eTwinning microevents in Italy - Spring Campaign 2013


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Short best practice presentation prepared for the eTwinning Ambassadors' Conference held in Catania, 17-19 October 2013 - by Alexandra Tosi, Antonietta Calò and Claudio Natale

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eTwinning microevents in Italy - Spring Campaign 2013

  1. 1. Micro promo events in Italy run by ambassadors Antonietta Calò, Claudio Natale, Alexandra Tosi
  2. 2. • The idea of «A tea with eTwinning» comes from Francesca Panzica, ambassador in Tuscany, beginning of 2012 • The format works well and spreads quickly all over Italy, replicated by enthusiastic ambassadors • In 2013 it reaches its maximum success with the Spring Campaign «We are (eT)winning!» 120 events (90 organized by ambassadors or eTwinning local authorities - 75%) 6.000 participants Spring Campaign 425 registrations in May 2013, + 150% compared to April 59,000 Italian visits to the eTwinning portal, 14% of total visits (Italy 1 place in May 2013)
  3. 3. Number of eTwinning registrations during the Spring Campaign 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 S… aprile 1-7 aprile 8- aprile 15- aprile 22- aprile 29- maggio 14 21 28 maggio 5 6-12 maggio 13-19 maggio 20-26 maggio 27giugno2 Compared to last year’s campaign
  4. 4. Heterogeneous events, varying in content, target, number and reach according to: • Local peculiarities • Ambassadors’ personnel Inclinations, characteristics and network • School’s Network • Support from Headmaster and colleagues • Support from Local School Office • …
  5. 5. Common features: • • • • Combination of info-day and party Majority of events > 40 participants Many events involved students and parents (cakes!) Target: – Colleagues, students and parents in the school – Colleagues of neighbouring schools • Hands on, very practical workshops for teachers • Great visibility in school and local community
  6. 6. Why this success? • Easy, quick to organize, on individual initiative • No burocratic and administrative implications with NSS • 0 costs! • Informal atmosphere, word-of-mouth, peer learning
  7. 7. Two examples 1. Antonietta Calò (Ambassador, Campania): party within the school 2. Claudio Natale (Ambassador, Sicily): meeting with teachers of neighbouring schools in Caltanissetta /Enna
  8. 8. A tea with eTwinning local mini-event in Gragnano (NA)
  9. 9. Taking inspiration from “A tea with eTwinning” we joined the eTwinning Spring Campaign 2013, on 16thMay, organizing a meeting in the school Library with students, parents and teachers to celebrate and promote the eTwinning/Comenius activities "Let's have a coffee with the (eT)winners".
  10. 10. The students involved in the Comenius Bilateral Partnership enthusiastically showed all the outcomes of the activities planned in the project "English & Science conquer the new spaces" to the whole school Community, explaining the sections of the eTwinning desktop they had used At the end of the meeting, we celebrated all together tasting the delicious cakes made by students and savoring a very good Neapolitan coffee.
  11. 11. The meeting was:  Organized according to our local habits (coffee and handmade cakes)  Supported by the headmaster and his staff  Addressed to the whole school community  Joined by students and their parents ( about 60 people)  Centred on eTwinning students AN OCCASION TO SHARE TO EXCHANGE TO DEVELOP TO GROW ALL TOGETHER
  12. 12. eTwinning local Mini-Events in the area of Caltanissetta /Enna (Italy)
  13. 13. Pre-workshop activities • Ambassadors contact or are contacted by local school teachers or headmasters to talk about eTwinning • Ambassadors hold a meeting in the school that requires it: – Participating teachers : about 25 – Duration time: 2 h max – Object of the meeting: presentation of eTwinning – Meeting place: school computer lab • The local school headmaster or teacher asks their school teachers by written advice to participate to the event.
  14. 14. Workshop activities • Warming-up: participants are asked some questions on eTwinning • 5- minute video presentation of eTwinning and question time • Activities in the school lab: Ambassadors use a friendly approach to explain the different sections of the eTwinning Homepage and Desktop and give quick explanations on:     how to register a teacher: pre-registration activities edit a teacher profile how to find school partners and ideas to create a project explain briefly how to register a school project • Ask participating teachers their email address for follow-up activities • Participating teachers get a certificate of attendance signed by their headmaster
  15. 15. Follow-up activities • Ambassadors give teachers participating in the local mini-event an evaluation survey about the event by mail (created on • Objectives of the survey: – To verify how interested the teachers involved were – To know if they are interested in creating eTwinning projects – To establish a permanent contact and give them support – To verify if they were interested in the topics we had dealt with – To understand better what their needs are – To know if they would like a new meeting to get deeper information about a particular topic
  16. 16. Thanks! Antonietta Calò, Claudio Natale, Alexandra Tosi,