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From Web App Model Design to Production with Wakanda


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There is many interesting platforms out there to develop Web applications, like .NET, Spring, ruby on rails, Django, LAMP, Meteor, and so on.
In this presentation, you will discover Wakanda a Model driven NoSQL / SSJS platform built on Web standards.
You will see how a project starts, can be designed, tested, developed by a team, debugged, administrated, maintained, and then how to update it in the future.
We will compare to some existing platforms and why Wakanda could make you more efficient.

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From Web App Model Design to Production with Wakanda

  1. 1. From Web App Model Designto production with WakandaAlexandre Morgaut - 4D @amorgaut@wakandasoft
  2. 2. PresentationW3C AC memberWeb ArchitectJS ExpertREST LoverNoSQL Fanboy@amorgaut
  3. 3. AgendaWakanda ArchitectureHow a Project start!Model vs MockupTest-Driven DevelopmentTeam Work & Source ControlDebuggingDeployment & AdministrationEvolutions & Refactoring
  4. 4. wakanda
  5. 5. Open Source Cross-platformdevelopment and deployment systemfor model-driven web-based applications
  6. 6.
  7. 7. WakandaWakanda Server(aka WakandaDB)Wakanda Application FrameworkWakanda StudioDataStore Model EditorCode EditorGUI DesignerDebuggerUsers & GroupsAdministrationExtensionsREST/JSONJSON-RPC
  8. 8. WakandaDBWakanda Server(aka WakandaDB)Your Development ToolsVisual Studio, XCode, NetBeans, Eclipse,Maqueta, Codio, Cloud9, Orion, Sencha Architect+Chrome Web InspectorYour Server FrameworkJava, .NET, node.js PHP, Python, Ruby...REST/JSONWebkit debugger protocol 1.0& Firebug Crossfire protocolYour Web app Client FrameworkExtJS, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, Backbone.js...Your native app Client FrameworkiOS, Androïd, .NET...REST/JSON, Git
  9. 9. Standard BasedW3C- XMLHttpRequest, WindowTimer,- Web Storage, Web Worker, File, FileSystem, Blob, ...CommonJS- Modules, Package, Unit TestOther- Console, JSON, JSON-RPC, REST(+ some node.js support)
  10. 10. Webkit JavaScriptCoreOpen Source, multi-threaded, preemptive, thread-safe, 64bitsFast (2 JIT), strict mode (ES5), well structured & documentedaka SquirrelFish Extreme & Nitro Extreme
  11. 11. Wakanda Circle of Friends
  12. 12. How a project starts
  13. 13. “Expression of a requirement”“Birth of an innovative idea”“First usage of an innovative technology”
  14. 14. Model vs Mockup
  15. 15. MockupFast representation of a “vision”Human friendly shared idea
  16. 16. Model-drivenGUI is too platform specificRemoves distraction from GUIFocus on requirements
  17. 17. Test-DrivenDevelopment
  18. 18. Test Servicevar testCase = {name: "testCaseName",testFails: function() {Y.Assert.isFalse(true);},testPasses: function() {Y.Assert.isFalse(false);}}; TestClient or Server JS tests
  19. 19. CommonJS Unit Testvar! assert,! accountSvc;assert = require(assert);TwilioScript = require(wakanda-twilio/core/twiml).TwilioScript;exports[test response] = function Twilio_Test_Twiml_response() {var script = new TwilioScript();var twiml = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>n;twiml += <Response>n;twiml += </Response>assert.strictEqual(script.toString(), twiml, simple response ok);};};exports[test hangup()] = function Twilio_Test_Twiml_hangup() {var script = new TwilioScript();script.hangup();var twiml = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>n;twiml += <Response>n;twiml += <Hangup />n;twiml += </Response>assert.strictEqual(script.toString(), twiml, hangup response ok);};
  20. 20. Team Work& Source Control
  21. 21. Team WorkServer- Model split in SSJS modules- Service & RPC modules, Shared WorkersClient- Web pages & Web Components- Custom Widgets- Themes, application.cssTool- Studio Extensions
  22. 22. Source ControlCommitLog / HistoryPull / Push on GithubPull / Push on Server
  23. 23. Debugging
  24. 24. Wakanda Internal Debugger
  25. 25. Web Inspector
  26. 26. Deployment& Administration
  27. 27. Server Administration
  28. 28. Data Browser
  29. 29. Experimental ToolDeploymentGandi VPS
  30. 30. Evolutions& Refactoring
  31. 31. ApplicationEvolutionsSandboxed Modules (libs, RPC, Services)Sandboxed Web ComponentsUpdatable DataModel- auto type conversion- Extended Models- openRemoteCatalog()
  32. 32. Wakanda EvolutionsShort releases cycleMore and more Standard supportOpen Source & Enterprise Editions
  33. 33. Q & ASan Francisco, CA - Oct. 25thhttp://jseverywhere.orgWakanda and Server JavaScript APIs Community Group