Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards   Purpose of this guide   research tells us that when a comp...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards                                                             ...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards                                                             ...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards   Layout and typography   the materials shown below use the ...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards                                      Photography and diversi...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards                                      Brand color palette    ...
Branding the Employee Experience   Design and Style Standards                                                             ...
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P1797 15 branding the employee experience - sept 2010 update r7bb


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Branding the Employee Experience

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P1797 15 branding the employee experience - sept 2010 update r7bb

  1. 1. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Purpose of this guide research tells us that when a company speaks with one voice — internally and externally — the brand becomes stronger. by following these Standards we can ensure a stronger internal brand, which in turn creates greater member satisfaction and loyalty. With this standard set of design and messaging tools, we remind each other about the value of membership and how we are a part of it. Use this guide if you are responsible for the development of employee-facing materials and programs — each of which is an opportunity to engage, inform and enlist employees in our values-based culture. Contents 1 Purpose of this guide A A A n o r t h e r n c A l i f o r n i A , n e vA dA & U tA h E LOYE 2 B rand Foundation / Member Promises EMP EMENT AG 0 ENG VEY 201 SUR –29, 8 2010 Our way of speaking ber 1 Octo A value messaging framework: recruiting materials 3 A AA branding Co-branding  I make things happen. Sample co-branding tool  I watch things happen. 4 L ayout and typography Type size and color    don’t know what’s  I Type specifics happening. 5 P hotography and diversity 2010 Employee Engagement Survey Happening: October 18 – 29, 2010 6 B rand color palette Make your mark. Print reproduction Online communications 7 I llustrations, charts and graphsv.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 1
  2. 2. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Brand foundation/Member Promises We’ve got your back As a membership organization, AAA exists to serve its members. this means that — unlike most companies — we measure our success not by shareholder Key Message value, but the value we bring to our members’ lives. our member promises together, we’re keeping our benefits competitive serve as a guide for how we interact with our members, and deliver a unique and our costs low. experience. Result Use a value messaging framework as shown on the left as a tool to apply these concepts to your communication or program. employees feel confident that AAA is looking out for them. our brand reputation is Our Employees are the Value of Membership strengthened in the communities we serve. this truth suggests some compelling themes to drive communications and to shape our culture: ▪ reinforcing our value of collaboration and the notion of teamwork ▪ creating inclusivity and uniting everyone in the common focus on members ▪ raising the bar for leadership to recognize, support and reward the value that employees add ▪ encouraging enterprise-wide education and training about the value of membership ▪ confirming linkage and responsibility between our actions and the member experience ▪ inspiring us to find where we fit, as well as excel, in delivering the member experience ▪ personalizing the idea of “customer-driven, employee-powered” Our way of speaking our employee-facing materials use a tone and style consistent with how we speak to our members, with the specific target audience in mind. We strive for clear, descriptive language, avoiding acronyms and corporate-speak. our recruiting materials, for example, use humor to motivate recruits to take action. our internal strategy communications use simple language that engages employees in understanding business issues relevant to their role in the company. the commitments associated with our member promises are straightforward and specific without being too technical — keeping our members’ real needs and wants in focus. For specifics about writing style, WANTED download our Voice and Writing Standards at PART MARKETING MANAGER. PART MAGICIAN. Aside from having brilliant strategic skills and understanding of our customers, part of being a successful marketing professional at AAA is having the ability to make something out of almost nothing. It’s about maximizing resources and thinking creatively to produce great results in the most cost-effective way. You see, when you work at AAA, you don’t just get a job, you take on a challenge, and frankly, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who enjoy making things happen instead of just watching them. (And you gotta love working with people who love working with people.) If you’re up for it, go to COME ROCK OUR WORLD.v.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 2
  3. 3. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards AAA branding A A A northern c A liforni A , ne vA dA & U tA h ion stat odUCt ding lan iR fa to ensure a strong connection between the AAA brand and employee PR 2010 Apr il 14, pm 10 am –2 messages, the AAA logo should always appear on primary components of a communication, such as the front cover or first page of a print piece or in Welcome to the the upper banner on internal Web sites. our basic AAA logo usage standards Station Landing should be followed for color, minimum size and clear space around the logo Product Fair to ensure its integrity (see Need an answer? Visit the exhibitors below: ▪ AAA Insurance ▪ AAA Travel if the AAA logo is used in white over a photograph or colored background, it ▪ Automotive Services ▪ Brand Strategy & Design must have sufficient contrast for legibility. Use the examples in these standards ▪ ▪ AAA Membership for relative size and placement of the AAA logo on employee materials; lower ▪ Greener, Safer Driving right placement is preferred. Co-branding many of our internal communications are developed by specific groups within the company that have their own brand identities (which must be approved by creative Services). communications from such groups must use the AAA logo in addition to the group’s logo to show that they come from AAA and not an external third party. the chart on the left is a tool that helps to determine correct co-branding for employee materials produced by AAA University. please consult creative Services for specifics on integratingSample co-branding tool brand look and feel in such cases. AAAU Dominant Co-brand Sub-brand Communication Brand (clearly (equally (less prominent) Vehicle prominent) branded) AAAU Web site None AAAU Web site (college-specific) online systems None training content None division-specific division namev.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 3
  4. 4. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Layout and typography the materials shown below use the approved graphic elements that make up our internal brand look and feel for collateral. these components can be applied to all employee-facing communications, regardless of format or medium. the header is used for our club name or internal program name, such as Vision & Values, while the title of the communication rests at the bottom of the piece adjacent to the AAA logo. the use of white space and an uncluttered appearance help to communicate clarity and simplicity, making the piece both inviting and easy to read. Frutiger Next pro is the primary typeface for branded employee A A A N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A , N E V A D A & U TA H A communications. Several versions of the typeface (light, regular, italic, medium and bold weights) can be used to differentiate headings and sections of copy. Arial or Verdana can be substituted for Frutiger Next pro when necessary and should be used in email communications. Type size and color to ensure that running copy is always easy to read, reproduce only in black or a dark color. Use a point size that is comfortable for all users (minimum 9.5 or 10 point in most cases), and consider online reading for materials that are distributed as pdFs. A type size one point larger is usually appropriate for Achieving Performance Improvement B content on Web and Sharepoint sites. A Manager’s Role D May 2008 C Type specifics: key to examples E A C H I E V I N G P E R F O R M A N C E I M P R O V E M E N T : A M A N A G E R ’ S R O L E A C H I E V I N G P E R F O R M A N C E I M P R O V E M E N T : A M A N A G E R ’ S R O L E A. Cover head: 6pt Frutiger Next pro medium. All caps. optical kerning; tracking = +400. type should be centered Introduction horizontally and vertically between top and bottom dashed rules. B. Cover component name: 38 / 42 Frutiger Next pro regular. title case. To AAA Leaders: This guide has been created to assist you in “ F identifying performance issues early and managing To be a successful manager, you must help all of your the process of employee performance improvement. employees perform to their full potential. You know who your most skilled employees are and those It includes information on coaching and counseling, who may need to improve their performance. Our responsibility Effective managers know how to maximize the formal performance improvement plans and other as managers is to ensure the entire group is contributing fully contributions of individuals who are performing at different skill and ability levels. best practice interventions. By proactively implementing these strategies, you will be able to: G Subheads are 24/ 32 Frutiger Next pro light. type to dashed rule below = 15pt. ” toward the achievement of division and enterprise goals. Early identification of performance issues and n Improve your employees’ performance to a “fully effectively managing performance improvement will satisfies” level or higher, or if performance does contribute significantly toward: not improve, n Creating a values based, high-performance culture n Transition an employee from the organization C. Descriptive type: 11pt Frutiger Next pro light. n Behaving consistently with our shared values following a well-executed, values-based process, n Improving our financial performance consistent with our values of integrity, accountability, collaboration and excellence. n Achieving our Audacious Goal – There is One AAA and We Lead the Way Effectively managing performance improvement has a positive impact on the business, both operationally and financially. When we do it well, we can: D. Orbit size: Use grid as reference – 1/6 of page n Sustain high levels of productivity and operational efficiency n Have a positive impact on employee morale and retention n Ensure fair treatment of employees that will stand up to any external review or wrongful termination claim Effective managers know how to maximize the contributions of individuals who are performing n Maintain our ability to attract and retain members because we consistently provide exceptional customer service E. Section head: 15 / 18 Frutiger Next pro medium in AAA blue We encourage you to use this guide in collaboration (or pANtoNe 287) – shade 100%. continued line same point size at different skill and ability levels. with your human resources business partners. By proactively implementing strategies to manage performance improvement well, you ultimately contribute to the overall success of the enterprise. Peter Chen as head, Frutiger Next light. Director, Workforce Management 2 3 F. Quote: 15 / 18 Sabon italic. Quote marks are 45pt baseline shift –18pt. E M P LOY E E H A N D B O O K E M P LOY E E H A N D B O O K G. Body type: general: 10/13 Frutiger Next pro light in 100% black. Space H between paragraphs = 6pt. H. Bullet points: Universal (News with commercial pi), same point size Compressed Workweek Lactation Arrangements I cleanliness and sanitation after use. The mother’s room is a private area and employees should respect the Examples of acceptable business casual clothing include: as surrounding text. Space between bullet point and copy = 1/3 space. Employee accomplishes a full workload in less than five Revision Date: 01/01/07 | Version: 1.0 full days per week or less than ten days in two weeks. privacy of their co-workers while using this room. ▪ Long or short-sleeved casual shirts with collars, golf The company supports mothers with infant children Where possible, offices will establish a scheduling For example: four 10-hour days (4/10) or four 9-hour shirts, turtlenecks, and shirts with the AAA logo who want to continue to breastfeed their infants after J days and one, 4-hour day (4X9+4). The adoption process for mothers to coordinate their schedules with they return to work. ▪ Sweaters and vests of alternative workweek schedules for nonexempt other nursing mothers and business needs. Slacks, e.g., khaki or corduroy Additional space between bullet points in a list = 3pt. ▪ employees in California requires an employee election Scheduled Breaks (nonexempt employees only) Casual dresses, skirts and blouses process that is outside the scope of this program. Attendance and Punctuality ▪ When a mother returns to work after her pregnancy Managers should consult with their Human Resources Revision Date: 06/10/04 | Version: 1.0 ▪ Shoes that provide safe, secure footing and leave and childbirth and would like to continue to consultant. offerprotection against hazards breastfeed, she should meet with her supervisor to As an employee of AAA, you are expected to report ▪ Department uniforms (where required) Part-time (nonexempt) establish a schedule for breaks that will allow her for work on time and as scheduled. When you are Partial Workload (exempt) sufficient time to express milk in private. The company absent or late, it places a burden on other employees, Examples of inappropriate clothing include the will accommodate mothers who need to express milk disrupts work, and can impact productivity A N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A , N E V A D A & U T A H and service. following: I. Header 2: 12/16 Frutiger Next pro regular in AAA blue (or pANtoNe 287) – A A Employee works less than a full-time schedule and has by allowing them to take extra time during their In the rare instances when you cannot avoid being late responsibility for less than a full-time workload. ▪ T-shirts with logos or insignia regularly scheduled breaks if needed. This can be or are unable to work as scheduled, notify your Arrangements may include transition back from a leave ▪ Sweatshirts accomplished in several ways using the Make-up Time supervisor or manager as soon as possible so of absence, phased retirement and job share. Part- policy. For purposes of lactation, the Make-up Time appropriate arrangements can be made. While some ▪ Jeans that are excessively worn or faded & time/Partial workload schedules have the greatest IVE N MOT shade 100%. Space between this header and body copy = 6pt. policy allows for an employee to make up the amount allowances will be made for occurrences beyond ▪ Sweatpants or warm-ups IO AUTO ORTAT IR impact on compensation and benefits. of time missed on the same workday without accruing your control, a poor attendance record or excessive ▪ Shorts NSP FA Telework overtime. If the schedule allows, extra time may be lateness (except for legally protected absences or TRA ODUCT added to a scheduled break, or at the beginning or end tardiness) may result in corrective action, up to and ▪ Camouflage outfits or bib overalls PR – 2 pm Employee works from home or a remote location of the workday. Time may be made up only if the including termination of employment. ▪ Sport sandals or flip-flops/thongs 10 am r 9, for a set number of days per week. Telework may be mbe nd ing supervisor approves the written request in advance. Individual business units may have more specific Spandex or other form-fitting pants Nove ation La rage, ▪ St ing ga occasional, recurring (part-time) or assigned-home Please refer to the Make-up Time request form on (full-time). attendance policies. ▪ Miniskirts, spaghetti-strap dresses, tank tops, halter park h floor Passport. 4t J. Header 3: 10 / 13 Frutiger Next pro medium in 100% black. tops, visible undergarments or other clothing that is Hybrid Because each employee will be unique in her needs, Personal Appearance inappropriately revealing Combination of more than one arrangement described every effort will be made to accommodate requests Revision Date: 07/01/09 | Version: 1.1 ▪ Stained, wrinkled or frayed clothing above, such as both a partial workload and flextime and schedules, which will be determined on a case-by- Wheel power. case basis. Employees who need extra time should be During business hours and whenever representing Your manager or business unit is responsible for hours. aware that break time beyond what is regularly AAA, you are expected to present a clean, neat and establishing a reasonable dress code appropriate to Each request for a flexible work option will be scheduled is unpaid, unless make-up time is used, as is tasteful appearance. This is particularly true when your job and location. If your manager feels your considered individually by the employee’s manager, permitted by state regulations. interacting with customers, which may require more personal appearance is inappropriate, you will be taking into account the employee’s ability to meet job formal business attire. counseled and may be asked to leave work and return requirements, performance and the potential impact Private Area properly dressed or groomed. Non-exempt employees As a general rule, you may wear clothing defined as on, or benefit to, the business. who are asked to leave work will not be paid for any Depending on the size of the office, a mother’s business casual while at work. Some lines of business room/private area — or multipurpose room — will be Find out more about our automotive allow denim to be worn (on Fridays, for example). time off of the job. Consult your supervisor, manager or Human Resources consultant if you have questions established for expressing milk. It is the responsibility of Check with your supervisor or manager for the dress each employee who uses the room to maintain its products and services, and advocacy efforts code specific to your position or location. about this policy. for safer, greener driving. 36 General Policies Automotive & Transportation Product Fair Policies General 37 November 9, 10 am – 2 pm Station Landing parking garage, 4th floor Great prizes, giveaways and more!v.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 4
  5. 5. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Photography and diversity We choose photos that demonstrate authenticity, optimism and movement to best support our brand promise, “on the move with peace of mind.” the focus is on employees and members who appear confident and genuine. the tone of the photography is positive, natural and approachable. When members and employees are featured, they appear satisfied, secure and supported by AAA. ▪ guided by the value of diversity, we strive to present a brand image that authentically represents the richness of our organization’s employees and members ▪ Situational photography is chosen for how well it represents the world of our members and employees — real people doing real things ▪ Whenever possible, we feature actual employees and members in our photography. lacking original photography, we next turn to stock images from our brand image library at that meet the same criteria for authenticity. ▪ We rely on our brand image library as the primary source for these images, and look to our diversity team as our primary subject matter experts in selecting models and scenarios that guide us to a more complete sampling of our member and employee diversity ▪ the full richness of our diversity is simply too great to be authentically conveyed by any one image. We convey our diversity through the collective impression of the hundreds of carefully chosen AAA images encountered by members and employees over time. this means we avoid contrived or “Village people” photos that attempt to create representative diversity in one photo. Similarly, we avoid montages and instead favor the stronger emotional pull of single photos. When representing employees, we honor the fullness of individuals by depicting authentic work and nonwork situations in equal measure. if photography isn’t available that accurately depicts our work settings, our commitment to authenticity encourages us to choose photos of AAA employees in nonwork settings rather than generic workplace stock photography.v.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 5
  6. 6. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Brand color palette in employee communications we use a range of colors that reflect our diverse AAA blue (or pANtoNe® 287) culture and variety of offerings as a brand. these colors are used in the ways c: 100 m: 68 y: 0 K: 12 shown throughout these standards to create a consistent tone and feel across r: 37 g: 83 b: 151 hex: F90Foe communications. AAA blue is used broadly in member communications as well as employee communications; it represents the stability of a trusted brand in the marketplace. White and black are used for clarity and simplicity. the remaining colors provide opportunities for emphasis or detail in type or White graphics, and can be used as backgrounds or large fields of color. 80% blAcK Print reproduction consider cost-effective solutions for all printing projects. contact creative Services for consultation on print techniques and options, as pANtoNe® 542 well as green guidelines for recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. c: 60 m: 20 y: 5 K: 3 r: 113 g: 158 b: 208 hex: F90Foe Online communications An increasing number of our communications are moving to digital. Always plan for leveraging content to digital formats, for example, creating user- pANtoNe® 138 friendly pdF documents and tools. consult subject matter experts for Web c: 0 m: 50 y: 100 K: 0 compatibility and other considerations to ensure that what we deliver to r: 225 g: 150 b: 47 employees is easy to use, access and interact with. the fundamental style and hex: F90Fo design elements outlined in these standards are easily translated to digital communications. contact creative Services for more information. pANtoNe® 577 c: 33 m: 1 y: 49 K: 4 r: 171 g: 199 b: 133 hex: Abc785 pANtoNe® 533 c: 100 m: 83 y: 46 K: 13 r: 47 g: 67 b: 99 hex: F90Foe pANtoNe® 4625 c: 0 m: 60 y: 100 K: 79 r: 88 g: 39 b: 0 hex: F90Foe pANtoNe® 658 c: 39 m: 12 y: 0 K: 0 r: 167 g: 193 b: 227 hex: A7c1e3 in lieu of the colors listed on this page, you may use the pANtoNe® colors cited, the standards for which can be found in the current edition of the pANtoNe formula guide. The colors, CMYK breakdowns and RGB breakdowns shown on this page have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc., for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Color Standards. For accurate pANtoNe color Standards, refer to the current edition of the pANtoNe formula guide. pANtoNe® is the property of pantone, inc.v.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 6
  7. 7. Branding the Employee Experience Design and Style Standards Illustrations, charts and graphs V I S I O N & VA L U E S : W E A R E T H E VA L U E O F M E M B E R S H I P V I S I O N & VA L U E S : W E A R E T H E VA L U E O F M E M B E R S H I P the examples on the left show the preferred style for graphics, in print AAA employees AAA customers Defining and delivering value. or in presentations. the look is simple, clean and professional, using the create an get extraordinary extraordinary customer service and give us their approved color palette and as much white space as possible. We avoid experience business every day. and loyalty. the use of clip art or illustrations that detract from the purpose of the communication or are inconsistent with our brand image. For assistance, contact creative Services. AAA is an extraordinary place to work. 1 2 Why How we must be the value of Membership you can lead the value of Membership W E A R E T H E VA L U E O F M E M B E R S H I P If you can say it you can change our world. At AAA our value of Collaboration guides us to create a workplace defined by mutual respect and encouragement. Our life at work can be even more rewarding when we feel valued for the contribution we make. By acknowledging a job well done, we make each other stronger — together. Small acts have transformational power. How many Thank Yous does it take to move a mountain? Let’s find out >> 1,000 Managers say “thank you” at least once a week more than they do now. x 52 That’s . . . 52,000 More positive expressions of gratitude. That could make the difference between going and staying, between frowning and smiling, and between getting by and putting in the extra effort necessary to make our values real. A A A N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A , N E VA D A & U TA H A A A N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A , N E VA D A & U TA H Chat with Leaders Lunch and learn Marie Andel Records Management and People & Performance a new way to manage email — Please join us for this informal conversation with our head of People & Performance. Marie is looking forward to talking with this Tuesday you about whatever is on your mind. Grab a cookie and get your questions answered about our new email management system. You’ll also find out more about the Records Management program at When: Thursday, May 6 AAA — what records you need to save and how long they must be kept. Time: N – 12:50 When: Tuesday, October 12 Where: Yosemite Conference Room A Time: noon – 1 pm Bring a friend. Bring your lunch. Bring your questions! Where: Yosemite Room A Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Speakers: Diane Burkert (IT) and Junna Ro (Legal) For questions, email > Records Management For more information, see our Web site http://passport /divisionshome / lnra/LNRA_Record_Retention.aspv.2 (Nov 2010) AAA brANdiNg the employee experieNce | 7