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Getting Started with Open Textbooks - Beth Burns


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Getting Started with Open Textbooks - Beth Burns, Instructional Designer, Buffalo State College

SLN SOLsummit 2012
March 7-9, 21012
SUNY Global Center

Published in: Education, Technology
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Getting Started with Open Textbooks - Beth Burns

  1. 1.   Welcome  to  the     Open  Textbook/OER  Adop6on  Workshop   Introductory  Session   Facilitated  by  Beth  Burns   SUNY  SOL  Summit   March  7th  ,  2012    02/14/2012      CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  Textbooks   1    
  2. 2. The  typical  college  scene:   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  2/14/2012   2   Textbooks  
  3. 3. S@cker  Shock   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  2/14/2012   3   Textbooks  
  4. 4. Oh,  my  aching  back...   labeled for reuse by Dalboz CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  2/14/2012   4   Textbooks  
  5. 5. The  Instructor’s  Dilemmas   Break  Free  of  Tradi@onal  Textbooks  •  No  textbook  fits  exactly  •  It’s  usually  all  or  nothing  •  Students  complain  about  paying  high  prices  •  They  complain  even  more     if  only  a  few  chapters  are     used  in  a  high-­‐priced  book  •  They  complain  even  louder     when  sent  hither  and  yon     for  materials  •  Too  many  resources,     too  liQle  @me  to  decide     what’s  fair  to  use  and     Labeled for reuse by MrKCoolsPhotostream what’s  illegal….   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   3/8/12   5   Textbooks  
  6. 6. An  open  textbook  is…   •  Commonly  modifiable  by   the  instructor   –  Digital,  Modular   –  Adaptable   •  Low  cost  to  the  students   –  Usually  free  for  those  with   computers  and  internet   access   –  Printable  for  free  or  a  small   fee  (costs  for  ink  and  paper)  Labeled for reuse by MrKCoolsPhotostream –  Some@mes  available  in  bound   copies  for  $10-­‐$40   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   3/8/12   6   Textbooks  
  7. 7. Benefits  of  Open  Textbooks  •  High  efficiency  in  use  of  modules   •  Free  for  those  with  computers  or   Resources  can  be  created  once  and   readers  and  Internet  access   widely  used  rather  than  locked   •  Much  lower  cost  for  printed  and   up  /  All  Rights  Reserved  in  a  300-­‐ bound   page  $200  textbook              Even  classes  without  open   textbooks  benefit  because  •  Adaptable  to  learning  styles,   students  can  afford  to  take  more   cultures,  geographies,  and  more   classes    •  Use  only  what  is  needed:  saves   paper,  toner,  and  weight,  and   avoids  confusion   Photo by Fragmented CC licensed 2008 CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   7   Textbooks  
  8. 8. An  open  textbook  has  been…  Changed  by  the  creators  from      •  Copyright     All  Rights  Reserved       to    •  Copyright     Some  Rights  Reserved     under  an  open  license   From the Creative Commons store e.g.,  Crea@ve  Commons  License   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   8   Textbooks  
  9. 9. hQp://  •  Authors  retain  the  copyrights  to  their  crea@ons.  •  Those  rights  include  the  profits  from  commercial   use  and  distribu@on  of  their  crea@ons  and  the   right  to  deny  other  to  make  modifica@ons  to  their   crea@ons.      •  However,  some  creators  are  willing  to  share   some  of  their  rights  with  others…       CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   9   Textbooks  
  10. 10. CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  2/14/2012   10   Textbooks  
  11. 11. The Twelve Members of the College Open Textbook Collaborative CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  2/14/2012   Textbooks  
  12. 12. Repository  or  List?   •  Open  educa@onal   resources  are  here,   Pictures  licensed   for  reuse  by  Mariah   there,  and  everywhere…   •  One  person’s  ideal   repository  is  another’s   dead  end.   •  Many  lists,  not  so  many   repositories….  2/14/2012   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   Textbooks  
  13. 13. What  is  an  OER  Repository?   •  Repositories  are  searchable  databases  that   typically  contain  authorita@ve  content.       •  Textbooks  are  typically  available  in  one,   consistent  format  (i.e.  .pdf,  .odt,  .doc,  etc.)   •  They  typically  contain  a  limited  number  of     textbooks,  but  the  materials  within  a   repository  are  more  likely  to  have  been  peer-­‐ reviewed.      2/14/2012   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open     Textbooks  
  14. 14. What  is  an  OER  list?    •  An  OER  list  is  simply  a  searchable  collec@on  of   all  types  of  OER’s.  •  There  is  no  uniformity  •  There  is  a  lower  likelihood  of  finding  peer   reviewed  materials,  though  this  does  not   mean  that  finding  peer-­‐reviewed  materials  in   a  list  is  impossible.   How  to  Adopt  an  Open  Textbook  -­‐-­‐  2/14/2012   14   Introductory  Session  
  15. 15. Some  criteria  for  choosing  OER   Repositories:   •  Type   •  Licensing   •  Disciplines   •  Quality   •  Format   •  Print  Op@ons   Licensed for reuse by bennys photostream •  Ease  of  Use  2/14/2012   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   Textbooks  
  16. 16. A sampling of the hundreds of OER repositories and lists… Labeled for reuse by Cayusa How  to  Adopt  an  Open  Textbook  -­‐-­‐  2/14/2012   16   Introductory  Session  
  17. 17. Orange  Grove  Texts  Plus   Type   Textbooks,  Resources,   •  Unique  rela@onship  with   Courses,    Ancillaries   University  Press  of  Florida   Licensing   Mul@ple   •  Founder  of   Disciplines   Academic   OnCoReBluePrint  inter-­‐state   Quality   Very  High  due  to  UPF;   sharing  and  model   some  reviewed   •  100  collec@ons   Format   Mostly  PDF   •  165  textbooks   Print  op@ons   PDF,  bound   hQp://   Ease  of  use   High  for  users;  limited   for  modifiers      2/14/2012   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   Textbooks  
  18. 18. Global  Text  Project   Type   Textbooks,     •  Affiliated  with  the     Licensing   CC  BY  3.0   University  of   Disciplines   Business,  Compu@ng,   Georgia   Educa@on,  Health,   Humani@es,  Natural  Sciences,   •  Grant  funded  by   Social  Sciences   Jacobs  Founda@on   Quality   High     Format   Created  in    Open  Office;   converted  to  PDF   hQp:// Print  op@ons   Paper  and  CD  or  DVD   globaltext.terr Ease  of  use   High  but  limited  flexibility books  2/14/2012   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open     Textbooks  
  19. 19. College  Open  Textbooks  :  a  list  site,     not  a  repository  Type   Textbooks   •  450  open  textbooks  listed  Licensing   CC  ,  PD,  other  open   by  discipline  Disciplines   Most  community   •  80  reviewed;  50  on  the   college  academic   schedule  Quality   Highly  varied   •  Very  detailed  reviews;  Format   Highly  varied   named  peer  reviewers  Print  op@ons   Varied  and  improving   •  Accessibility  ra@ngs   •  Grant  funded  (HewleQ)  Ease  of  use   Good   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   Textbooks  
  20. 20. OCW  Consor@um:  a  list  site  Type   Courses   •  Courses  stored  on  a  usually  Licensing   Custom*  (cc  by  nc)   dedicated  member  site  Disciplines   All  academic  and  most   •  Grants  and  memberships   voca@onal   *      Use,  reproduce,  distribute,  Quality   Generally  excellent   translate  and  modify  the  Format   Varied;  eduCommons   Materials  for  educa@onal,   non-­‐commercial,  and  non-­‐Print  op@ons   Very  limited   monetary  gain.  Some  trails  Ease  of  use   Excellent;  outstanding   lead  to  fees….   assistance  to  members       CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open   Textbooks    
  21. 21. “Make  it  work”  •  Read  the  peer  reviews;  talk   to  other  adopters  or  users  •  Compare  your  selec@ons  on   quality,  fit,  interoperability,   accessibility,  printability,   cost  for  prin@ng,  cost  for   bound  copies  •  Select  the  best  fit,   remembering  that  you  can   make  it  fit  beQer!   For reuse by sp3ccylads photostream CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   21   Textbooks  
  22. 22. Navigate  to  one  of  these  sites      3/8/12     How  to  Adopt  an  Open  Textbook  -­‐-­‐   Introductory  Session   22    
  23. 23. Instruc@onal  Design  Scenarios  •  Team  1:    Recommend   •  Team  2:    Recommend   the  two  repository  sites   two  list  sites  to  a  faculty   to  a  faculty  member   member   How  to  Adopt  an  Open  Textbook  -­‐-­‐  3/8/12   23   Introductory  Session  
  24. 24. Adopt  and  Use   •  Plan  the  class   •  Choose  the  parts  of  the   textbook  that  fit   •  Solidify  access  type   (online,  print,  or  both?)   •  Add  other  open   resources   •  Announce  to  the   stakeholders  –  See  next   Labeled for reuse by wockerjabbys photostream slide   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   24   Textbooks  
  25. 25. Stakeholders   •  Curriculum  CommiQee,  Department,  Dean  or  other  group   that  approves  textbook  adop@ons   •  Check  restric@ons  on  requiring  computer/internet  access   •  Colleagues   •  College  bookstore   •  College  library   •  Media  center   •  Print  Shop   •  Teaching  assistants   •  Students  well  in  advance   •  Others  as  needed     CC BY Licensed 2010 College Open2/14/2012   25   Textbooks
  26. 26. Other  Possibili@es…  Become  an  advocate;  join  our  community  J:   hQp://  Create,  license,  and  share  your  own  OER’s:  •  hQps://  •  hQp:// starter.html  •  hQp:// Composing_free_and_open_online_educa@onal_reso urces_2011  •  hQp://   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   26   Textbooks  
  27. 27. Final  Thoughts   CC  BY  Licensed  2010  College  Open  3/8/12   27   Textbooks