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  • Generated largest phenomenon of software of all time.
  • Version of UNIX- one of the most popular networking systems for networking in the world. ..stands for UNiplexed Information and Computing System
  • Started in 1991 as stated earlier
  • It is an operating system (OS) that relays instructions from an application to, for instance, the computer's processor. The processor performs the instructed task, then sends the results back to the application via the operating system.
  • No one company owns or runs Linux-the result of the work of many companies and people.
  • Operating system is referred to as kernal.
  • Kernal is divided into several levels.
  • Interface: implements basic functions such as read and write(top level)Kernal code: common to all processors that are supported by linux(middle level)Board support package: aka aretcturedependant code(bottom level).. This code serves as the processor and platform-specific code for the given architecture.
  • Linux, which began its existence as a server OS and has become useful as a desktop OS.—WHERE IT CAN BE USED SETS IT APART—windows are ususally found only on computer type devices, while on devices such as small phones and pdas other operating systems are used
  • -the places that linux can be found is still growing and will continue to grow.—this is what makes it so great ..that It is acessable through many devices and is adaptable
  • It can give the same attention to each task if its working on ten on more tasks. –this allows things to move faster and get more done quickly
  • Allows pages of memory to be written to a reserved area of the disk. By doing this, Linux can have much more physical ram than before; therefore, making it faster.
  • This system will copy something onto a page, only if you need to access that page…called lazy loading technique because it is only loading what is being used.
  • This works by moving the hard drive read/write heads away from the disk if the laptop detects that it's moving quickly
  • -an active participant of the open software movement. software is free but is not in the public is freely available for anybody to download--people like to associate open software with hacking materials..but many materials can be used for hacking
  • Compared to the 7.3% of world that runs on microsoft..shows that its growing in popularity
  • Because so many people are part of the linux community and can add to it it should contiue to grow and be around for a long time…similar items like linux will most likely come out..put fact about ecosystem
  • New linux powerpoint

    1. 1. By: Klaudia Pogace & Alex Tammaro
    2. 2. Linus Torvalds -1991
    3. 3. UNIX
    4. 4. Released on the internet for free
    5. 5. What is Linux? Operating System Enables applications to perform tasks
    6. 6. Open operating system
    7. 7. Kernel
    8. 8. Levels of the Kernel Kernel code InterfaceBoard support package
    9. 9. Desktop Operating System
    10. 10. Multitasking Demand Paging Swap Space Disk Shock Protection
    11. 11. Extension of physical memoryMakes OS run faster
    12. 12. Application of virtual memory Lazy loading Technique
    13. 13. Linux and Open Software Open Software Movement
    14. 14. 33.8% of the world runs on Linux
    15. 15.  Worth over $25 Billion
    16. 16. Sources linux-is-everywhere-an-overview-of-the-linux- operating-system using-linux-over-windows/ the-linux-operating-system.aspx 