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Open SUNY Summit 2018


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Open SUNY Summit 2018 -
Opening remarks and General Summit 2018 slides.

Annual conference for the SUNY online teaching and learning community of practice.
February 28 - March 2, 2018, SUNY Global Center, NY, NY.

Conference website:
Open SUNY Online Teaching:

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Open SUNY Summit 2018

  1. 1. Open SUNY SUMMIT Open SUNY Online Teaching #OpenSUNYsummit S U N Y G l o b a l C e n t e r February 28 – March 2, 2018 New York, New York
  2. 2. Welcome! to the 4th annual Open SUNY Summit 2018 19th annual gathering Alexandra M. Pickett Open SUNY Online Teaching
  3. 3. Open SUNY Fellows! Open SUNY Online Teaching
  4. 4. Ask QUESTIONS of the presenters: with #M344 or
  5. 5. Open SUNY Twitter Summit Twitter captain: Erin Maney - @ExpertlyMade The 2018 #OpenSUNYsummit volunteer twitter team: Chrisie Mitchell @DCC_TLC Ian August @eomonroe00 Willow Harris @WillowJHarris Dan Feinberg @Dan_Feinberg Kristyn Muller @kristyn_muller Alexis Clifton @openalexis Alexandra Pickett @alexpickett #OpenSUNYsummit
  6. 6. Links - flickr fotos - Open SUNY - Join! - Share/Engage! - Summit Survey
  7. 7. VOTE for your favorite Online Effective Practice! Community Recognition
  8. 8. Badges
  9. 9. 9th Annual UnSession You have 3 minutes
  10. 10. 2018 Online Teaching Ambassadors
  11. 11. Effective Practice Awards Community Recognition Open SUNY Online Teaching
  12. 12. 1st Place 2018: Eunjyu Yu , SUNY Canton Creatively Engage in Writing for Digital Environments Moderator: Erin Maney, Open SUNY Community Manager writing-for-digital-environments/2077280552544260/ The Open SUNY Effective Practices Showcase
  13. 13. SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson
  14. 14. See you next year at the 5th Annual Open SUNY Summit in Syracuse! - Summit Survey