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Cv alexandru daniel popa


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Cv alexandru daniel popa

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Languages:Alexandru Daniel Popa Romanian Native English Excellent Current Position: Italian Good Local Committee President French Basic Address: Russian Basic Bld. Milcov Nr. 40, Bl. R, ap. 13, Galati, Romania Education E-mail: 2005-2009 “Gheorghe Asachi” High-school - Natural Sciences 2009-2011 FACIEE - Automation and Nationality Romanian Applied Informatics Birthday: 17 January 1991 2009-2011 Cultural Center “Dunarea de Jos Skype: dany.alex.popa – Photography Phone Number: +4 0741 033 294 2011-present FEAA - Marketing Conferences: AIESEC Experience: Conference Role April 2012-present President of AIESEC Galati Local - Imagine Leadership – the first Leadership conference for LPM 2010 Delegate external students and high-school students in Galati LTS Spring 2010 Delegate - Developing with the EB a strong culture on GCDP program LTS Autumn 2010 Delegate (9 GCDPi & 7 GCDPo realized) LPM 2011 Facilitator - Taken the first VP Alumni Development in the EB Team and Imagine Leadership 2011 Delegate manage to make more than 30 new Alumni LTS Autumn 2011 Facilitator - Manage together with the EB to implement the shift to LTS Spring 2012 Facilitator exchange in order to increase our results and also to LPMS 2012 Facilitator allocate the human resources to work more for exchange Imagine Leadership 2012 Facilitator 2011-2012 Vice President Outgoing Exchange Galati - 13 EP Realized(10 GCDPo and 3 GIPo) Regional - Implemented 2 recruitments on Spring and Summer(online) RTS Spring 2011 A&C Manager - Contribute to the financial sustainability RTS Autumn 2012 Facilitator 2011-2012 Member National Support Team on GIP (ET responsible) ICPS Brasov Facilitator - 2 recruitments created ICPS Suceava Facilitator - Deliver ICPS for Brasov and Suceava National - Coaching the LC to develop the Educational pool TTX 2010 Delegate 2010 CEED AIESEC Balti on Autumn Recruitment ICPS 2010 Delegate - 62 Application Forms AIESEC Olymp-X 2010 Delegate - Trainings on Communication and OGX RYLF 2010 Delegate - Trainings for students TTX 2011 Facilitator - Promo materials NC 2011 Delegate 2010 exchange on AIESEC Balti, Republic of Moldova AIESEC Olymp-X 2011 Delegate - 6 week’s work with children and developing my Rock Me 2011 Delegate responsibility and emotional intelligence RYLF 2011 Delegate - Deliver some trainings for EB of AIESEC Balti MCC 2012 Delegate 2010 OGX Team Leader DT&ET SprinCO 2012 Facilitator - 9 EP Realized NC 2012 Delegate 2010 OC Matching(Perform) and Marketing(Wake-up call) AIESEC Olymp-X 2012 Delegate - 200 students participate to the project Rock Me 2012 Delegate - 1 TN match RYLF 2012 Delegate 2009-2010 Communication/OGX/ICX Member International - 3 member match LTS Autumn 2010 Moldova Facilitator - 2 TN Realized MTC 2010 Republic of Moldova Facilitator - Promo materials for projects and for department EuroXpro 2012 Greece Delegate IC 2012 Russia Delegate Iashington 2012 Romania Delegate