9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis<br />This shot is a medium shot to show the bedroom and the animated writing in the shot. The animated writing reflects to the title of the song ‘sleep all day’ it states that its night time to the audience so they can keep up with the story of the music video.<br />The second shot is a close up of a mobile phone showing text messages. The texts pop out in animated writing to show the audience what the texts are saying. It also lets them know what is going to happen in the next shot. The texts are in slag which is aimed for a younger audience which is an attempt of making the texts look ‘cool’ instead of them being wrote properly.<br />The third shot is a meat shot of Sean Kingston pulling full attention of the shot on him. This is stereotypical for a pop music video to show the stars image and style. The shot also cuts to the music to achieve a faster paced video so it blends in with the song naturally.<br />The fourth shot shows Sean’s shoe which advertises his style and also the brand of shoes that he is wearing which gives him publicity and also the brand. The shoes also match the colour of the room in which he is in which blends in with the shot.<br />The fifth shot is of the house party in which Sean is going to be attending. Also it refers the to the text messages he got previously in the music video saying that there was a party and he was invited. The video is following the messages that Sean is receiving.<br />This shot shows Sean actually at the party and seemingly having a good time. It still matches the text messages and also the name of the song ‘Party all night’ <br />The shot in this part of the video is a canted angle showing the disorientation of Sean as he is waking up. This shot goes back to the beginning of the music video in the sense of Sean getting up from bed, however the animated writing now shows that it is Friday night, this foreshadows that he is going to have a similar night to the one before.<br />This shot is an establishing shot of another party with animated writing following the lyrics of the song. The colour has changed from the first party to show that it isn’t the same party.<br />The final shot is another canted angle showing Sean’s tiredness and disorientation. However this time instead of him getting up on the night he is going to bed on the morning. This shows that the weekend is over and also that the song is finishing.<br />