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Accomplishments AAA


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Accomplishments AAA

  1. 1. º ALEXANDRA MOREHOUSE AAA ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Scope: Managed 200 + employees in 14 different departments. Budget of over $100 million. Developed enterpriseexpansion, distribution and marketing strategies in over 20 states. STRATEGIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS Delivered incremental revenues of $102 million, ultimate amounting to one third of all corporate revenues Developed and implemented highly successful lead flow pipeline for insurance sales agents Grew revenues at 20-30% higher than the industry average every year since 2004 Reduced cost per lead over 50% through aggressive use of new and emerging media. (Mobile applications, social media, digital) Increased retention 2.7 points, resulting in $48mm increase to net profits NUMBER OF LEADS GENERATED 1,000,000 825,389 875,000 720,266 759,109 765,551 750,000 561,452 500,000 374,923 250,000 0 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Cost/Lead: $0 $15.12 $13.02 $13.83 $19.14 $23.00 $9.69 $9.50 BRANDING  Prior to 2002, no brand standards, architecture, nomenclature or policy existed.  Initiated and chaired a Branding Committee with national representation across all AAA clubs in North America. Developed uniform brand standards, architecture and naming conventions. Instituted annual brand tracking with Landor BAV  Implemented new brand standards across 12 different legal entities and 200+ systems so that brand was represented consistently across all billing, marketing, web and regulatory notifications.  Renovated over 150 retail locations, 3 call centers, 2 claims centers and built new main office to conform to brand standards  Launched two highly successful new brand extensions. ADVERTISING  Revitalized brand look, feel and expression for a 100 year old brand. Raised relevance and differentiation 5 points when compared to 2,500 other brands.  Expanded brand advertising from 3 states to 26  Increased brand awareness and consideration 23% on a reduced marketing budget  Implemented strict measurement and controls to ensure ROI could be assigned to all marketing activities.  Dramatically expanded digital, social media and mobile marketing in place of more expensive traditional media buys.  Expanded from traditional media to mobile applications, social media, extensive use of digital and search. Reduced cost per lead by over 50% by moving away from TV and print.
  2. 2. PUBLISHING Increased revenue sales from advertising year-over-year for 9 years, despite deep decline in the publishing industry. Expanded magazine circulation to 5 additional states. Won two Lowell Thomas awards for publishing excellencePUBLISHING AFFAIRS Won over 30 national awards for media relations, philanthropy and volunteerism, including the Points of Light award from President George H.W. Bush. Earned over $56 million ad-equivalent dollars in press coverage, as measured by Competitrak Launched highly successful Hispanic media relations campaign, resulting in increased penetration of that market. Wrote and passed over a dozen pieces of traffic safety legislationDATABASE MARKETING AND ANALYTICS Developed and implemented a customer marketing database with campaign management tools to automate marketing programs and enable rapid test-and-learn. Developed a comprehensive database of all desirable non-customer prospects. Applied overlay of 900 + geodemographic data elements to better profile & segment customers. Developed analytic portfolio to include highly accurate lifetime value model, propensity to buy model, attrition model and a full suite of segmentation schema. Implemented extensive quantitative and qualitative research and competitive studies. Deployed conjoint analysis for pricing and bundling across all product lines. Implemented NPS score for all business lines and across critical transactions.MARKET RESEARCH AND COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE Transformed research function by establishing first enterprise-wide knowledge management system with open access for all employees Published annual competitive assessment as cornerstone of strategic planning Executed all pricing, advertising, brand, customer satisfaction and Net Promoter score research Translated research results into corporate strategy: product innovations, operational improvements and marketing/advertising tactics Developed psychographic target segment, which were implemented within corporate strategy