Apresentacao 8ºe


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Apresentacao 8ºe

  1. 1. My name isSusanaNeves. I’m14 yearsold. I like the listeningtomusic,Ilike tobe withmyfriends,talkinginthe messengerandgoto the cinema. I live withmyparentsandthree sistersandone brother. My interestsissee moviesthe terror,eat popcorns,andsmile somutch. My name isSóniaSousaGomes. I’m14 yearsold. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia I like playingcomputergames,listeningtomusic,study,Ilike tobe withmyfriends. My dadname is Dárioda SilvaGomesand he is42 yearsoldand mymothername is Blondina Maria Soaresde Sousashe’sdied. I have twosisters,with7 and 9 years old. My interestsismoviesthe comedyandterror,books,poems, BD,adventures,desport, swimming,athletics,dances. My name isSara Alves. My age isfourteenyearsold. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia. I live whitmyparents. I like the dating,goingtothe beachand dancing. Hello,myname isRute Silvaand I’mthirteenyearsold. In myfree timesIlike tosendmensages,watchtvand I like tobe in computer. I have twobrothers,one twinandone brotherwithyearsold.
  2. 2. I like somutchthe see moviesthe terrorwithmytwinsisterandI like tobe my friends. My name isRui Lé. I’m13 years old. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia. I live withmy parentsandsister. I like playingps2,ps3,psp,wi,computergamesandnitendods,I like tobe babysitterand study. My interestsismoviesandbooks. My name isRubenandI’m 14 yearsold. I’mstudyand I like tobe withmyfriends. I live wihmyparentsandthree brothers. My interestsismovies,books,Ilike cars,desportandwalkaround. My name isRaquel MonteiroandI’m12 yearsold. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia. I like tobe in computer,sendmensages,listeningtomusicandswimming. I live whitmyparentsandbrother. My interestsismovies,books,desport,Ilike tohelppeople. Hellomyname isNelsonandI have 12 yearsold. I’mstudinginEliasGarcia. I like toplayingpsp,playingfootball andIlove myfamily. My interestsis movies.
  3. 3. My name isJoão PessoaandI’m13 yearsold. I’mwalkaround withmyfriends, talkandplaying. In myfree timesIlike toplayfootball,drawingandsee movies. I live withmyparentsandfourbrothers. My name isJoão Galhardo and I’m15 yearsold. I’mstudinginElisGarcia. In myfree timesIlike playingfootball andpraticdesport. I live withmyparents. Hellomyname isJéssicaRodriguesandI’m13 yearsold. I’mstudi EliasGarcia. I live withmyparentsandsister. I like the see movies. My name isInêsAntunesandI’m13 yearsold. I’mstudyin EliasGarcia. I like playingvolleibol,readandlisteningtomusic. My favourite subjectsismath,geography… I live whitmyparents,brotherandmydog. I don’tlike movies terror.
  4. 4. Hellomyname isFilipaGama andI’m 13 yearsold. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia. I live withmyparents. I love goingtothe beach,dating,dancingandI love read. My name isFilipaMartinsandI’m 16 yearsold. I’mtalk withmyfriendsinschool,Ilike tobe withmy boyfriendandgooutat night. I live withmyparentsandbrothers. My interestsisdancing,gooutat night,dating,goingtobeachand I like tobe in computer. My name isBruno Miguel andI’m14 years old. I’mstudyin Elias Garcia. I like playingfootball. I live whitmyparents. My interestsisRute Silvaanddesport. My name isAngelo,I’m15 years old.Igo to school everydayand studya lot. In myfree timesIplayfootball andI do karate. I have three brothersyoungerthanme. I go to the cinemaone time forweekwithmyfriends. On SaturdaysI go playbasketball withmyfamily. My name isAndré Tomazand I’m 15 yearsold. I’mstudyin the EliasGarcia. I live withmyparentsandsister.
  5. 5. My interestsis“van helsing”,“golo,goloz”,watchtvandI like tobe incomputer. My name isAlexandraSilvaandI’m13 yearsold. I like tobe withmy friends,sendmensages,listeningtomusic,watchtvand I like tobe in computer. I live withmyparentsandone brother and one twinsister. My interests issee moviesthe terrorwithmytwinsisterandbestfriends.