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Company Picks (Conflict Copy)


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Company Picks (Conflict Copy)

  1. 1. COMPANY PICKS ALEXANDRA TOADER DISCLAIMER 1. We were prompted to think about budding, under—rated or under—funded companies with growth potential. All of the companies here are VERY young. Some might not even be considering selling equity. DISCLAIMER 2. All the numbers are conservative guesses, using fairly reliable online references [see References].
  2. 2. soentllinl Fragrance Discovery and Mini—Perfume Subscription Service [Birchbox meets Pandora for perfumes] 0 SCENTBIRB vALL or Lovs GIFT : aEs‘I)<: ~r‘: tE: ::‘sTIC l‘5“« . ‘ THE THRILL OF NEW SCENTS 30-Day Supply of a Designer Fragrance Every Month for Just $14.95. or! SVARIH. ) NOW Stage: Beta. Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator
  3. 3. 1. SCENTBIRD Women no longer have to commit to a full bottle of perfume. Its an all—in—one fragrance companion. Personalized recommendations. Monthly supply. Access to new products. Stylish and portable perfume container. Size: $40 billion market with slow growth. Main target segment: 25-35,busy professionals and/ or fragrance/ beauty product enthusiasts. Appx.15% of women (20 mil. ) are achievement—striving, educated, upper middle class. If even 5% signed up, that's 1 mil. Competition: None providing this exact service; disruptive. Indirectly, Sephora and all other retailers. Monthly subscription. Makes money from product (luxury case with decanted perfume refills) and service (customized list, delivery). Already planning VAULT — VIP club/ premium service, with artisan scents. Attrition will be LR an issue, but it has potential to grow into a community for perfume lovers (the founder used to organize perfume soirees). Could add another revenue stream: option to buy the fragrance, get a cut from sales. Could be bought by a player like Sephora or remain its own brand, like Birchbox. WHY I LIKE IT its the next logical step in the fragrance industry. its cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive to buy 3-4 perfumes every season. This is every perfume lover's dream: limitless samples and always having your perfume with you. The reviews and Instagrams are proof of it. I‘m actually going to subscribe.
  4. 4. sooietv Nine Combat Sports Fighting Gear and Apparel for ‘Badass' Women ly I’><j, ><. ‘.l, / ls“ “ ‘ll. ale er; lual €><| .f>E%i: ..lH7. I; I ‘ l seize Opportunity. through tenacity. I live WIIQI ‘llI_Ii'l_lI, :3I; :»»; ::~: :‘_‘: »u; j;‘g, =. tougher This is our vvorlcl Stage: Successfully funded on Kickstarter. Delivering products in Summer'15
  5. 5. NEED MARKET BUSINESS MODEL LR GROWTH WHY I LIKE IT Proper women's fighting gear, instead of reduced men’s version (e. g. MMA glove). Adapted to women's physiology and preferences, stylish and not traditionally girly, designed by experienced textile engineers. Even their apparel looks bad ass. Size: Women account for 25% of $50 billion combat sports market. To that, add any woman who does rock climbing, running, or virtually any sport and who wants to feel confident and strong while doing it. Competition: In fighting gear, virtually none. In apparel, the big names: Lululemon, Adidas, Nike etc. Manufacturing and sale of combat sport gear, apparel and lifestyle items (e. g. their manifesto) for women. In very early stages, so many other things could spin off. Has potential to become a Lululemon of sorts. It's passionate, has a clear vision and mission and could create a fervent fan base and community around it. It could offer MMA classes. It could cover all the gear needs for different hardcore sports and expand its apparel line. It could remain independent or be acquired by a bigger company that would respect its identity. The sheer idea of the brand and its manifesto make it impossible to refuse; what woman can say 'no' to being a badass at the gym (and outside of it)? The founder is a 4'11" Krav Maga brown belt who is trying to claim a spot for women in a very male market. I can see it garnering an almost cult following.
  6. 6. Lyft/ Uber/ P2P Platform for Adventure Travel [ 7 Day l‘ar: iglidin~,3, I o: .:»ons with Daniel Connect with local guides and book unique adventure travel experiences Stage: Beta. Accelerator in Hawaii.
  7. 7. NEED MARKET BUSINESS MODEL LR GROWTH WHY I LIKE IT 3. ADVLO Adventure tourists are likely to be looking for experiences and immersion. This does both: it curbs the costs, waiting times and potential crowds of big adventure tours, with the benefit of local guides. Size: Adventure travel — 200 bi| |ion$. Main target segment: 18-40 year old tourists who prefer active experiences. These people are also likely to prefer independent/ local providers. Competition: None, directly. Indirectly, Vayable, a P2P platform for city tours, which could integrate adventure travel in the future. Transaction fee:15% from every booking — some are longer term experiences in faraway locations, so that amounts to quite a lot. This will probably need rethinking for heftier priced adventures. Expand its collection of vetted tour providers in offbeat locations. Expand the options offered to tour providers, who need to be able to sell their product better/ create better content. With the proper branding, it could become a community/ hub for adventure travelers, who are a specific subgroup of tourists with a strong identity. It could also be bought by Vayable or something like TripAdvisor. It solves a missing market problem, by creating a meeting place between the 20 and 30 somethings who want to climb a mountain in Morocco and the longtime locals and expats who can take them there and tell them stories.
  8. 8. Pflllit Instant Photo—Printing Case for Your Smartphone PRYNT _ , ' < : E -. _ ‘#7:, ‘r. V,*. l!'_/ '., /A-3.7 ix I Stage: Successfully funded on Kickstarter. 200K Seed. Delivering products soon.
  9. 9. NEED MARKET BUSINESS MODEL LR GROWTH WHY I LIKE IT Quick and easy mementos. Gift cards. Sightseeing. Going on vacation. Basically, for every moment when you wish you could quickly print the photos you take with your phone. Size: Most obvious (though not only) segment: 15-29 (30mi| .) Say 5% ‘hip youngsters‘ would be interested, that's 1.5 million. Competition: No direct competitor. Indirectly, Polaroids, for the truly hardcore, regular (and tedious) photo printing of your photos as needed for everyone else. Manufacturing and sale of printing case, paper and dock. Paper is device—specific . A new phone requires a new dock. Everything is done through the accompanying app. Also developing video embedding in photos, which could be a premium service. Most obvious is geographic expansion — in Asia, in particular, where it could be huge. Not sure about using it as a baseline for other products — perhaps for tablets or laptops, with a USB or wireless device. Bigger/ full paper size would virtually eliminate any need to use traditional photo printing. Could be acquired by a big printing tech company. I admit, I cheated, in the sense that the product has gotten some hype in popular press; itwas certainly phenomenally successful on Kickstarter. But there's a reason for that. It basically lets you turn your Smartphone into a Polaroid. I can already see teenagers aching for one to take to school or on holiday. Aside from its ‘fad’ potential, in the future, it could turn into a useful device for at—home fuII—size photo printing.
  10. 10. BI'i! IIlI CBIIEIIS Wine Discovery and Subscription Service [Birchbox meets Pandora for Wine] YOUR WINL LXPLRILNCL IS l<L/ DY! VF A Cur: BRIGHTCELLARS I I DISCOVER YOU R WIN E EXPERIENCE Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you'll love. lake your taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches. GET STARTED Stage: Beta. gener8tor Accelerator.
  11. 11. NEED MARKET BUSINESS MODEL LR GROWTH WHY I LIKE IT 5. BRIGHT CELLARS Removes hassle of picking and buying your own wine. Removes fixed cost of having to acquire expert knowledge about wine and about your own preferences. It’s like having your own sommelier to keep your wine rack stocked with a decent, tailored selection. Size: 30 mil. high frequency wine drinkers (at least once a week). 30% are Millennials (9 mil. ),with a growing share. Target segments: image shoppers (not connoisseurs, need a quick way to make a fairly impressive choice), enthusiastic newcomers (not connoisseurs, need a quick way to discover wine). Say they make up 30%, that's 2.7 mil. Competition: none, directly. Indirectly: Saucey (delivery), wine discovery services. Monthly fee; the product is a box with 4 wines (1 month's supply) that are offered at a discount/ members'on| y price. Not clear how much of it is the subscription itself; most likely has preferential prices from suppliers. Most obvious expansion is geographical. Second most obvious is increasing the wine assortment/ supplier menu; this will be vital, as consumers start building a knowledge base. It could do something akin to Scentbird‘s VAULT, a VIP service with premium wines for connoisseurs/ aficionados. With the right marketing, it could grow into a wine community, with local or in—house winetastings. 1. One of the modern rites of passage into adulthood is drinking and knowing wine; this serves both needs. 2.The algorithm works quite well: the first wine it recommended was a 3 year—old Mendozan—made Malbec, which happens to be one of my favorites. The few blog reviews that have come out so far were also very happy about their selections. 3. I know it's another 'Birchbox', but, like Scentbird, I think it has the potential to create an exclusive community around it.
  12. 12. Funding: Angelist, Crunchbase; Scentbird: Kafl<aesque Perfume Blog (perfume market), ‘Female Economy‘ (HBR article on female consumer segmentation); Society Nine: Kickstarter, Society Nine website, Examiner. com article on MMA demographics; Advlo: Advlo website, Adventure Travel News; Prynt: Kickstarter, US Census Quick Facts; Bright Cellars: Vlfine Market Council, Constellation Vlfines Project Genome, WInebusiness. com.