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AAA Brand Photo Guidelines

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Aaa ncnu photo guidelines 2

  1. 1. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Purpose A brand’s power to attract depends upon its distinctiveness, and photography is an important element in communicating our brand’s character. this guide presents examples and principles to help internal groups and our agencies select photography that creates a strong and recognizable image in Members’ minds. Guiding Principles 1. Real, contemporary, people 2. Doing real things 3. Experiencing versus seeing 4. Confident Movement 5. A consistent look for Member and employee photos 6. DiversityNov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 1
  2. 2. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Real, contemporary, people While our Membership varies greatly in age, our current business strategy prompt us to primarily depict people between the ages of 35 and 55. Within this target, we give preference to photos of families (of all kinds) with children. We choose subjects who convey warmth, genuineness and confident individuality. We feature people who are physically attractive (but who don’t look like models) and warmly likeable. their attitude and styling suggests that they’re with-it and contemporary without being fashion-forward. We avoid “sexy” photos that objectify the photo subject through glamour, flirta- tiousness, or body-focus.Nov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 2
  3. 3. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Doing real things We are an authentic brand. And we look to our photography to demonstrate the refreshing honesty, and compelling empathy that Members have counted on us for throughout our history. We avoid cliches, expected scenarios, exaggerated emotion, and sentimentality. instead we look for depic- tions of our Members’ lives that surprise, charm and even amuse us with their warmth and honesty. our photos have a sense of honest spontaneity and should never feel posed or contrived.Nov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 3
  4. 4. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Experiencing versus seeing We choose photos for their ability to transport the viewer into the experience of a place. this is especially important for travel imagery. We avoid images that merely depict a place. instead we appeal to all the senses: conveying what it’s like to feel, touch, even smell the experience that the photo represents. if people are included in travel imagery, their role is to help us imagine ourselves in their shoes. For this reason we avoid photos in which the people in the photo become the subject of the photo. Recognizing that making an emotional impact is our primary goal, we favor emotional pho- tos over literal but bland photos. Getty_RM Photo no longer availableNov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 4
  5. 5. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Confident Movement We support our brand promise of Assurance by choosing photos that convey a sense of confident forward motion, positive energy and the joy of discovery. Bright color, strong, contrasty light and surprising cropping contribute energy to our photos. Motion blur and lens flare convey a similarly desirable spontaneity, but should be used in moderation. People in cars: We show only safe behaviors and positive situations. Seatbelts must be visibly worn, the driver’s eyes must be on the road, all passen- gers must be seated, no hands or arms can be outside the vehicle, etc. Getty_RMNov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 5
  6. 6. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection A consistent look for Member and employee photos Depictions of actual AAA Members and employees are the ultimate example of our brand’s authenticity. For this reason we included Member (and/or employee) photos in our marketing materials whenever we can. in these portraits to convey authenticity, personality, pride, sincerity and approachability. We demonstrate our respect for both Members and employees by maintaining a uniformly high standard of quality for these photos, using our approved, professional photographers, for any Member-facing photos. GettyNov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 6
  7. 7. AAA Photography Guidelines for photo selection Diversity Guided by the value of Diversity, we strive to present a brand image that authentically represents the richness of the Members we serve. We avoid contrived or “Village People” photos that attempt to create representative diversity in one photo. Similarly, we avoid montages and instead favor the stronger emotional pull of single photos. Recognizing that the diversity of our Membership and employee base includes people with disabilities, we include them, photographically, in both our Member- and employee-facing communications. Specifically, we seek out photos that include, but are not limited to, depictions of people with: hearing loss, visual impairment, decreased mobility and/or Down’s syndrome, etc. As with all of our people photos, we choose these photos for how well they depict the positivism of our brand promise. We look to convey the normalcy and ordinariness of the lives led by people with disabilities and, so, avoid photos that focus the viewer’s attention on the disability. Getty Getty Getty Getty Getty Getty Getty Getty_RM Getty Getty Getty Getty_RM GettyNov 2010 Photo SelectioN | 7