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9 simple & intuitive approaches to healthy eating habits


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If you were in the countryside what would you have available in your garden and, if you eat meat, what kind of meat would you find around your house?

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9 simple & intuitive approaches to healthy eating habits

  1. 1. 9 Simple & Intuitive Approaches To Healthy Eating Habits When I think about my daily diet I always go back to when my grandmother used to cook for her grandchildren in the countryside. No doubt that the food nowadays is not as nutritious as what my grandma used to have in her garden but it's still up to us whether we make good or not so good choices when we decide what we are going to have for dinner. So think about it, if you were in the countryside what would you have available in your garden and, if you eat meat, what kind of meat would you find around your house? These are some ideas to get your creativity going. 1. Vegetables. Probably the fastest, easiest and most nutritious thing you can eat right from the garden picked up by yourself. You can cook them but you can also eat them raw. Vegetables have minerals and vitamins as well as some protein, fats and carbohydrates in some cases although in less quantities than meat or other foods. 2. Fruits. Have a sweet tooth? There are no supermarkets in your village. And to cook a dessert you will need a lot of other ingredients. Fruit are again an easy and nutritious way to satisfy your craving for sugar. 3. Water. Sure you might have a place to buy tea and coffee but what if you don't? And you certainly don't have the soft drinks you find in the supermarket. And you can't be too picky either. You'd drink water more often in the countryside. We don't have water as good as at my grandma's but it's still better than most other options. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Your body is about 70% water. Thus water is life. Remember to drink water throughout the day rather than gulping 1 litre in 10 min, give your body the change to take in and utilize the water.
  2. 2. 4. Eating local, eating seasonal. Seasons happen in cycles and so are your bodies. You can't rely only on certain sources of food all the time. Firstly because you'll get bored of it but most importantly because you will not get the diversity of nutrients to nourish your body. Eating seasonal is a great way to explore various food options. 5. Have proteins with every meal. Yep, I remember that one very well. I ate meat but even when we didn't have meat with our meal we had other types of protein. Although my grandma never knew what protein are she instinctively knew how to combine foods, similar to what we learn in our nutrition books. Amazing really. 6. Don't deprive yourself from eating certain foods. Instead have them every now and then. Depending on the quality of the food you can think about having it every other week, once a month of even a couple of times a year like I do with homemade chips and pizza. 7. Cook it yourself. Oh yes, not more readymade meals or restaurant adventures. Good old home cooked food, with no sugars, additives, preservatives or unnecessary elements added just to give "the greatest taste". Certainly sometimes you may need ingredients which have these things in them but you will not end up with a meal made of artificial colours for example. It is also good to bear in mind here that for a food to taste good it needs fats and sugars. And when it has less of one it usually has more of the other. So watch out what your choices are. 8. Don't eat until you can't stand up anymore, even if it's your favourite dish and you are very hungry. Stuffing yourself puts your digestive system under stress and you really don't get much out of it. It takes about 7 seconds for the food to reach your stomach so give it time. Nourish yourself properly. 9. Eat mindfully. I left this one last because if there is one thing I want you to leave with is this. Eating mindfully has many benefits such as: better digestion, better extraction of nutrients from the food you eat, eating slower which helps you chew better and in turn helps your digestive system break down the food easier and with less stress, it will not have to overwork. It also contributes to weight loss and weight maintenance. These are 9 of my many habits for a healthier and more meaningful eating. Keep thinking what and how would you would eat if you were in a village and eating healthy will suddenly become automatic, you will not need to think about it anymore. I have written a blog on mindful eating, "3 Steps To Mindful Eating And Its Benefits", to read it click here.
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