegation number at international  Low focus on GIP(incoming and conferences outgoing) for the LC  National alignment with powerful partners as P&G, BRD or Accenture  New and qualitative content for national conference(Rock Me and RYLF)  National Projects and Recruitments on International Internships  Partnership with SDV  Good markets to sell internships  Emigration mindset Opportunities  Missing of non formal education in  Work&Travel program Romanian Education System  NGO’s continuously development Threats  AIESEC Romania members in MCs abroad  Financial crisis  Exchange accreditation  Unprepared 1st year students because  many Grants providers of BAC modest promotion  no jobs for students(they can chose to go with a AIESEC internship) The role of AIESEC in Romania is to fill the gaps in our Educational System and to put accent in non formaleducation for youth. In general, the young people from Romania (who don’t have an work or volunteeringexperience) don’t consider Romania as a society where they can leave and to work decent and this is the mainreason of emigration. Comparing with other countries the young people have many opportunities in Romania, butthey are not so proactive in taking them. And here comes the role of AIESEC in our youth society. As in everycountry from the world, AIESEC is relevant because is creating leaders which the country needs. Romania needsyoung entrepreneur leaders who can have a positive contribution to our society, who can take an initiative andmake a stand. AIESEC in Romania gives the opportunity to the students, with our ELD programs, to challenge theirworld view and to develop their global competencies in becoming Global Citizens. Less talk, more action! I believe AIESEC in Romania can become more relevant if we deliver on promiseand by delivering what we promise to make AIESEC become the youth voice in Romania and a powerful brand, asthe first choice partner for the students and the other stakeholders. This means to develop more qualitative andrelevant projects for the youth (high-school and university students) by involving our Alumni and otherorganizations; to educate our members as strong leaders so they can be real brand ambassadors and AIESEC to
  3. 3. become the unique voice transmitting the same message in the external environment; to cooperate with other entities offering international programs for strengthening our own international programmes (like Erasmus, Work & Travel); to make our internships to have a real value for the students by stronger cooperation with universities and even ministry. These are the main things that I see we should do as AIESEC Romania in order to be more relevant, but everything comes down to a very simple thing, to deliver what we promise to every stakeholder. We can become more relevant if all the great ideas that we have as AIESECers are turned into actions and they dont stay just like ideas. 4. AIESEC Romania is halfway toward our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievements from 2010 and key things should happen in the next 3 years. AIESEC Romania 2010 results AIESEC Romania Contribution to 2015 vision Total 2012 TMP TLP GCDP GIP X 2011 2013 2014 2015 Goal Realized GAP2010 2302 546 291 188 479 TMP 2741 3175 1488 1687 3920 4939 6115 AIESEC Romania Market Share TLP 682 656 575 81 802 1021 1264 2009- GCDP 465 648 454 194 788 1050 1330 TMP TLP GCDP GIP 2011 GIP 175 259 156 103 333 481 6292009- AI 145514 52561 52555 28045 Total2011 RO 5935 1376 925 515 640 907 610 297 1121 1531 1959 X Market 3.92 2.43 1.75 1.85 Share 46% decreasing on TMP 13th place on 16% decreasing on TLP TMP 3% decreasing on GCDP 2012 15th place on TLP 11% decreasing on GIP 19% growth on TMP 24% growth on TLP 2065 GAP ELD experience: 59% growth on GCDP  194 GCDP 7% decreasing on GIP 33% growth on Total X  103 GIP 2011 th 4 place on TMP 6th place on TLP
  4. 4. 2011 During 2011, AIESEC Romania started to become a diverse youth voice by having growth on TMP, TLP and GCDP. We manage to be globally on the 4th place on TMP and 6th place on TLP. We declared 2 new LCs (Suceava & Arad). We have on the second part of the year the change of our online platform and the 2015 midterm ambition; also we changed our organizational structure, but this didn’t stop us to have a total 33% total growth on exchange.2012 In 2012 we registered a decrease on all our ELD programs and also we lost our position on the global network, and now we are on the 13th place on TMP and 15th place on TLP. We closed AIESEC Ploiesti and we have a high GAP on all ours programs. Also in 2012 we manage to start the shift to exchange, in order to focus our TMP&TLP to deliver GCDP or GIP and we managed to brand our GCDP and GIP programs.2013 In 2013 we must to continue what we started in 2012 and to make an exchange culture in AIESEC Romania and to continue with our new exchange brands in order our stakeholders to be able to recognize our products. In order to have an increase on our exchange programs we have to have focus on GCDP program on the summer peak, because Romania is dependent on this peak and we have to realize more than half of our objectives on GCDP(incoming and outgoing) exchange. To increase our TMP & TLP we can create initiatives that can help to deliver more exchange experiences. On the GIP part we have to focus to put quality and to deliver what we promise to our students and to our companies that take international students. 2014-2015 In the next 2 years AIESEC in Romania should continue what happened in the last 3 years and to increase the quality and the quantity in all the ELD experiences. We can do this by legalizing the exchange, or by collaborating with other institutes. In the same time should put accent on the costumers’ services and satisfaction, because if we will manage to do this, we will have more promoters and our organization will become more relevant in our society. In the same time in 2013-2015 we should also recover our GAP and we should strive to become the youth voice in Romania and to become first choice partners for our stakeholders in order to create the positive impact that we want for our society. I know that is hard, but not impossible, like I said if we put passion and if we deliver what we promise we can succeed in reaching our 2015 goals and to become more relevant in our society.
  5. 5. 5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELD realizations for 2013-2014 term (have in mind the connection between our products and external environment). First of all we started to make a change, by starting the shift to exchange and by branding our exchangeproducts. We have to continue with this by creating an exchange culture for members in AIESEC Romania and bycreating a strong mindset for our stakeholders (mostly students and companies), that AIESEC is an elitistorganization that becomes more relevant in Romania. By becoming an elitist organization we can increase ourcooperation with the external environment and approach more companies that can become partners; toapproach students, not only when we need something from them (members recruitments, exchange projects orother PBOX-es), but to make relevant projects and recruitment campaigns based on their needs (periodicalassessment, from 3 to 3 months).Besides this we can realize core-work projects by involving internationals,companies or Alumni in their preparation, and after that to send them in exchange, because they will know andthey will learn what AIESEC really does. We can increase our quality by using the NPS system and improving our system quarter by quarter.Moreover, we can collaborate with other institutions such as: NGOs, City Hall, Universities or other competitiveentities (Work and Travel, Erasmus, etc) in order to increase our image and relevance.So in order to increase our ELD realizations for 2013-2014 term, we must to change the mindset of our externalenvironment by delivering what we promise and also by folding our products on the needs of our customers.Create relevant products for Branding our exchange Increase the quality the external environment: products - Increase cooperation - Develop a strong - Usage of NPS system with the external exchange culture environment - Improvement of our - Projects and - Partner with other products periodically recruitment campaigns entities for based on the needs of stronger image on the stakeholders the market - Relevant products involving more stakeholders: students, companies, Alumni, etc. Change the mindset of the external environment by delivering what we promise6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013-2014 term? Describe which will be the key milestones you commit to strive for during next term. AIESEC Romania will be known as powerful Brand with which companies will want to associateand our qualitative and relevant international internships will be a first choice for Romanian andInternational Students and also for the corporate environment where our members will be known asentrepreneurial leaders.
  6. 6. Key Milestones February-March: Market segmentation and searching new markets; March-April: National need assessment among all stakeholders to see their needs; March-April: Product packaging and branding; April: Educate our members in becoming real brand ambassadors, preparation to know how to promote and sell in the external environment so they can become a powerful voice; Q2,Q3,Q4,Q1: Implement the strategies and projects defined before; Q2,Q3,Q4,Q1: Make sure we are promoting all the benefits to our stakeholders; Q2,Q3,Q4,Q1: Deliver what we promised (tracking on delivery); Q2,Q3,Q4,Q1: Customer feedback through the NPS system; Q2,Q3,Q4,Q1: Evaluation of the products and improvement so they become more relevant for our stakeholders.7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why. It’s August 2014 and some of us are at IC 2014 and others are home watching at live stream. It’s animportant moment for AIESEC Romania, because this year we applied for the Global Excellence UBS Award, all theRomanian people from there and from home have emotions because we didn’t take the Regional UBS Award andthat means 2 things: we will win the UBS Award or will be another year when we are so close to it. The momenthas come…”And now to announcements. Congrats for all the county applicants….and the winner is AIESECin……ROMANIA” Uhuuuu….Romania is where? Everywhere! Romania is where? Everywhere! Romania is ..dangdang dang dang dang..BOOM everywhere, BOOM BOOM Everywhere. More than 700 peoples are cheering for theRomanian delegation, some of them are crying because they are happy and they still have a lot of emotions. So why AIESEC in Romania won the Global Excellence UBS Award, because we have the courage to brakethrough, we managed to increase and to put quality in our systems, we managed to recover the exchange gap thatwe have from previous year and we became more relevant for our society, because in everything that we’ve doneuntil now (in 2014) we put passion and we managed to fold to our stakeholders’ needs and to become a powerfuldiverse youth voice in Romania. We became more relevant, not only in students’ sector but also in the corporatemarket. We developed our Engagement with AIESEC Stage and the high-school students are more interested tojoin in our organization. We truly became an organization that makes many change agents who can bring thosepositive values for this society and we truly engaged every young person in the world, because our internationalstudents who came in our country are more the satisfied. All this effort deserved, but not to forget that we won this award, because off all our past generationsthat came in this organization and managed to make something in order increase the potential of this beautifulorganization. Now we have 2 UBS Awards and that means for the next generation that we need to act continuingand not to make back steps, because now it’s the time to make only fronts steps.