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Associate Provost Carey Hatch delivers the Open SUNY update at the SLN SOLsummit 2014 on February 26, 2014 in New York City at the SUNY Global Center.

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  • I think from this slide you can talk a general update that might include the following:Prospective Students: The Open SUNY website has been live for about a month now and we’ve seen 11k+ unique visitors, which is pretty good considering that’s solely based on press coverage. Marketing is something that’s to come in the next few months.Current Student Supports: The 24/7 Help Desk is up and running and we are working on getting the word out to campuses on how to utilize the service. Smarter Measure is up and running to help gauge student readiness. We’re working to get online tutoring up for the Summer semester. Faculty Support: We’ve seen more than 750 applications for roles in the COTE. Some have even been from out of state institutions, which is cool and shows that there’s lots of interest in higher ed. around what we’re doing with Open SUNY. Also, the commons now has federated identity management incorporated. The commons has supported 1,100 faculty in discussions on seamless transfer too. Academic Initiatives: Now that we’re setting up meetings with campus coordinators, we will be asking them for feedback on the process to make sure this is the best use of everyone’s time and energy in working toward our collective goals. Institutional Readiness: More than 8 campuses have signed up for institutional readiness assessments, and a bigger push to make campuses aware of the service is coming soon.
  • Here are the work streams staff will be aligning with going forward.
  • COTE teams recently had reporting sessions with Chancellor and Provost and are continuing their work in the coming months. Some with new teams and some with some carry over membership.
  • Orange are items we have up and live now, and blue are items that are expected to be up and running Summer 2014
  • We don’t want competing brands, so we’re consolidating and transitioning the SLN website to the Open SUNY website since it’s such a high priority effort.
  • The SLN services you have come to know and trust will continue, but some things will change as we reorganize under Open SUNY.
  • Short term, attainable, progress
  • Long term, maybe unattainable, but we want big ideas here.
  • Long term, maybe unattainable, but we want big ideas here.
  • Carey Hatch - Open SUNY update

    1. 1. Carey Hatch Associate Provost, Academic Technologies and Information Services February 2014
    2. 2. Progress to date, by the numbers, for Wave 1 campuses Progress by the numbers Traffic to • Unique visitors • Visits • Page views Student supports: Click-throughs to partner prosprograms pages pective students “Open SUNY” Google rank Latest figure 11,635 13,696 30,146 300+ # of COTE fellow applications Faculty supports Latest figure 779 # of COTE fellow processed 571 # of COTE fellow applicants contacted 371 #1 New enrollments from Open SUNY N/A # campuses communicated with Open SUNY+ students Student supports: current students Progress by the numbers Academic initiatives % Open SUNY+ campus N/A coordinators „satisfied‟ or „very satisfied‟ with the effort Crosssystem initiatives # of campuses signed up for institutional readiness 8+ # of faculty in discussions on seamless transfer 1,100+ Federated Identity Management Live on 02/25/14 TBD % Open SUNY+ students with TBD first concierge contact Calls to the 24/7 student hotline TBD Number of tutoring sessions held N/A – avail. in summer Learning Commons 1
    3. 3. Priority areas for Open SUNY going forward March - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - October Activity Description PMO Capability Building Coordinate overall project Technology Student Supports Coordinate Wave I pilots and select Wave II OS+ Courses Select and onboard OS+ “sub”-programs Faculty Supports/ COTE Develop services for and onboard COTE Fellows Build new capabilities to support organization Marketing/ Conduct surveys and Enrollment develop marketing plan Business Model OS+ Programs Structure options for a new revenue and cost model Governance Organizational Transformation Activity Description Implement OS technology enablers and partners Pilot and refine student supports Design and Scale-Up Lab operationalize the Scale-Up Lab 2
    4. 4. Faculty Supports / COTE working teams update Center for Online Teaching Excellence Research & Competency A innovation B development Community of C Course support D practice Lead: Lisa Stephens Lead: Alexandra Pickett Core Team Lead TBD Lead: Alexandra Pickett ▪ ▪ Library support leads: Maureen Zajkowski and Laura Murray New teams to be formed Multimedia support lead: Emily Schwartz ▪ ▪ ▪ Next steps: – IITG application review, – MOOC FAQs w/ POSAC – Multi-State outreach – FLEXspace Next steps: Develop a competency matrix and certification partnership program. Next steps: Onboard IDs and MMDs. Wave I campus feedback and model for Wave II ▪ ▪ Content Team (Editorial Board & Chief Editor) Community Builders (Community of Practice Builders) Core Team (Community of Practice Leaders) Next steps: Commons space for fellows 3
    5. 5. Open SUNY LMS add ons Starfish (Summer „14) Net Tutor (Summer „14) Open SUNY Online Readiness Guide (Live now) Ensemble (Summer „14) 24/7 HelpDesk (Live now) Blackboard Collaborate (Summer „14) World Wide Whiteboard (Summer „14) 4
    6. 6. The SLN to Open SUNY website transition 5
    7. 7. Transition of SLN services to Open SUNY • Technology support • Continues • Blackboard migration • 10+ campuses have started migration, and this will continue • Hosting services • Continues • Helpdesk services • Continues/expands • Faculty development • Experienced faculty workshops will transition to COTE speaker series • Competency development • Learning Commons • Open SUNY Learning Commons 6
    8. 8. Conversation From a student, campus and system perspective: What do you want Open SUNY to be in TWO years? 7
    9. 9. Conversation From a student, campus and system perspective: What do you want Open SUNY to be in TEN years? 8
    10. 10. Conversation From a student, campus and system perspective: What are we missing/what can we do better? 9
    11. 11. Thank you!