SUNY Blend: Supporting Student Success - an NGLC Project Report


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Sloan-C ALN 2012 panel presentation
October 11, 2012
Orlando, Florida

"SUNYBlend" uses a number of interventions &approaches to support at-risk student success including blended instruction, learning concierges, social networking, &a focus on developing student self-regulation.

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SUNY Blend: Supporting Student Success - an NGLC Project Report

  1. 1. SUNYSUNY SLN Catch-up and Complete Enhanced Blended Learning Initiative Supporting Student Success - an NGLC Project Report BLEND
  2. 2. relevantengagingless $$$convenientflexiblesupportivesocialenhanced
  3. 3. SUNYSUNY SLN Catch-up and Complete Enhanced Blended Learning Initiative BLEND
  4. 4. SUNYBLEND$30-$50/course S N A P P
  5. 5. •  intent•  realization•  quasi-experiment•  independent variables•  dependent variables
  6. 6. Herkimer County Community College
  7. 7. HCCC Students…•  5% single parent•  46% work full or part time•  60% female•  65% plan to transfer•  59% take at least 1 online course•  30 yrs. - Average age of online only students•  19 yrs. - Average age of campus only students
  8. 8. HCCC Internet Academy…•  …has offered totally online 2-year Associate Degree programs since 1999.•  …currently offers eighteen 2-yeardegree programs totally online.•  …offers three 1-year certificates totally online. – Medical Coding is a 1-year certificate that is only available online.•  75% of HCCC’s full-time faculty teach 1 or more online courses.
  9. 9. Blended Programs & Courses•  HCCC offers a total of forty 2-year Associate Degree programs. All of them can be completed at least partially online- so they can all be considered “blended programs.”•  However, HCCC has not been aggressive in offering blended courses. The NGLC grant has provided us the opportunity to blend every course required for the Business  Admin-­‐  AAS  degree   program.  
  10. 10. NGLC Grant Benefits to HCCC•  Professional Development: – 12 seasoned online instructors are developing 16 new blended courses. •  2-day workshop with Tanya Joosten •  1-day workshop with Tracy Sleep •  1-day workshop with Alejandra Pickett•  New Student Service Resources – Starfish – SmarThinking – SUNY SLN Commons / Social Network – Open Course Library / other digital resources  
  11. 11. Benefits continued…•  Blended Program: Business Administration AAS –  All required courses and Developmental Math. –  Of great benefit to working students, students living off campus, and students who do not benefit from totally online courses.•  Collaboration with other institutions: –  SUNY Albany –  SUNY Learning Network –  Finger Lakes Community College•  A research project on campus adds to a collegiate atmosphere –  Faculty and student awareness. –  Contribution to the knowledge collective.
  12. 12. Finger Lakes Community College
  13. 13. FLCC Data• 5100 FTE• 600 online FTE (66% female)• 64% plan to transfer• 41% take at least 1 online course• Web Enhanced courses – 750• Online Online Courses – 184• Hybrid- 8
  14. 14. FLCC Students - Modality• Increase in Developmental Math students• Decrease in student time• Online Learning – about 15% of FTE and probably not the best for these students.• Hybrid Courses – – Preferred modality over online and face to face – Lack of clear understanding of what hybrid truly is.
  15. 15. Historical Hybrid Data• “How about a Hybrid” campaign• Historically unsuccessful – Student confusion – Demographically Challenged – Lack of Hybrid training – Lack of Hybrid best practices
  16. 16. Grant focus and development• Faculty training and collaboration – Dr. Trista Merrill, English• Student Support – Maureen Owens, Student Concierge
  17. 17. Share with Friends!NGLC Project wiki: Online Student Commons: Student success materials:
  18. 18. Questions? duganls@flcc.eduSUNY Blend: Supporting Student Success