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Engage RRI seminar

Paper presented at ECTEL 2015

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Engage RRI seminar

  1. 1. ) Research Question What are the benefits and challenges of mapping debates with large groups? This exploratory study reports on the use of an online tool to map the collective intelligence of 25 European projects during an international event organised by the ENGAGE team. Report Overview Alexandra Okada, Lia Rossi and Alexandre M Costa contact: Used to prepare the RRI Report References: Andriessen, J., Baker, M. and Suthers, D. (2003). Arguing to Learn. Kluwer. Conklin, J. (2006). Dialogue Mapping. Chichester: Wiley Okada, A. et al. (2014) Knowledge Cartography Springer: London Okada, A. et al. (2015) Responsible Research and Innovation & Science Education report Sutcliffe, Hilary (2011). "A Report on Responsible Research & Innovation". London: Matter Business Group. European Commission (2013). "Options for Strengthening Responsible Research and Innovation De Liddo, A. & Bachler, M. (2014) LiteMap: online communities mapping tool. Eight maps were created. Evidence from notes, comments and interviews indicated that LiteMap helps the community evaluate the debate, structure reports and visualise key issues for extending the discussion with new maps. These interactive maps can be used as OER in blogs, courses and workshops. Used to identify key components in the debate Benefits Initially, mappers found synchronous mapping of live discussions difficult. However, after the event, they used the analytics visualisation to identify gaps and notes from reporters to update their maps. Challenges LiteMap tool Used to identify most popular issues In each group: • Facilitator focused on objectives • Mapper created maps with LiteMap. • Recorder transcribed the debate • Reporter presented outcomes • Curator captured interesting links • Analyst elaborated the analysis Participants Conversation graph RRI Common language? RRI Impact? RRI awareness? Stakeholder influences? RRI standards? RRI informal learning? Local action global thinking Time, Investments Recommendations Collective Intelligence Mapping debate with experts on Responsible Research & Innovation at scale ENGAGE Project aims to equip 12.000 teachers and 300,000 students via OER & MOOC on inquiries into life-changing Science. Three large groups with 50 European projects coordinators and experts Litemap was used to capture 25 European projects’ information, experts’ questions, the debate of three large groups and two plenary sessions Contribution Graph